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With the increase in mental health awareness, the pursuit of trained Psychologists has skyrocketed worldwide. Counselling and therapy are not just limited to one’s life anymore. Even big corporations rely on the skills of Psychologists in various facets of business like management, talent acquisition, retention, and addressing the mental health problems of employees. All of this has created a huge demand for Psychology courses.

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Popular Universities for Studying Psychology

Harvard University
Stanford University
University of Amsterdam

Benefits of Studying Psychology

As per the numbers stated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for the occupation of Psychology looks promising. The overall employment rate is projected at 6% from 2021-2030 and it is projected that there will be 14,100 new job openings for fresh graduates each year over a decade. These statistics are used to reflect the future demand for Psychology worldwide.

  • Study at the University of MunichPotential for obtaining an internationally recognized education on the lines of international standards.
  • Study at the University of MunichA chance to learn in a multicultural and diversified environment
  • Study at the University of MunichAccess to cutting-edge facilities, resources, and training 
  • Study at the University of MunichOpportunities to engage in study abroad programs, internships, and training programs
  • Study at the University of MunichAccess to worldwide career opportunities.
  • Study at the University of MunichAn opportunity to improve communication and social skills.
  • Study at the University of MunichA global network of contacts and alumni.
  • Study at the University of MunichFreedom to work while studying abroad in order to build a stellar resume.
  • Study at the University of MunichAn opportunity to learn a foreign language such as German, Italian, Spanish, or others
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Popular Psychology Specializations

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior that improves our lives and, as a result, helps society in its entirety. The expanding knowledge of Psychology has made humans recognize how pervasive this field is, and hence there will be tremendous growth in it in the future. Due to its vastness, Psychology is separated into subfields and students can choose any of these to specialize in for career progress. The American Psychological Association (APA) established the following specialties in the discipline of Psychology:

Counselling PsychologyCounselling Psychology
Cognitive and Perceptual PsychologyCognitive and Perceptual Psychology
Developmental PsychologyDevelopmental Psychology

Top Countries to Study Psychology

The table below lists the top 5 universities in popular study destinations. It lists universities on the basis of QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023 for Psychology.

Harvard UniversityUniversity of OxfordUniversity of TorontoThe University of MelbourneHumboldt-Universität zu BerlinTrinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin
Stanford UniversityUniversity of CambridgeUniversity of British ColumbiaThe University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität MünchenUniversity College Dublin
Yale UniversityUCLMcGill UniversityThe University of SydneyFreie Universitaet BerlinUniversity of Galway
Columbia UniversityKing's College LondonWestern UniversityThe University of QueenslandEberhard Karls Universität TübingenUniversity of Limerick
University of Michigan-Ann ArborThe London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)York UniversityThe University of Western AustraliaUniversität HeidelbergUniversity College Cork

Low-Cost Destinations to Study Psychology

Although the US, UK, and Canada have some of the top Psychology universities in the world, their fees are hardly affordable. An undergraduate degree in Psychology at top universities in these counties costs anywhere from 40,000-60,000 USD. Plus, the cost of living there is very high and beyond affordable. Fortunately, there are other countries (European and Asian) where students can pursue a degree in Psychology at an affordable cost. Many of the universities in these countries rank highly on global ranking agencies like the US News, QS Rankings, Shanghai Rankings, etc.

Czech RepublicChina

Annual Salaries of Psychology Graduates in Different Countries

The yearly salaries listed below are the average national annual salaries (in USD) published by Glassdoor for different specializations in Psychology. Starting salaries for entry-level Psychologists be lower.

Job titleUSAUKCanadaGermany
Clinical Psychologist$102,594$66,087$89,537$71,339
Industrial Psychologist$83,015$45,087$80,556----
Counseling Psychologist$73,926$61,119$86,169$100,958
Sports Psychologist$680,60$68,060$80,556$69,388

Note: The costs mentioned are converted to USD as per the exchange rate on 13.04.2023.

How to Pick the Right Psychology Course?

With the availability of a huge number of universities and specializations, finding the right Psychology program can be a daunting task. Besides tuition fees and the university, there are so many factors that come into play. Here we have outlined the important ones to consider when you start looking for the right Psychology course.

  • Study at the University of MunichDuration of the course
  • Study at the University of MunichType of specialization 
  • Study at the University of MunichUniversity ranking
  • Study at the University of MunichUniversity accreditation (both regional and international)
  • Study at the University of MunichCourse accreditation  
  • Study at the University of MunichFaculty credentials 
  • Study at the University of MunichMinimum graduation requirements
  • Study at the University of MunichNumber of students admitted to the program per term
  • Study at the University of MunichStudent/teacher ratio
  • Study at the University of MunichClass size 
  • Study at the University of MunichNumber of international students pursuing the course 
  • Study at the University of MunichOpportunities for research, internship, and clinical hours prior to graduation
  • Study at the University of MunichGraduate employment statistics 
  • Study at the University of MunichEntry-level positions and salaries in the chosen specialization
  • Study at the University of MunichCareer hierarchy
  • Study at the University of MunichCost of attendance including tuition costs and cost of living in the chosen  country/ location 
  • Study at the University of MunichAvailability of scholarships and financial aid 
  • Study at the University of MunichType of employers who hire recent graduates 
Want to understand your admission journey with Gyanberry?

Want to understand your admission journey with Gyanberry?

How Gyanberry Can Help You Study at a top Psychology University?

Gyanberry is a new platform developed by Gyanberry that uses technology to assist students in getting to their dream study destinations. You can book a free consultation with our counselors to better understand your admission needs. Following this, we will shortlist destinations and universities that fit your requirements. You will receive guidance on preparing your application, study material, entrance exams, and so on. Here are some features of our platform. 

A one-stop application platform catering to all student needs
Free admission assistance for Gyanberry partner universities
Blogs and resources from industry experts
Admission assistance for undergraduate and graduate programs in different specializations in Psychology
Guidance from highly experienced counselors
A wide range of Psychology courses from partner and non-partner universities
Visa assistance and value-added services like accommodation, transportation, document translation and legalization, medical insurance, etc.
Periodic live webinars from universities
SuperMentor program for personal assistance from a current student of your dream university

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