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Trent University, Canada

ApAmarnath pratapwarDec 17, 2020

Why Study in Canada?
Canada has the reputation of being one of the friendliest and welcoming countries. They are known for their unmatched quality of life. Canada allows you to study at top universities with highly acclaimed professors. What’s more? A degree from a Canadian University is recognized throughout the world.

Trent University

Why Study at Trent University?
Trent University is one of the top Universities in Canada. Trent University helps students learn via a practical approach which gives them a glimpse of the real world. Trent University is known to have produced many successful alumni who are distinguished in their particular fields. The University offers many programs which help increase its diversity and becomes a good option for students all over the world. What’s more? Trent University offers many scholarship programs to International students making a popular option.

Application Deadline for Trent University:
6 to 12 months before the course start date

Fee Structure for Trent University:
INR 10 to 13 Lac/Year OR USD 13,500 to 17,500 /year

Admission Requirement for the Trent University:
The requirement is different for different courses. However, it is advised that students can demonstrate proficiency of relevant subjects while applying for a degree. For e.g. Students aiming at Engineering programs must have a Bachelor degree in Engineering or Science.

Cost of Living:
INR 8,65,000 OR USD 12,000/year 

Trent University Scholarships: 

International Student Scholarships

Provided to International students from various countries

Faculty wise Scholarships

Provided by certain departments/faculties for students enrolling to particular courses

Government Funded Scholarships

Provided by the Canadian government to deserving students

NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships

Provided to Postgraduate students enrolled in Natural Science & Engineering programmes

Province Specific Scholarships

Some provinces like Ontario, offer scholarships to students enrolled in the Universities within the province

Need-Based Scholarships

Provided to students who demonstrate financial incapability to study at a University in Canada

University of Trent Ranking:

 The Trent University is ranked TOP 10 in Canada for Undergraduate studies as per Macleans ranking.

Trent University Programs:
Trent University offers many programs of which below are the most popular ones:

  1. Science & Engineering 
  2. Commerce, Accounting & Finance 
  3. Business & Management Studies 
  4. Liberal Arts & Humanities 
  5. Psychology
  6. Biomedical Sciences 
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