Looking to study in Russia? Study abroad at one of the best countries in the world, Russia. Besides being one of the safest countries to study abroad, Russians Universities rank among the top universities in the world. To begin with, Russian study architecture is structured in amalgamation of learning, development, practical approach of understanding theories and academic lessons, internships in top industries, study exchange program, study abroad scholarships, social networking and cultural development. Secondly, Russian Universities follows the global trend of attracting talent from across the world by supporting them with financial assistance and course curriculum taught in English. Most importantly, choosing to study in Russia will give you a unique platform to understand centuries old higher education system in Russia, a country which gave birth to 40 Nobel Prize winners since the inception of the first higher educational Russian University in 1687. By and large, Russia hosts over 766 universities of international repute spanning 82 regions in the country that intakes international students from over 170 countries worldwide. Moreover, international students can study in Russia for free at the expense of Russian Federation in the form of project assistance, university funding and study abroad scholarships.

  • In the first place, as per statistics based on Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Russia tops the chart of the most educated population in the world, surpassing Canada, Japan and USA.
  • Secondly, Russia hosts over 200000 international students from over 170 countries worldwide. Consequently, students get a platform to learn and develop in a cross-cultural platform intertwined with diverse backgrounds, cultures, traditions, history and heritage.
  • In addition, students choosing to study in Russia acquires in-depth knowledge of all subjects based on practical approach of learning. That is to say, every lesson taught in class is complemented with practical training and live demonstrations for easy understanding of concepts and topics.
  • Coupled with 205 domains covering 657 subjects across Bachelor, Master, Specialist and Postgraduate programs, Russian Universities is widely known for training individuals in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Engineering and other specialisations in Natural Sciences.
  • As compared with western countries, students choosing to study in Russia gets benefit in terms of study abroad expenses to quality of education ratio. That is to say, financial expenses including tuition fees and cost of living in Russia are a lot cheaper as compared with other countries.
  • Moreover, Russian Universities offer international students with diverse study abroad scholarships. That being said, students can avail financial assistance in the form of study abroad scholarships in many ways. Students can participate in academic competitions, project and research funding and Russian Federation Scholarship quotas. The study abroad scholarship quota is specially designed for international students wherein the government offers several thousand scholarships each year.
  • International students can apply for part time employment during their tenure of study at state accredited Russian Universities. In addition, some of the top Russian Universities help international students in finding part time employment through its enquiry and help desk. However, they need to get appropriate work permit for designated authorities for the same.
  • By and large, over 300 million people across the world speaks Russian. Students subsequently a get a platform to learn one of the most spoken languages in the world. International students opting for foundation courses generally goes through year-long course in Russian language.
  • Furthermore, students choosing to study in Russia has an opportunity to obtain dual diplomas. That is to say, many Russian Universities conduct joint programs with top universities in the world in issuing joint diplomas to its graduates.
  • Most importantly, Russian Federation has intergovernmental agreements with top countries in the world such as Spain, Cuba, India, Vietnam, Finland, China, Venezuela, France, Namibia, Cyprus, Malta, Uzbekistan and many more. Students subsequently get opportunities in the form of exchange programs and internships abroad.
  • As a matter of fact, Russia is one of the few unique countries in the world where students can not only choose a subject of choice, but also the climate to live in. In other words, students can choose preferred climate to study in Russia from moderate continental climate in the European part of the country to the subtropical Black Sea coast of the Caucasus and southern Crimea.
  • In order to maintain balance between academic and social life, students opting to study in Russia get a platform to get themselves culturally involved in many exhibitions, shows, concerts, performances and other entertainment events conducted across the country. Additionally, students get lucrative discounts on public transport, tour to museums, libraries, concert halls, parks and other entertainment facilities.
  • On the other hand, healthcare facilities are provided by both private and state machinery. International students get benefits from free of cost first aid and emergency healthcare (accidents, intoxication, injuries) needs. For any other issues, students can avail voluntary health insurance policy upon arrival which covers the majority of medical services as recognised by the Russian Law.
  • International students can avail accommodation facilities from University dormitories, rented apartments or stay with host families.
What are the admission requirements to study in Russia?

The requirements differ based on students academic background. Kindly book an appointment to visit us for further information on application details, admission requirements, transcripts/marksheet evaluation, visa process and other important guidelines.

What is the average fees to study in Russia?

Approximate tuition fees at various Russian Universities for various degree courses range in between 3385 USD / 12450 Dirham / 243000 INR to 3690 USD / 13550 Dirham / 265000 per year.

What is the career scope after studying in Russia?

International students after completing their course of study has to return back to their respective countries. Russian Federation states that students need to have a work permit to apply or work in any organisation. Consequently, students need to apply for a work visa well in advance.

What are some internationally recognized univesities in Russia?