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  1. a) To enable international students and their families to search and compare between worldwide Universities, the Gyanberry team has published University names, logos, tuition fee range, living cost, name of program, duration of program, scholarship names, scholarship amount, annual cost of education etc. and several other important information in form of articles or blogs or landing pages that can help international students and families make informed choice about their higher education. Such information is taken either from the respective University official website which is publicly made available or from trusted online sources available on the world wide web. Such information is made available to all website visitors without any cost or charges.
  1. b) All the information and intellectual property pertaining to the University or third party such as logos, name, trademarks, patents, fees, name of the course or program, duration of program or any other information pertaining to the University that is displayed on the website remains the proprietary right of the respective University.  
  2. c) All the information pertaining to the University, courses, deadlines, fees, costs, scholarship amount, etc. is subject to change without notice. Hence, the information displayed is only for indicative and reference purposes. Customers or website visitors or students or families must refer to the official website of the University or contact the University directly for accurate and up to date information.

d)Tuition fees and annual cost of education may be entirely different or higher for health science or other specialised courses. Students and families must refer to the official website of the University for accurate information.

d)If you are a University and wish to update or remove your listing from our website, you can contact us on and one of the representatives will contact you to understand your requirements to take further action.

  1. e) Gyanberry also officially partners with some Universities and acts as their local representatives to support students with their application and admission process.

It is here to note that not all Universities mentioned or advertised on our website are official partners of Gyanberry. Customers, Universities or students or families are requested to contact Gyanberry if they have any questions or queries pertaining the same.

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  1. h) The term or wording “University” is used as a general term to represent any higher education institution or college that provides full time courses for international students.

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