University of East London

University of East London

Looking to study in the UK? Study abroad at one of the best European Universities, University of East London. The University of East London has been pioneering futures since 1898 dedicated to supporting their students to develop the skills, emotional intelligence and creativity needed to thrive in a constantly changing world. Over the 2018-19 academic year the University of East London has been developing and starting to implement a new 10-year strategy, Vision 2028, to transform their curriculum, pedagogy, research impact and partnerships to make a positive difference to student, graduate and community success. University of East London ambitious but achievable goal is to become the leading careers-focused, enterprising university in the UK, one which both prepares students for the jobs of the future and provides the innovation to drive that future sustainably and inclusively. University of East London worked with partner stakeholders to come up with a new visual identity that reflects both their heritage and relevance in the modern world. The university wants its identity to capture the rich blend of people, heritage, innovation and life in east London. University of East London is proud of where they have come from.

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Looking to study in the UK? Study abroad at one of the top universities in the world, University of East London. The university works with global organizations to make its courses entrepreneurial, creative and inspirational. Wherever their students want to work – in business, technology, teaching, arts, media, science, sport or the public sector – they will have the skills necessary to adapt to the world of tomorrow, and to be the leaders and pioneers of today. More and more employers are seeking workers who possess skills such as emotional intelligence and creativity, the ability to think critically and undertake complex problem solving. That’s why University of East London put these skills at the heart of every one of its degrees, counting towards students’ final qualification. As evidence of these achievements the university gives its students a career passport that’ll open doors.

University of East London is committed to working together to build a learning community founded on equality of opportunity – a learning community which celebrates the rich diversity of our student and staff populations. UEL’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy sets out a framework to deliver an environment and culture that is truly inclusive where all individuals have equality of opportunity to succeed and the diversity of the UEL community is valued, celebrated and staff and students are supported to be the best they can be. University of East London houses students from 140 different countries across the world.

University of East London dynamic research community is organised into Institutes, Centres and Groups. These provide a focus for our cutting-edge research. Many of the university’s academics are world leaders in their fields. They have a well-deserved reputation for delivering innovative, high impact projects. These range from health, education and environmental sustainability to architecture, digital industries and social sciences. University of East London excels at attracting funding and developing partnerships. The university works with organizations in the academic, public, private and voluntary sectors to combine expertise and achieve strong outcomes.

If you are an offer holder, you may now be eligible to apply for one of the university’s international scholarships. Scholarships will range between £1,000 to £4,000 off your first year’s tuition. Spending time abroad during your degree at UEL boosts your CV, widens your horizons and opens your mind. University of East London have four Education Abroad schemes, from short trips with Going Global to studying abroad at a partner for a full year. Explore UEL and discover how you can shape the world. Library and Learning Services provide access to high-quality academic resources, expert advice, and inspirational study spaces in modern library buildings on both Stratford and Docklands campuses, open 24/7 during term time. Whatever course you’re studying, University of East London will help you in gaining employment skills that you need to achieve your career ambitions. It offers employability skills training and mentoring opportunities alongside your studies. University of East London location in one of Europe’s largest regeneration areas will also give you access to fantastic internships and placements. From heavy industry to high-tech, there are so many opportunities right on its doorstep.

University of East London is one of the very few universities in London to offer on-campus accommodation. Its stunning waterfront Halls of Residence is convenient, secure and comfortable – and living on campus is a great way to make friends.

University of East London offer 

Bachelor Degree Programs in

  • BA – Advertising (Hons), Animation, Criminology & Psychology, Dance, Drama Applied Theatre and Performance, Economics, Education Studies, Event Management, Fashion Design, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Textiles, Films, Graphic Design, Hospitality Management, Illustration, Interior Design, Journalism, Media Production, Music Journalism, Music Performance and Technology Production, Performing Arts, Social Work, Sociology,  
  • BSc – Accounting & Finance, Architectural Design Technology, Architecture, Counseling, Creative Enterprise, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Professional Policing, Sport and Exercise Science, Physical Education and Development, 
  • Civil Engineering, Computer Game Development, Story Development, Computer Science, Computing with Business, Cyber Security Networks, Design Engineering, General Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,  
  • Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Child Psychology, Clinical and Community Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Medical Physiology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacology, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Public Health, Social and Community Work,   
  • Business Management, Construction Management, Engineering Management, Tourism Management,  
  • LLB – Business Law, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Criminology & Law. 

Master Degree Programs in

  • MA – Acting, Conflict Displacement and Human Security, Contemporary Performance Practices, English Language Teaching, Fashion, Film Making, Fine Arts, International Fashion Business, Media and Communication Industries, Media Communication and Global Development, Refugee Studies, Special Educational Needs, Theatre Directing, Youth and Community Work, 
  • Architecture, Urbanism, Interior Design, Professional and Landscape Architecture with Conversion, 
  • MSc – Big Data Technologies, Business Psychology, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Computing and Information Communication Technology, Data Science, Information Security and Digital Forensics, International and Comparative Public Policy, International Relations, NGO and Development Management, Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Professional Accounting, Structural Engineering, 
  • Construction Management, Human Resources Management, International Business Management, MBA, Oil and Gas Management, Sports Management, 
  • Biomedical Sciences, Bioscience, Pharmaceutical Science, Psychology, Public Health, 
  • LLM – Business and Financial Law, Energy Natural Resources Law, General Law, Health Science, Human Rights Advocacy, International Law and Legal Practice, Transitional Justice and Conflict.

Approximate tuition fees for various courses may range in between 15900 USD / 58400 Dirham / 1134000 INR to 20750 USD / 76200 Dirham / 1477500 INR per annum.

The requirements differ based on students’ academic background. Apply Now to know further information on application details, admission requirements, transcripts/marksheet evaluation, visa process and other important guidelines.