Toulouse Business School

Looking to study in Europe? Study abroad at one of the best business schools in the world, Toulouse Business School, Spain. The mission which TBS has set itself via its strategic plan perfectly defines what guides them in their actions, and public service: “To deliver lifelong learning that creates collaborative, agile and responsible decision- makers.” This objective is in line with organizational and business life which has changed considerably in recent years, under the influence of multiple factors, chiefly

  • The acceleration of communications and their increasing lack of dependability;
  • The incontrovertible reality of the ecological issues facing the planet;
  • The omnipresence of “Tech” which, especially in the domains of Artificial Intelligence and its various offshoots, is profoundly changing theories of relations and the practice of decision-making;
  • The growing tensions between the great powers of China and the United States, with their consequences for international business exchange;
  • A rise in popular dissent in the “old” European economies and beyond.

Toulouse Business School is among the 1% of prestigious international business schools which hold the “triple crown” of accreditation: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. Whatever your education and training needs, Toulouse Business School hopes to inspire you to join TBS’s global community of 40,000 graduates. Or perhaps you represent a business or organization wishing to join its 250-strong partner club. Or the even larger club of firms and organizations that regularly recruit their apprentices, trainees or indeed graduates, and which boasts more than 3,000 members in France and overseas.


Toulouse Business School

Why choose Toulouse Business School?

Looking to study in Spain? Study abroad at one of the best European Universities, Toulouse Business School, Spain. Its Mission is to train future international decision-makers who are collaborative, agile and responsible. Toulouse Business School Collaboration involves prioritizing management practices based on collective intelligence. The university’s agility involves the wholesale integration of learning linked to artificial intelligence and its offshoots (big data, machine learning, etc) in order to elucidate the resultant new decision-making processes. Toulouse Business School responsibility involves investing in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in order to flag up the critical distance needed in relation to the impact of decision-making. As an international business school, Toulouse Business School is a model of best practice, renowned for its innovation and its strong and positive contribution to its community, organizations and society as a whole. This is due to the excellence of its research, its teaching and the commitment of its teams.

Toulouse Business School’s International Relations department develops relationships with over 180 partner universities and associations, works to strengthen the School’s international strategy and scope, and welcomes international degree-seeking and exchange students across our 5 campuses. TBS’s International Student Services provides general support to incoming and current international students – ranging from recommending accommodation options to advice concerning French visa regulations and national healthcare needs. Toulouse Business School International Admissions team advises and assists prospective students and candidates during their admissions process, and travels worldwide to meet students and help them learn about the School and it’s programs. Toulouse Business School offers a vast number of student-led clubs and organizations.

The success of companies and organizations in today’s challenging business environment is intricately linked to the talent and commitment of the executives who manage them, and the employees who work for them. For over a century, Toulouse Business School has been identifying and nurturing these talents whilst ensuring that they develop in parallel to the needs of companies. This symbiotic relationship is essential to the success of our mutual organizations, and is why Toulouse Business School has been striving hard to develop close relationships with regional, national and international companies for many years now. At TBS we strongly believe in the value of career support and guidance, both during and after studies, in order to give our students the best possible start in their professional lives. Established in 2011, the TBS Career Starter service aims to ease the transition between academic and working life by guiding our students towards a position which responds to their aspirations as well as the current market environment. All Bachelor, Masters and MSc students can take advantage of this service which is carefully tailored to the program you are following, both during and after their studies.

What programs are offered by Toulouse Business School?

Toulouse Business School offer

  • Bachelor Degree Program in Management.
  • Master Degree Programs in Management, Banking and International Finance, Supply Chain and Lean Management, Big Data Marketing & Management,
  • MSc – International Tourism, Hospitality and Travel Marketing & Management (Paris), International Luxury Industries Marketing & Management (Paris), International Strategic Business (Paris).
What is the tution fees for studying in Toulouse Business School?

Approximate tuition fees for

  • Bachelor Degree Program is 34601 USD / 127100 Dirham / 2450650 INR for the entire 3 years course duration.
  • Master Degree Program is 15530 USD / 57031 Dirham / 1099400 INR per annum.
How to apply for admission to Toulouse Business School?

The requirements differ based on students’ academic background. Apply Now to know further information on application details, admission requirements, transcripts/marksheet evaluation, visa process and other important guidelines.