Study Dentistry in Hungary

    Cost of Studying Medicine (MBBS) and Dentistry in Hungary

    Hungary is one of the emerging countries to study medical programs abroad. The affordable tuition fees and hassle-free admission process to study medicine in Hungary attract many international students. They also prefer to study dentistry in Hungary for its comprehensive curriculum and first-class dental training. Medical programs (medicine and dentistry) in English are offered by four of the best universities in Hungary. All four universities are located in popular cities in Hungary. The cost of living in these cities is low compared to other European cities. Tuition fees for medicine and dentistry programs range from 16,200 to 18,00 USD. The ..

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    Study Dentistry in Hungary in English

    Hungarian medical universities provide high-quality dental education that is recognized worldwide. They have the infrastructure and resources needed to impart quality dental education. Plus, they offer these courses in English at an affordable cost. Thus, every year, many international students from across the globe go to study in Hungary. Following medicine programs, dentistry is the second most popular course of study in Hungary among international students. The tuition fee for dental courses in Hungary varies in accordance with the location of the university. The general range is between 16,000 to 18,000 USD per year. The duration of the program is ..

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