HBK Essen University
of Fine Arts

Looking to study in Europe? Study abroad in Germany at one of the best European Universities, HBK Essen University of Fine Arts. HBK Essen University of Fine Arts is a state-approved private university of art and design. It represents a world in which people, regardless of their age and background, can discover their artistic and creative talents, develop them further and use them effectively in society. HBK Essen University wants to make a decisive contribution to this. The university offers its students with a study of liberal arts and design with high quality in teaching and practice under the horizons of a holistic education claim. For HBK Essen University of Fine Arts, this claim means as an art college: The human being, his freedom and personal autonomy and thus his artistic-creative development, which he is responsible for all by himself, are the focus of his studies. HBK Essen University promotes this through intensive individual support of all its students. At the same time, it strengthens their will and their capacity for self-education. HBK Essen University of Fine Arts emphasizes the self-responsibility that they bear for their studies and their later creative artistic work as well as social action and work. HBK Essen University pursues an interdisciplinary approach. This is realized by the teachers and students through a cross-curricular study in theory and practice. Ateliers, technical and art institutions and lectures are accessible to all students – whether they study liberal arts or design.



Why Choose This University?

Looking to study in Germany? Study abroad at one of the top universities in Germany, HBK Essen University of Fine Arts. HBK Essen University is committed to creating a space in which the artists and designers of tomorrow will have their decisive influence. The university gives orientation to students in their artistic-creative development. HBK Essen University offers a well-structured and practical study in artistic, technical and methodological education. It promotes a climate of open and interdisciplinary exchange and free experimentation. This includes comprehensively preparing all students for a career as artists or designers. HBK Essen offers its students, who would like to spend at least one semester abroad at a university, a large selection of partner universities as part of the ERASMUS + mobility program. In addition, stays abroad at universities in other states of the European Union, the EFTA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway or Turkey are possible.

In order to enable students to study with high quality and at the height of current developments in art and science, it is essential that the teachers of HBK Essen are themselves active in research and art practice. Publications, exhibitions and other forms of public presentation (internet projects, performances, etc.) represent a decisive criterion for the assessment of the artistic and scientific achievements of an art academy and are continuously documented and made public at the HBK Essen. Artistic research and the practice of art take place mainly at the level of professorships. These are based on the focus of the respective professorship and the general research concept of the University of Fine Arts. Practice and theory professors work together on topics and projects.

We live the idea of ​​freedom of art and science, of research and teaching. We offer our students a degree in liberal arts and design under the horizons of a holistic educational approach. We are committed to the idea of ​​an open and pluralistic knowledge society. From this we derive our principles of existing and future fields of work in art and design. We give this interdisciplinary discussion a contemporary meaning. Recognized for painting, graphics, sculpture, installation, photography and media art, our university combines the study programs of contemporary, free visual arts with modern and application-oriented design courses. With digital product design, digital media design and game art and design, we also offer students design and media technology training that qualifies them for the new occupational fields on the job market. HBK Essen is characterized by the interdisciplinary orientation of all study programs. In addition to choosing their subject, this opens up the opportunity for students to take part in joint courses in other subject areas. Art and design can benefit from each other in this environment, be re-explored scientifically accompanied and approach and demarcate in ever new ways. As an art college in Germany, HBK Essen incorporates its art and design degree programs into the Bologna system and thus into the European university framework. It therefore offers students an internationally recognized and compliant degree via the clearly structured Bachelor programs. She combines international graduation standards with the tradition of a free studio study. We are rooted in Essen-Kupferdreh on Lake Baldeney, in the middle of the “Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region”, which enjoys international renown as an industrial, art and design center in Germany. Accordingly, we attach importance to regional and international partnerships, which we maintain with our exchange, exhibition and cooperation partners. At the same time, HBK Essen is internationally networked through cooperation partners. We attract students from all over the world and thus train for the international art scene as well as the global design market by encouraging our students to become strong artistic personalities and creative personalities.

Offered Programs

HBK Essen University of Fine Arts offer Foundation Year Programs leading to Bachelor of

  • Paintings / Graphics,
  • Photography / Media Art,
  • Sculpture,
  • Digital Media Design,
  • Art & Design,
  • Digital Product Design.
Tuition Fees

Approximate tuition fees for the first seven semesters is 4317 USD / 15860 Dirham / 306250 INR and for the final semester is 2215 USD / 8132 Dirham / 157050 INR, billed per semester basis.

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