Saratov State Medical University

Looking to study medicine in Russia? Study abroad at one of the best medical schools in the world, Saratov State Medical University, Russia. It is one of the most sought-after Russian Universities for international students to study MBBS in Russia. Medicine in the western countries is termed as MBBS in India. Saratov State Medical University is one of the best medical schools in the world which is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). To begin with, Saratov State Medical University is one of the largest Russian medical schools comprising of 9 faculties spanning 70 departments, 7000 international students coming from 50 countries worldwide and over 820 professors & lecturers. Theoretical courses are conducted at 6 special training laboratories while practical sessions are conducted at University Clinical Hospital. As a matter of fact, Saratov State Medical University has been shaping the global medical industry since its inception in the year 1909. All these factors play a pivotal role in ranking Saratov State Medical University among the best medical schools in the world.

Why choose Saratov State Medical University?

Looking to study in Russia? Study abroad at one of the best medical schools, Saratov State Medical University, Russia. In the first place, the university currently has over 7000 international students from over 50 countries worldwide. That is to say, students get a multilingual and cross-cultural platform to grow, learn and develop in a diversified environment.

Secondly, all students upon graduation can apply for additional document called ‘The Diploma Supplement’. This subsequently allows the student to obtain a degree equivalent to Diploma in any country worldwide and thereby continue for further education or even seek employment opportunities. This helps in recognizing Saratov State Medical University among the best medical schools in the world.

Evidently, Saratov State Medical University houses honored scientists and academicians of the Russian Federation. As of date, over 100 internationally recognized doctors of high repute, 200 assistant professors and over 300 assistants work at 9 faculties of the university.

Most importantly, Saratov State Medical University provides all its students with all resources for research and development in medical science. By the same token, professors and students together participates in major annual medical conferences held both within and outside of Russia. Majority of professors at Saratov State Medical University practices medicine which adds immense value to all learning students. That is to say, students develop practical skills from all practicing doctors apart from those developed through university course curriculum. Moreover, university professors and students regularly team up and participate at various skill development competitions. There are several institutions working within the university on research and development, such as Research Institute of Basic and Clinical Uro-Nephrology, the Central Scientific Research Laboratory, the Scientific and Educational Center for Fundamental Medicine and Nanotechnologies ensuring research activities on all domains in medicine.

The university has collaborations with some of the best medical schools in the world spanning across Asia, Europe and the United States. That being said, the university eventually offer all its students with study exchange program at the best medical schools in the world. A separate committee of the university has been set up which oversees and brings in international projects. Apart from this, the university is a part of international educational programs such as ERASMUS+, DAAD, GIAN, and Global Education. Students choosing to study medicine in Russia at Saratov State Medical University therefore get benefits in the form of internships abroad.

Furthermore, Saratov State Medical University library houses over half a million medical books, periodicals, journals and patents. In addition, the library also houses modern computers and surgical skill centre for students willing to upgrade their skills. Moreover, the university comprises 4 hospitals where students can undertake clinical internship. Saratov students undertake practice-oriented course curriculum wherein they are allowed to interact with real patients over the entire tenure of General Medicine degree. Consequently, students at Saratov State Medical University eventually develop skills by assisting practicing doctors which mere theoretical knowledge fails to provide.

In order to maintain balance between academic and social life, the university organizes many cultural events, sports and recreational activities. In addition, the university has set up a Student Association which brings in all students from diverse backgrounds under one cultural roof. Some of the cultural activities include dance, music, theatre, guitar, violin, recitation and many more. One of the prominent days of the university is the Russian Student Day, which is being celebrated for over 300 years now, marking the culmination of dance, music, arts, painting, sports, contests, national food and drinks. Special attention and assistance are given to all international students on integration, accommodation, social and personal issues. All international students are mentored by a dedicated tutor who stays responsible for their overall social development. Finally, students can avail on-campus hostel accommodation facility or ran opt for home stays in close proximity to the university campus.

What programs are offered by Saratov State Medical University?

Saratov State Medical University offers Bachelor Degree programs in General Medicine (taught in English, 6 years).

What is the tution fees for studying in Saratov State Medical University?

Approximate tuition fees is 4460 USD / 16400 Dirham / 320000 INR per annum.

How to apply for admission to Saratov State Medical University?

The requirements differ based on students’ academic background. Apply Now to know further information on application details, admission requirements, transcripts/marksheet evaluation, visa process and other important guidelines.