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    You (Student/parent booking the session) is referred to as “Mentee” whereas the video session provider ( senior students from the University) are referred to as “SuperMentor” in below terms and conditions.
  1. Mentee has gone through the SuperMentor profile and agrees to do the 1-1 video session with him/her as per mutually agreed timeslot.

  2. Mentee has access to a quiet room, laptop or tablet or mobile phone and a high speed internet connection to conduct the video+audio session with the SuperMentor via Zoom conferencing application. If you do not have Zoom you can download on

  3. Rescheduling of the session is possible only with more than 24 hours prior notice. In case of less than 24 hours notice, no refund is possible as the SuperMentors will allocate the necessary time slot for your session.

  4. Mentee agrees to pay the session fee in advance at least 48 hours prior to the start of the agreed session time.

  5. Mentee will refrain from asking personal or any other questions which are not defined in the above ‘scope of discussion’. SuperMentor has the right to not answer any questions which are not specified in the above scope of discussion.

  6. Mentee will not ask for personal email id, contact number or any social media profile information of the SuperMentors. Mentee will not provide his/her personal email id, contact number or any social media profile information to the SuperMentor.

  7. Mentee & Supermentor agrees to conduct the call in a respectful and peaceful manner keeping in mind the best interest of both the Mentee & SuperMentor. Usage of any kind of disrespectful words, gestures or clothing & unwanted arguments or debates over the call may lead to penal and legal action.

  8. Mentee is aware and agrees that the video Session with SuperMentor will be recorded and stored in local computer or in cloud storage for training purposes and for evaluation of complaints or feedback, if need may arise.

  9. Mentee agrees to do the session with SuperMentor only on 1-1 basis. No other participants such as friends, classmates, relatives, etc. ( except for the parents of the Mentee) are allowed during the session.

  10. If any case due to technical difficulties ( such as internet speed, etc.) from the SuperMentor’s side the call could not happen then it can be rescheduled for a future date. In such a case the Mentee must send an email to to reschedule the session.