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Polonia University, Czestochowa, Poland

Nov 15, 2022

Polonia University: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

Established in 1992, Polonia University in Czestochowa is a beautiful campus with modern architecture that provides a welcoming and inspirational study environment. It is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by two parks. Accommodation, canteens, medical and social services, sports centers, pastoral care, and other essential facilities and services are available on the Polonia University campus, which attracts both domestic and international students. Students can also join a variety of student organizations, clubs, and alliances. 

With over 25 years of experience teaching thousands of local and international students, Polonia University challenges the traditional methods of learning, and instead focuses on improving the quality of student life through various support systems such as an easily accessible library, and 24/7 virtual student support system. Students willing to study in Poland should consider Polonia University for its commitment to delivering the best education and professional guidance to its students.

Why study at Polonia university?

  • As one of the top private institutions in Poland, Polonia University advocates modern methods of learning and provides high-quality education that is recognized across Europe.
  • Polonia University was bestowed the prestigious “University of Leaders” award in 2020 for equipping students with leadership competencies and skills useful in the labor market.
  • The small class structures at Polonia University ensure that students receive personal attention from learned and experienced professors.
  • Polonia University believes in advancing towards a modern and agile world that requires a similarly agile strategy of learning. This ensures that the curriculum is structured to be experiential and student-centered
  • Classes that are taught in English provide International students a good reason to be members of Polonia University.
  • The university encourages international exposure and networking by participating in the Erasmus program for students with partnered colleges and universities across 22 countries
  • Programs at Polonia University are recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland, providing accredited and verified education to its students.

University rankings

Particular Rank
EduRank Ranking in Poland #108
UniRank 2022 World Ranking #7824

Programs and courses offered by Polonia University

Polonia University offers English-language business education programs at the Bachelor’s, and Master’s levels. These programs are primarily focused on business administration and nursing. They also provide double diplomas and Erasmus to national and international students

The university also offers new degree programs in Law, Nursing, Computer Science in Business Processes, Accounting and Finance, Business Psychology, Information Technology in Business, and Human Resource Management, Tourism, and Hospitality.

In addition to these, the university also provides its students with a number of facilities and access to various activities to engage in such as the library, cafeteria, sports court, reading hall, and computer room.

Undergraduate/Bachelor’s Programs

Courses students can enroll in 3 years, of full-time programs which include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Graduate/Master’s Programs

After completing your undergraduate studies, you can choose to upgrade your skillset by pursuing a 2-years master’s degree in

  • Master of Science in Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Master in Medicine-Physiotherapy

Campus and accommodation

The university offers housing facilities to international students which are located at 2B Kazimierza St. in the proximity of the University headquarters (within a 5-minute walk). The Student House, built in accordance with the European standard of housing, incorporates a laundry room available for free and a spacious lounge room ready to host students’ encounters. The residence was designed specifically to accommodate our international students and guests. Besides the lounge and laundry facilities, the Student House benefits from an open courtyard with a wooden pavilion for the warm summer evenings.

The university housing facility includes modern single and double rooms with private bathrooms, TV sets, and a free Internet connection (Wi-Fi or cable). A weekly cleaning service is included as well.

Admission requirements for international students

To be eligible for admission to Polonia University, students should have a decent academic record and provide all the requisite documents

Undergraduate/Bachelor’s level

Gaining admission into Bachelor’s programs offered by Polonia University is based on merit. The admission process is relatively straightforward, with a few requirements to fulfill. Admission criteria for undergraduate programs at Polonia University are listed below.

  • Students from all nationalities are eligible to apply.
  • Students should submit an acceptable secondary school certificate or a high school diploma.
  • The age of students for an undergraduate program must be at least 18 years and not exceed 25 years of age.
  • Students must be able to submit proof of English proficiency through TOEFL or other tests, in case the schooling has not been completed in English.
  • Motivation letter to demonstrate a strong willingness to learn.
  • Candidates must have a clean criminal record.

Postgraduate/Master’s level

Similar to the undergraduate level, admissions to the master’s programs offered by Polonia University are based on merit and no entrance examinations are needed for an application. Entry requirements are listed below.

