What makes studying medicine abroad an excellent option?

The field of medicine is consistently evolving and there are new breakthroughs in the medical field every year. When you go for a medical degree (MBBS/MD) abroad, you allow yourself to be exposed to the latest international medical education, facilities, and resources. Medical studies abroad open up many doors for an international career in healthcare. There are hundreds of medical schools abroad that offer English-taught, globally recognized, and affordable medical programs to international students. Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Georgia, Poland, and Cyprus are some of the popular destinations for high-quality and affordable medical education.

Gyanberry is the Authorized Admission Representative of Many Top Medical Universities

Key advantages of Studying Medicine (MD/MBBS) Abroad:

  • Internationally recognized English-taught programs in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Physiotherapy, and more
  • Most 6-year MD programs are integrated with a 1-year hospital internship
  • Admissions based on high school grades and/or entrance test/ interview
  • No requirement for Pre-med/ Foundation year programs at many top-ranked medical universities
  • Excellent infrastructure with highly qualified faculties
  • Affordable tuition fees & low cost of living
  • No requirement for SAT, NEET, MCAT, UCAT, BMAT, etc.
  • Freedom to practice anywhere in the world after clearing licensing exam (if required)

Gyanberry advantages:

  • Free counselling session for grade 12/13 students
  • Authorized representative of Top Medical Universities
  • Identify universities as per the budget & country preference of the student
  • Arrange sessions with senior students to ask questions about university life
  • Help with entrance exam preparation
  • Complete coordination with university application filling till admission
  • Post admission guidance
  • Meet and greet session with other students travelling to same college


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    My first counseling session was so good and informative. Thank you for your time and information. My counselor was so friendly.
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    Had a very interactive session with Ms Pooja today. Liked her professionalism and detailed explanation on registration process and services offered.
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    Loved the first counselling session. Detailed information for all the universities is given by the counsellors. Helping and sweet staff.
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    We are very happy with the meeting today as it was detailed and full of clarity which catered to all our requirements.
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    Highly professional and have deep knowledge of universities all over the world. Provide thorough information of subject and quick assistance to all queries.
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    Gyanberry Team are very professional. Communications are clear, crisp and to the point. Despite the scale of applications they are dealing with, they keep reforming … read more and refining their internal process. They never make you feel alien. At no point, for no question of mine- they left me ambiguously.
    They are dedicated and committed to the students. They go extra length in helping students to settle in. And… If you are looking for alternative Universities outside Canada, US and UK, especially in the field of Medicine- Gyanberry offers many top ranking universities teaching medicine in Eng within Europe.
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    informative.We got to know about different universities and the procedures.The counselor was very helpful and she also helped us understand about various universities … read more and about the locations
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    great experience with them , quite beneficial and helped me enormously with guiding me through my university application.