Novgorod State University

Looking to study in Russia? Study abroad at one of the best Russian Universities, Novgorod State University, Russia. Novgorod State University named after Yaroslav the Wise was founded in 1918. Over the years of its more centuries-old existence, the University has undergone many changes, the last of which was the merger in 1993 of the three oldest higher educational institutions of Novgorod the Great – polytechnic, pedagogical, agricultural. Novgorod State University is one of the oldest and best universities in the North-West Federal District and it follows the traditions of higher classical education. Novgorod State University houses 9000 students, 1100 professors across 78 programs in 22 faculties.

Why choose Novgorod State University?

Looking to study in Russia? Study abroad at one of the top Russian universities, Novgorod State University. You will receive a state diploma indicating higher education with an indication of the degree / qualification and specialty recognized in any country in the world. A graduate, if desired, can receive an additional document – the “Diploma Supplement”, which allows him to obtain the equivalence of a diploma in any country in the world for continuing education or employment. More than 70% of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the University have titles and degrees. Employees of the Novgorod State University regularly participate in international academic mobility programs, internships and conferences abroad, which allows them to maintain an active scientific dialogue with foreign colleagues, adopt teaching methods, and share professional experience with them. Foreign colleagues are also frequent guests at the University. Novgorod State University has connections with foreign universities and refers to this as an important strategic activity. At present, Novgorod State University cooperates with 74 universities and international organizations from 23 countries. The University is actively involved in programs such as Campus Europe, Erasmus+, FIRST and others. These and other initiatives allow on a regular basis to receive and send students, undergraduates and postgraduate students of the university to the included study abroad.

The key annual event in the framework of international activities is the Week of International Cooperation, which has become in several years a platform for exchanging views with foreign partners, within the framework of which there are scientific and practical conferences and cultural events with the participation of Russian and foreign students (festivals, round tables, familiarity with the kitchens of the peoples of the world).

The activities of the Novgorod State University are aimed at training specialists with modern competitive competencies in the labor market. The university promotes active research work of students, for this purpose well-equipped training classes and research laboratories have been created. Modern computer classes, multimedia studios, equipment for presentations – all this provides a comfortable and effective learning process. As a participant in various international educational agreements, Novgorod State University regularly invites students and university teachers to participate in competitions for scholarships and grants, as well as competitions to join academic mobility programs abroad. As part of the development of innovation, the University successfully employs small innovative enterprises that employ professors, employees, graduate students and students. Training at the University assumes the successful development of both the theoretical basis of the profession and the acquisition of applied skills. For this purpose, all conditions have been created at Novgorod State University, an extensive professional base of contacts with large enterprises and cultural institutions is used, where students can consolidate their knowledge and acquire new practical skills. Particular attention in the international activities of the university is given to the educational and production practices of university students abroad.

The university has comfortable hostels. In each building there are free Wi-Fi, a sports hall, halls for rest. The benevolent atmosphere and the feeling of a united unified university family help foreign students maintain a positive attitude away from their relatives. At Novgorod University, students are offered great opportunities for social activity and creative self-realization. You can take part in the activities of the Student Council, labor squads and a developed volunteer movement. You can find a lesson in the center of culture and leisure. The sports club of the University unites 32 sections in 24 kinds of sports: volleyball, basketball, rugby, football, mini-football, athletics, big and table tennis, powerlifting, mountaineering, tourism, sambo, Greco-Roman wrestling, etc. Classes and trainings are held in the sports and sports complex, which is considered one of the best in the Northwest, the Volna Stadium, Manege, 13 gyms, 3 gyms, 3 football fields, 2 ski bases. The university has sufficient experience and knowledge to provide all the necessary support for foreign students on educational and everyday issues. A special working group on the harmonization of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional relations helps to give due attention to foreign students.

What programs are offered by Novgorod State University?

Novgorod State University offers a Bachelor Degree Program in General Medicine.

What is the tution fees for studying in Novgorod State University?

Approximate tuition fees is 3960 USD / 14550 Dirham / 280000 INR per annum.

How to apply for admission to Novgorod State University?

The requirements differ based on the students’ academic background. Apply Now to know further information on application details, admission requirements, transcripts/marksheet evaluation, visa process and other important guidelines.