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Dental Studies in Turkey: Admission Requirements, Top Dentistry Universities, Tuition fees, and Scholarships

Turkey is a popular study abroad destination for international students, with over 39,000 students flocking to the country in 2021 to follow their dreams of studying abroad. Turkey features some of the world’s best medical universities, which are ranked in the top 1000 universities in the world.

As a result, many study Medicine in Turkey and Dentistry, as the number of students enrolled in Medical degrees has surged year after year, particularly in Dentistry, where 45000 students have enrolled in the dental programs with 2,500 being international students. 

The average tuition fees for studying Dentistry in English in Turkey range from 1,835 – 27,500 USD or 6,739 – 101,004 AED. The vast difference comes from the fact that Public universities in Turkey offer very affordable education but only a handful of them provide education in English. The course duration is of 5 years.

More than 20 universities offer Dentistry programs in Turkey. There are various top-ranked public as well as private higher study institutions in Turkey offering dental programs entirely in English. Some of them are-

  • Istanbul University 
  • Ankara University 
  • Marmara University 
  • Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa
  • Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)
  • Bahcesehir University 
  • Istanbul Aydin University 
  • Yeditepe University

With job growth of 16 percent in the medical sector over the last decade and a full-fledged dentist earning well over 200,000 USD (734,620 AED) in Turkey, dentistry has excellent career possibilities.

Why study Dentistry in Turkey?

  • Turkish universities have prominent status in the fields of dentistry and medicine in general, because dental education in Turkey is both high-profile and inexpensive compared to many other countries, and as a result, it has a significant audience.
  • The cost of living in Turkey is inexpensive and it is half the cost of living in Ireland.
  • Even in English, the state institutions have a very inexpensive cost of tuition for dental degrees.
  • Medical expenses of the students are free as Health insurance is compulsory 
  • One of the most essential advantages of dentistry education in Turkey is the ease with which students can obtain an entry visa or the option to go to Turkey without a visa, as students can receive a study residency upon arrival.

Best Universities to study Dentistry in Turkey 

University name  World Rank National Rank 
Ankara University  659 by the CWUR  5 by the CWUR 
Istanbul University  644 by the CWUR  3 by the CWUR
Marmara University  997 by the CWUR 11 by the CWUR 
Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa 1286 by the U.S.News & Report  27 by the U.S.News & Report 
Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) 1528 by the Uni Rank  2 by the Uni Rank 
Bahcesehir University  1769 by the CWUR 43 by the CWUR 
Istanbul Aydin University  1945 by the CWUR  57 by the CWUR
Yeditepe University 2375 by the Uni Rank  34 by the Uni Rank 

Admission Requirements to study Dentistry in Turkey

The sections that follow will explain how to apply for Dentistry programs in Turkey. 

Eligibility criteria

Higher Secondary minimum score  60%
English Proficiency test TOEFL (minimum score from 66 to 72)

If an applicant misses the English proficiency test, Turkish universities offer an English entrance exam.

Application process

Where to Apply  University website/ Gyanberry application services 
Application Deadline  March 15 to September 30

The application process is supported by some mandatory documents and they are-

  • Passport 
  • High School Diploma (Students in their final year are also welcome to apply)
  • Official High School Transcript 
  • English proficiency test scores
  • Motivation letter

These documents are compulsory to upload along with your online application after the acceptance letter is received from the university following steps are to be followed

  • High school diploma and transcript translation into Turkish
  • Notarization of a translated high school diploma and transcript by a Turkish 

Notary or perhaps the Turkish Embassy in the country

  • Health Insurance of One Year is compulsory 
  • Language Proficiency Certificate

Cost of studying Dentistry in Turkey: Tuition fees and living expenses

University name  Program & Duration  Annual Tuition 
Ankara University  Associate degree of Dentistry for 5 years  3,158 USD or 11,599 AED 
Marmara University  Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry for 5 years  5,000USD or 18,365 AED
Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry for 5 years  1,835 USD or 6739 AED
Yeditepe University Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry for 5 years  27,500 USD or 101,004 AED
Bahcesehir University  Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry for 5 years  20000 USD or 73460  AED
Istanbul Aydin University  Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry for 5 years  17500 USD or 64277 AED
Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry for 5 years   18,250 USD or 67,032 AED 

The monthly cost of living in Turkey

Rent & Utilities  180 USD or 661 AED 
Food  159 USD or 584 AED 
Transport  57 USD or 209 AED 
Leisure  51 USD or 187 AED 
Total  447 USD or 1641 AED 

Scholarship to study Dentistry in Turkey

CoHE Scholarship for International Students

It is targeted at international undergraduate and graduate students from countries that have signed agreements with programs of Higher Education. If students are accepted into Turkish higher education programs but do not have a Turkish Proficiency Certificate, they will be given a year of language training.

Turkey Scholarship

In addition to providing financial aid, Turkey Scholarships allow international students to be placed in the university of their choosing, in their selected application program. Because of this, it stands out among other scholarship programs around the world. Türkiye Scholarships are designed to provide students with opportunities for social and cultural activities as well as university education while in Turkey. This also covers student needs such as accommodation and health insurance during the educational session.

Overall Turkey has a very positive perspective for international students from affordable tuition and a lower cost of living with a comfortable lifestyle.

Studying Dentistry in Turkey is an investment that is bound to give fruitful returns. 

The task of applications can be arduous, which is why at Gyanberry we provide complete assistance in the application and admission process. We also provide visa counseling and other important assistance for prospective students planning to study Dentistry in Turkey. Get in touch with us to know more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The medical universities of Turkey are officially recognized by the YOK-Council of Higher Education. Turkish universities are also recognized in the European Union.

After graduating in dentistry from Turkey, international students may choose to practice in Turkey, or practice in any other country of their choice after clearing the country-specific qualifying examinations.

International students can apply to state universities by taking the YOS exam. Students can also apply without the YOS exam for some universities such as Eastern Mediterranean University, Istanbul Aydin University, and in some other universities students may have to enroll in foundation programs.