Study Medicine in Cyprus

    Cost of Medical Studies in Cyprus

    Every year thousands of international students travel to Cyprus to pursue their medical studies. There are several reasons for Cyprus becoming popular for higher education. But one of the main reasons is the affordable cost of medical education. Studying medicine and other related programs abroad is often quite expensive. The average cost of MD in the US ranges between USD 60,000 and USD 80,000 for one academic year alone. In the UK, the cost reaches USD 47,000. These costs do not include living expenses, which, when considered, can increase one’s budget significantly. On the other hand, Cyprus, and other European ..

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    Best Medical Universities in Cyprus

    Top medical universities in Cyprus for international students There are 11 medical universities in Cyprus. These universities have many of their medical programs in the English language. In addition, significant medical disciplines like general medicine, dentistry, nursing, and pharmacy are open to international students. This makes Cyprus a favorable study abroad destination. Studying in Cyprus offers several benefits to international students. With Cyprus being an EU member state, graduates are eligible to work in any other EU state. Moreover, the cost of studying in Cyprus is low, and most universities offer scholarships. Let's look at some of the best medical ..

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    Study Medicine (MD / MBBS) in Cyprus: Guide for International Students

    Medical Studies in Cyprus: Top Medical Universities, Programs, Admission Process, Cost, and Career Scope Medical Studies in Cyprus are growing in popularity among international students. Between 2015 and 2018, the number of international students on the island increased by nearly 40%. Despite being a small country Cyprus is home to around 10 universities and 50 higher education institutions. A handful of these universities offer 6-year MD programs in addition to programs like Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine.  Cyprus has a very good healthcare system and matches the healthcare standards of many developed countries. What’s more attractive about Medical studies in ..

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