Berlin International College

Looking to study in Europe? Berlin International College is a gateway college to top universities in Germany. Firstly, they offer preparation programs for admission to the best universities in Germany. That is to say, BIC functions in preparing and qualifying international students for easy transition to universities in Germany. Therefore, it sets the platform for students on the path to career excellence. In addition, Berlin International College gives you the know-how to successfully study in Germany and is therefore considered as one of the best universities in Germany to study abroad.

Most importantly, due to its various collaborations with top universities in the world, students get all opportunities to understand the overall education system in Germany. As a result, the undergraduate study abroad program tables a road map to pursue bachelors from various specializations available under each field. Major discipline areas of Berlin International College include Information Technology, Natural Sciences, Architecture, Communication Sciences and Business.

Why choose Berlin International College?

Looking to study in Germany? Berlin International College lays the foundation program for young high school graduates in engineering, IT and related technical degrees in Germany. Consequently, BIC works in association with some of the best universities in Germany to offer degree programs in bachelor of arts, science, engineering and follow up master programs. As a result, students get to know German academic culture & fundamental learning skills directed towards top universities in Germany.

Moreover, it is widely known that education of engineers in Germany is given a high priority. For instance, no other domain offers comparable entry, salary and development opportunities. As a result, tuition fees at Berlin International College along with all major public universities in Germany practically do not exist. In addition, all major organisations and companies in Germany are global. As a result, one can work from Germany or abroad.

Most importantly, Berlin International College has active collaborations with major public universities in Germany. As a result, students get opportunities for active participation in research and development. In addition, regardless of your language competence, BIC personnel help all international students by preparation programs. Mathematics is a fundamental and the most important subject in Engineering & Physical Sciences. Therefore, the university primarily focuses on Mathematics for admission to the top universities in Germany.

You can behold impacts and traces left by countless immigrants from across the globe in Germany. Because of this, you get the taste of diverse cross cultural traditions. Students get access to highly advanced and developed RnD infrastructures and laboratories at top technical universities in Germany. Upon graduating, students avail placement opportunities to top public universities in Germany. The university provides funding through diverse international scholarships and study abroad scholarships for technical and scientific research & development.

What programs are offered by Berlin International College?

BIC offers foundation program for Preparation Year. Students can choose disciplines as per their choice of interest upon completion of the preparation year.

What is the tution fees for studying in Berlin International College?

Approximate Tuition Fees for the foundation year is 12000 Euros / 48500 Dirham / 950000 INR.

How to apply for admission to Berlin International College?

The requirements differ based on students’ academic background. Apply Now to know further information on application details, admission requirements, transcripts/marksheet evaluation, visa process and other important guidelines.