  • An acceptable Bachelor’s degree or a diploma.
  • Students willing to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration should have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of Business, Economics, Trade, or Commerce. 
  • For students willing to pursue a Master’s in Nursing, it is mandatory to have a Bachelor’s in Nursing.
  • Students should be able to prove English proficiency through an internationally recognized English Language Test
  • The maximum age for applicants should be 30.
  • A motivation letter reflecting the candidate’s social and academic potential should be submitted.
  • Letters of recommendation by two professors of the student’s past academic career should be submitted describing the student’s academic and behavioral standing.
  • Students should prove a clear criminal record.

 Other documents that may be required to be submitted at bachelor’s and master’s levels are:

  • Digital passport-size photographs
  • Passport
  • Residential permit
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means
  • All students must have health insurance when studying in Poland
  • Non-EU/EFTA students will need to apply for a visa to enter Poland
  • Bank statements/guarantee showing the financial capabilities
  • Medical Attestation
  • Proof of payment of the registration fee
  • A valid certificate of good conduct (validity less than 3 months)

Application Deadline:

Non-EU/EEA students: mid-July to mid-August (the latest). 

How to apply

To enroll in an undergraduate course, students will need to complete the following steps.

  • Fill in the online application given on the university website
  • Alternatively, to ensure timely completion and submission of appropriate documents, you can apply via Gyanberry, an official partner of Polonia University in Czestochowa
  • Attach your high school diploma, a copy of your passport, a scanned photograph, and a language certificate, certificate of extracurricular activities or personal achievements such as internships, volunteer work, cultural activities, hobbies, etc.
  • Pay the application fees

Tuition, fees, and annual cost of attendance

Tuition Fees for Undergraduate programs

Program Tuition Fees Per Year in USD*
Accounting and Finance $4,370
Taxes and Finance   $4,370
International Financia Markets $4,370
Computer Science in Business Processes $4,370
Business Psychology $4,370
Tourism and Hospitality $4,370
Nursing $6,556

* Note: Tuition Fees are converted at 1 EUR = 1.09 USD

Tuition Fees for postgraduate programs

Program Tuition Fees Per Year in USD*
International Economic and Legal Relations $5,463
Project Management $5,463
Accounting and Financial Consulting $5,463
Human Resource Management $5,463
Information Technologyin Business $5,463
Nursing $5,463

* Note: Tuition Fees are converted at 1 EUR = 1.09 USD

Cost of living

In addition to paying annual tuition fees, students enrolled in Polonia University will have to incur the following expenses:

Particulars Annual Expenses in USD
Accommodation $2880 – $3600
Food $2880 – $3840
Transportation $288 – $540

Thus, the cost of attendance for international students enrolled at Polonia University will include yearly tuition fee charges, accommodation and dining charges, and one-time expenditures such as application fees, health insurance, etc.

The average annual cost of attendance for an international student pursuing an undergraduate or a graduate program at Polonia University is $10,418-14,536 USD or 38,264-53,389 AED**

**Note: 1 USD = 3.67 AED

Scholarships for international students 

Polonia University (PU) is a privately funded institution and does not have scholarships currently, however, studying in Poland has become easier and more efficient because of the scholarships funded by the Polish government, and other foundations.

Government of Poland Łukasiewicz Scholarship

The Ignacy Lukasiewicz Scholarship Program is a collaboration between the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Participation in the Program allows students to pursue Master’s degree studies in engineering and technical sciences, agricultural sciences, sciences, and natural sciences at public universities in Poland approved by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Ulam NAVA International Program

The fellowship provides opportunities for scientists from all over the world to do research in Polish universities. The duration of the project’s visits can range from 6 to 24 months. The Programme provides financing for a Scholarship that covers the Fellow’s living allowance of USD 2393 a month, along with a mobility allowance.

Erasmus Scholarships in Poland

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship provides international students with the opportunity to study at three different universities in three different European Union countries. Erasmus is a program that is fully funded.

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Polonia University does not have any active scholarships available, but other Polish scholarships are offered to international students.

To secure admission to PU, the student needs to have a certificate from the English proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS. No other standardized tests are required for admission to Polonia University, which makes it favorable for international students.

The university provides accommodation to international students with well-equipped hostel rooms, and private renting nearby campus within a 5-minute distance.

Apart from offering exclusive education pedagogy and a diversified environment, there are a few services such as campus accommodation, online degree programs, and activities for students to engage in such as sports, etc. There are other assistants such as student help desks for instant assistance.

The student can appear for different English Proficiency Tests such as TOEFL ITP, TOEFL iBT, or IELTS with the minimum score of TOEFL: 83, IELTS: 6, PTE: 58

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