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Holmes Education Group UK

Oct 21, 2022

Holmes Education Group UK: Rankings, Courses, Admission, Fees, and Scholarships

Holmes Education Group was established in 1986 and is a pioneering institute in international student education. More than 20,000 students graduate from the various preparatory and foundation programs offered by the Holmes Education group to study in various colleges across Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.

Holmes Education Group UK is a part of Holmes Institute Pathways. Holmes Institute Pathways is a well-renowned institution that helps students to meet the requirements for their study abroad degrees.

 The colleges under Holmes Education Group UK provide pathway programs for the same. The institution also helps the student to cover for their English requirements needed in order to get admitted to their desired course.

 All the colleges under Holmes Education Group UK have an acceptance rate of around 80%. The colleges under the institution are quite famous among students for their quality education. There are four universities under Holmes Education Group UK, namely University of Bedfordshire International College, University of Worcester International College, University for the Creative Arts International College, and St Mary’s University London International College. 

University Ranking of Colleges under Holmes Education Group UK

University Ranking
St Mary’s University London International College #101 by The Guardian in 2021
University of Worcester International College #1 in UK by New Rankings in 2021
University for the Creative Arts International College #25 by THE World Rankings
University of Bedfordshire International College #801 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education

Why study at the colleges under Holmes Education Group UK?

  • London is one of the best countries to pursue quality education
  • Helps you meet the English requirements
  • Gets you in desired degree programs and courses through pathway programs
  • Short duration programs of maximum 1 or 2 years 
  • All colleges are recognized on an international level

Programs and Courses at Holmes Education Group UK

There are three kinds of pathway options available under Holmes Education Group; English Pre-Sessional, Foundation Programme, and Pre-Masters. These programs are formed to help you build your way into the degree desired by you. 

Sometimes the students are unable to meet the English language requirement or entry requirement for undergraduate or master’s courses. Then these pathway options come into use. These options are available in various subjects according to your choice of degree.      

Undergraduate/Bachelor’s Programs

There are two types of Undergraduate programs available under this intuition; Foundation Program and English Pre-Sessional Program.

Foundation Program 

University  Duration Tuition Fees
University of Creative Arts 1 year foundation+ 3 year degree 20712 USD – 26463 USD
St Mary’s London 1 year foundation+ 3 year degree 18299 USD 
University of Chichester 1 year foundation+ 3 year degree
University of Bedfordshire 1 year foundation+ 3 year degree 12869 USD – 15081 USD 

English Pre-Sessional Program 

University Duration Tuition fees
University of Bedfordshire 2-24 weeks English course 3351 USD- 8043 USD
University for the Creative Art 5-10 weeks  2533 USD -5067 USD
St. Mary’s University London 6-10 weeks  USD 2681- 4692 USD

Graduate/Master’s Programs

The universities provide a Pre-Masters Program for the students who do not hold an honors degree but have a previous university degree. This course can be taken after graduation to build a path towards your master’s degree. This program helps you meet the requirement for entry into the Master’s program.

University Duration Course
University of Chichester 1-2 semesters 9317 USD-18634 USD
University for the Creative Arts International College 1-2 semesters 20832 USD 
St. Mary’s University London International College 1-2 semesters 10054 USD-17427 USD 

Campus and Accommodation

St. Mary’s University London is ranked at 2 as the safest university. The campus is 20 minutes away from Central London which is quite a famous place. As students, this place offers them excitement as well as safety and peace at the campus. The college provides halls of residence at three places; 16 strawberry hill road, De Marillac, and Waldegrave Park Houses. 

The University of Bedfordshire aims at not only providing quality education but also includes various activities and games to indulge the students in overall everything. The college offers pubs, restaurants for the students to relax and enjoy. They have museums, galleries, theaters around the campus including one of their own. They also focus on sports and provide professional sports-related facilities. They organize Luton International Carnival and Bedford River Festival for the students. The university has accommodations of its own with free wifi and other facilities like movie nights, BBQ. 

University for the Creative Arts has a campus close to the center of town. It is surrounded by pubs and restaurants. The campus is known for its modern atmosphere. There is a nicely stocked library. The campus is quite exquisite and beautiful. There are accommodation facilities available. There are five different accommodation blocks available – Worple Road, Wilberforce Court, Ashley Road, Crossways House, Bradford House – located either next to campus or a ten-minute walk away.

The University of Chichester promotes a strong community atmosphere. The college aims at providing small-batch classes. They provide a boutique atmosphere. There are five types of accommodation; Catered with Ensuite, Self-catered with Ensuite, Self-catered with Ensuite (Westgate Halls), Stockbridge, and Fishbourne. 

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