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American University of Sharjah
Erasmus University

Finance graduates enjoy a huge scope of career growth opportunities due to the nature of their ever-evolving job roles. The administration and management of any company’s assets fall solely under the behest of these working professionals. Undertaking fundamental structural activities such as financial planning, budgeting, investing, and more are all under their jurisdiction. 

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You can choose from a plethora of course options and specializations. Depending on your requirements, our admission counselors can help with admission to bachelor’s and master’s level business programs in the UK, USA​, Canada​, the Netherlands​, Ireland​, Spain​, Italy​, Sweden​, Denmark​, Czech Republic​, Hungary​, Poland​, Lithuania​, ​Latvia​, Malaysia, Cyprus, and more.

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Benefits of Studying Accounting and Finance

Operational finances can make or break any organization. Thus, accountants and financial advisors occupy key positions across both the public and private sectors. With the global economy slowly slipping into a recession, the core roles these professionals play at the forefront are becoming more important than ever.  For students interested in pursuing a career in these subjects, the benefits of studying accounting and finance include

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Various career opportunities

    With multiple career paths at their disposal, fresh graduates can occupy job titles such as accountant, auditor, financial analyst, or accounting associate. You can also take an unconventional route to apply the transferable skills learned in your degree in a different profession. If you choose to do so, potential career options can include becoming a data analyst, investment banker, or mortgage advisor.

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Huge earning potential

    Salaries increase exponentially as you gain experience and perform well. According to a 2023 US News report, financial managers are among the top 15 highest-paid professionals in a list dominated by healthcare workers. With a median annual global salary of $135,000 USD, even fresher accounting associates at PwC earn almost $68,000 USD annually.

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Access to an internationally recognized education with a diverse environment

    Any globally recognized educational institution stands on the principles of ample learning opportunities and extensive cultural diversity. The best accounting and finance universities in Canada, the UK, the US, Singapore, and other popular study destinations all strive to ensure students get access to cutting-edge resources while developing an international network of industry contacts and alumni. 

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Personal development and financial literacy

    By undertaking tasks such as revenue management and cash accounting, students develop a refined sense of financial literacy. The well-devised curriculum also helps them develop a strong work ethic with sharp interpersonal communication skills. 

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Popular Accounting and Finance Specializations

Different countries offer different degrees in accounting and finance. For example, the Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BS) is among the few accepted undergraduate degrees in the US for aspiring associates.  In contrast to this, other countries may offer a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Accounting. Conjoint business degrees that focus on finance are also becoming exceedingly common nowadays. Examples of these comprise a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom).

Some popular specializations gaining traction with international accounting and business students include

International FinanceInternational Finance
Management AccountingManagement Accounting

Top Countries to Study Accounting & Finance.

It comes as no surprise that the most elite financial institutions are located in the heart of the US and the UK. But now, with international student mobility becoming a prominent component of the higher education system, several universities in Canada, Germany, France, and Ireland have risen among the ranks. They have established themselves as institutions of great repute in the financial sector that foster a multiethnic background and student diversity. 

Thus, given below is a complete breakdown of the top countries to study accounting and finance. These countries feature the highest-rated universities for international candidates, according to QS World Subject Rankings 2023 for ‘Accounting and Finance’. 

Harvard UniversityUniversity of OxfordUniversity of Toronto The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)HEC Paris School of ManagementErasmus University Rotterdam
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)University of CambridgeUniversity of British ColumbiaThe University of MelbourneINSEADTilburg University
Stanford UniversityThe London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)McGill UniversityThe University of SydneyESSEC Business SchoolUniversity of Amsterdam
University of ChicagoLondon Business SchoolUniversity of MontrealMonash UniversityPSL Research UniversityMaastricht University
University of PennsylvaniaImperial College LondonUniversity of AlbertaAustralian National University (ANU)Pantheon-Sorbonne UniversityUniversity of Groningen

Low-Cost Destinations to Study Accounting and Finance

Although premier institutions offer a world-class education, they charge exorbitant fees that are not affordable. A business degree or a degree in finance can be particularly expensive. Thus, international students are often seen seeking alternatives that do not pinch a hole in their pocket while still maintaining a high standard of tutelage. 
Some low-cost study destinations popular for enrolling in undergraduate programs in accounting and finance include 
Average Annual Fees in USD
Czech RepublicCzech Republic
$2,182- 6,546
$4,362 for public universities  $14,180 for private universities
$15,200- 18,070
$13,100 for undergraduate degrees  $16,300 for graduate degrees

Annual Salaries of Accounting and Finance Graduates in Different Countries

Accounting and finance graduates are compensated handsomely for the integral positions they occupy in any organization.  A detailed analysis of the salaries these professionals earn in different countries will help you gain insight into the best career roles for graduates.

Job TitleUSAUKCanadaGermany
Financial Advisor$94,170$56,800$55,107$63,654
Investment Banker$119,000$125,000$68,719$107,294
Chartered Accountant$82,424$104,940$56,817$76,353
Financial Analyst$81,730$59,065$49,702$65,922
Senior Accountant$77,250$64,873$49,281$58,923
Chief Financial Officer$144, 830$171,293$106,332$133,848
Data Analyst$76,057$55,786$48,062$58,939
Information Technology Auditor$74,742$66,584$58,784$63,773

*Note: The costs mentioned are converted to USD as per the exchange rate applicable on 30th March, 2023. The salary data displayed is collected from Glassdoor, PayScale and Indeed. It is subject to change.

How to Pick the Right Accounting and Finance Course?

Investing in an accounting and finance degree is a good decision with the huge scope of career prospects available to international students. However, you must pick a university that fulfills your requirements and adheres to your budget. The most important factors to consider while picking a course and a university include :

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Duration of the course

  • Study at the University of Munich

    University ranking

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Faculty credentials

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Student/teacher ratio

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Number of international students in the chosen university

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Research and internship opportunities

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Availability of co-op and placement years

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Campus placement statistics

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Entry-level positions and salaries in the chosen specialization

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Career hierarchy

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Tuition fees

  • Study at the University of Munich

    Campus facilities

  • Study at the University of Munich

    The alumni network

Gyanberry can help you better navigate the ins and outs of enrolling in any global institute. Most universities have a campus ambassador and a student testimonials section that can help you gain insight into university life. Contact us to register and access Gyanberry: a transparent portal dedicated to making university admissions simpler and faster for students.

Want to understand your admission journey with Gyanberry?

Want to understand your admission journey with Gyanberry?

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