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    Entry Requirements to Study Medicine in Europe

    Admissions to medical programs are generally tedious. For international students, it can seem even more daunting. Students can often get lost in the nitty-gritty of the application process. Through this article, Gyanberry presents a simplified list of what you need to know to study medicine in Europe. We will take you through the entry requirements to study medicine in Europe. Study Medicine in Europe: An Overview Over the years, Europe has been gaining prominence for its medical studies. There are several reasons for this. The quality of medical education is at par with the popular study abroad countries: the US,[..]

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    Medical Universities in Europe for International Students

    The European continent is home to 44 countries. Out of these 44, the UK has long been a popular place to pursue an MBBS degree. However, many international students find it difficult to study in UK medical colleges. There are two reasons: high tuition costs and fierce competition. Many students eventually started going to other European countries to pursue an MBBD/MD. Some of these popular countries are Students can study medicine in Europe in English. This is contrary to the widespread misconception that these countries offer MBBS courses only in their native language. We have listed the countries that teach[..]

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