The TH Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences

TH Wildau Technical University
of Applied Sciences

Looking to study in Europe? Learn and develop at one of the unique industrial sites in the world. That is to say, where locomotives were built once, people today study, research and teach. The site was utilized to manufacture one of Europe’s biggest and most modern locomotive works. Subsequently, that marked the birth of today’s university town. In addition, the TH Wildau Technical University has more than 125 years of history and tradition. Founded in the year 1991, the university started operations with only 17 students on the mechanical engineering department. The university hosts over 4000+ students as of date. Moreover, it is the largest university of applied sciences in the state of Brandeburg.

The Technical College for Locomotive and Rolling Stock Construction came into existence in 1949. Subsequently, the systematic training of skilled engineers started in the very same year. Later in 1964, out of the very same college, Wildau School of Mechanical Engineering came into existence and made operational. Consequently, the institute gained worldwide recognition for training engineering students and was subsequently put to service in manufacturing sectors. The institute therefore developed and built well-equipped laboratories communicating a wide range of practically applicable skills.

The TH Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences


Looking to Study in Germany? Firstly, the TH Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences leads in foundation program to undergraduate degree. Consequently, the university ensures to familiarize German education system to incoming international students. The program is therefore a foundation stone wherein students coming from across the globe are made to study in cross-cultural environment. As a result, students get a taste of people arriving from diverse multilingual and demographic states of the world.

Most importantly, the TH Wildau Technical University strives hard for excellence in all its degree programs. Moreover, the university is one of the best universities in Germany that brings a focus on the future by amalgamating science, economics and international mindset. The university therefore maintains close relationship between applied research and practical approach to teaching. Consequently, the university ranks amongst the top technical universities in Germany.

In addition, the TH Wildau Technical University has dynamic and productive collaborations with top universities in the world. Moreover, the university focuses on active support to small and medium-sized businesses on the desire for ecologically, socially and economically sustainable development. Because of this, students get opportunities to opt for internships at some of the best universities in the world.

The TH Wildau Technical University is a campus university. For instance, the Wildau S-Bahn train station connects teaching and administrative buildings with direct access to Berlin. As a result, studying at the university is convenient for all students and staff. Consequently, students do not have to negotiate long journeys between classes.

In addition, the TH Wildau Technical University focuses on high quality teaching, research and administration and goes at par with the top universities in the world. For instance, the university provides transparency and foundation for comparing effectiveness at all levels, both within and outside of the university. Moreover, all staff, students and faculty members deliver high quality performance, actively fulfilling respective responsibilities in collaboration with one another.

Most importantly, the TH Wildau Technical University provides residence hall in single and double occupancy to all international students. In addition, a variety of flats are available in close proximity to the university. As a result, initial transition and networking become easy for all foreign students.

The university offers foundation program for Preparation Year. Students can choose disciplines as per their choice of interest upon completion of the foundation program. The university provides specializations in Engineering, Transportation & Logistics, Business Management and Law. 

Approximate tuition fees for:

  • 1 year foundation program is 21000 USD / 77000 Dirhams / 1480000 INR. Completed B1 certificate in both German and English required.
  • 1.5 year foundation program is 26900 USD / 98700 Dirhams / 1913000 INR. No German language competence needed.

The requirements differ based on students’ academic background. Apply Now to know further information on application details, admission requirements, transcripts/marksheet evaluation, visa process and other important guidelines.