University Admission Services for Bachelor’s and Master’s

Free Application Services:

We provide free of charge guidance and support to submit applications to over 200 partner Universities from over 30 countries.

As the authorised representatives for several top Universities, Gyanberry team is authorised to provide professional assistance to students for a hassle free admission process.

Our team will provide you 1-1 assistance with the application deadlines, list of documents required, filling out application forms and unlimited coordination with the University team until you receive the final admission letter in your inbox !

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Counselling an d Advisory Services:

  1. Overview of admission requirements (country specific).
  2. Entrance Exam requirements for Medical Universities.
  3. Overview of application documents required.
  4. Guidance on application deadlines for various countries.
  5. Comparison of cost of tuition fee and living expenses.
  6. Upcoming fields / specialisations that will be in demand in the future.
  7. Advise on selection of subjects during senior years based on career goals of the student.
  8. Advise on part time work and post study work opportunities.

Personalised One to One Services:

  • Customised University plan based on student’s interests, career goals and parents’ financial budgets.
  • Application paperwork submission to universities.
  • Essay Development and Review.
  • Candidate Profile development – Prepare a winning Resume and Portfolio.

Additional support :

Need any other help to apply to Universities? We will give you all the necessary support.

Preparatory Classes:

  • European Med School Entrance Prep Classes – Focused on Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania & Italy Entrance Exams.
  • Medical Admissions Interview training – especially focused on UK, Ireland & European Medical Schools.
  • Embassy Visa Interview training.
  • General interview skills training.


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