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OneApply believes in the idea of collective effort. We strive to achieve dreams with people who are passionate about helping students. Be it access to top universities or tackling complex admission processes, together we can accomplish it all!

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Tools to shortlist Universities
How Cinderella found her perfect shoe, you can select top universities based on the budget and academic profile of your student. You can have your pick of the bunch of universities that offer courses in engineering, medicine, business, arts, architecture and much more!


World Class Student Admission management system
We know that the process of managing applications can be a hassle sometimes. With OneApply, management of your student profiles, documents and applications become easy and breezy. We provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface for both administrators and applicants along with robust and secured data technology.


Collaborate with your students
Experience full autonomy while collaborating with your students. To make this partnership a fruitful one, we ourselves take the backstage and offer total liberty to counselors to help them facilitate their students.  Create a sense of community in the classroom through increased student engagement and motivation.


Support to file university applications
We understand the nitty-gritties of filing applications with universities and we aim to reduce your operational costs and student’s precious time by letting our experts handle the application paperwork.. We offer individualized support and guidance to help you and your students navigate in the academic sphere as university processes are complex and time consuming.


Connect students with Institutions directly
Let students express their desire to apply to institutions so that the international office can review the student's profile and give customized information relevant to student’s needs and requirements..

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