Cologne Business School

Looking to study in Europe? Founded in 1993 as a complete Business School, Cologne Business School firstly hosts over 1500 youths from 75 nations across the globe. That is to say, how better to describe CBS than to say, “You Career, Our Mission”! Well, that is the Cologne Business School slogan for business fraternity. In addition, the city of Cologne hosts a population of over 1 million and around 10000 students. Because of this, it makes Cologne, the German metropolis, a city with the highest number of students. Consequently, the federal government takes great measures in safety, security and health care systems within the city and country at large.

Further, due to its various collaborations with top universities in Germany, students get all opportunities to understand the overall education system in the country. The university therefore sets an international benchmark of interactive and collaborative study. For instance, Cologne Business School achieves this by setting up small learning groups under the direct supervision of highly experienced faculty members. All these factors therefore plays a pivotal role in ranking Cologne Business School amongst best business schools in the world to study abroad. In addition, it comes under top five private universities in Germany.



Why choose Cologne Business School?

Looking to study in Germany? Cologne Business School is widely popular because of its state-accredited and independently audited degree program. Consequently, CBS ranks among the best business schools in Germany. Because of this, the entire international business fraternity accepts CBS degree at one go. Most importantly, the primary aim of Cologne Business School is to prepare young talent for future opportunities in business. As a result, both academic & practical applications are intertwined to complement theory and practice together.

In addition, the university partners with best universities in the world and top MBA colleges in Germany. As a result, the university maintains a mandatory internship program aimed to gain practical experience in both Bachelor and Master level. That is to say, the university wants students to apply what they learn in real situations. Moreover, employers recruiting Cologne Business School graduates know the quality of education imparted to its students.

The most important aspect of Cologne Business school is its career service division. For instance, individuals from top management meet with company representatives and projects the quality of education at CBS school. Companies appreciate CBS students and subsequently provide them with job opportunities or internship positions. As a result, students get the privilege of placement offers from companies that are specifically targeting CBS school. CBS ensures convincing service on various domains including study counseling services, information events & trial lectures. Because of this, students avail support from career service team in smooth transition to work life. All these factors therefore increases CBS business school rankings each year.

In addition, Cologne Business School is a part of Klett Group, located in Stuttgart, Germany. With 67 countries at 33 locations in 15 countries, the Klett Group is therefore a leading education company in Europe. Subsequently, students get to avail massive international networking and career opportunities. Most importantly, in association with CBS international office, students get the privilege of spending a semester abroad at top universities in the world.

Finally, CBS maintains high quality environment in and out of the college campus. For instance, the university is one of the few top universities in Germany that operates residential accommodation for international students primarily during the first year of study. Students can subsequently approach international help desk for easy transition to budget friendly or luxury accommodation as per their choice of interest.

What programs are offered by Cologne Business School?

The Cologne Business School offers:

1. Bachelor degree in programs for

  • International Business
  • International Tourism Management
  • Finance & Management

2. Master Degree in programs for

  • International Business
  • Digital Transformation Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Management
  • HRM & Leadership
  • Marketing Management
  • Strategic Management & Consulting
  • International Tourism Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Global Finance
What is the tution fees for studying in Cologne Business School?

Approximate Tuition Fees at Cologne Business School may range up to 7400 Euros / 30000 Dirham / 575000 INR per semester.

How to apply for admission to Cologne Business School?

The requirements differ based on students’ academic background. Apply Now to know further information on application details, admission requirements, transcripts/marksheet evaluation, visa process and other important guidelines.