University of Nicosia

Looking to study in Europe? Study abroad at one of the top universities in the world, University of Nicosia, Cyprus. To begin with, University of Nicosia aims to promote and strengthen its higher education reach to the most remote cities and towns of the world. That being said, University of Nicosia strives to foster the socioeconomic development of the global community through an inclusive culture providing equal opportunity by creating an independent academic structure ensuring democratic functioning of academic process. In the second place, University of Nicosia is by far the largest professional body responsible for training accounting professionals in Cyprus. In addition, the university holds the longest track record of hospitality education in the country. Apart from this, University of Nicosia has also built the Cyprus Maritime Academy, an initiative supported by world’s largest shipping companies. In order to ensure the highest standards in quality education and research, University of Nicosia promotes knowledge and its practical applications by integrating global issues on society and the economy. Moreover, University of Nicosia focuses majorly in international relations with the top universities in the world. That is to say, it maintains and cultivates cooperation with industries, academic bodies and other organizations in order to promote and foster knowledge and technology transfer, committed to the socioeconomic development of Cyprus. Coupled with the western education structure and the international philosophy, University of Nicosia has slowly emerged as one of the best universities in the world. Furthermore, University of Nicosia houses over 12000 students apart from internationally recognized and highly acclaimed faculty body comprising of 228 qualified teaching professionals. That being said, the university is ranked among the top universities in the world for international students to study abroad. As a matter of fact, the academic teaching body consists of professors from USA, France, Germany, Brazil, China, UK, Greece and Cyprus. All these factors play a pivotal role in ranking University of Nicosia among the top universities in the world.



Why Choose This University?

Looking to study in Cyprus? Study abroad at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, University of Nicosia, Cyprus. In the first place, the primary mode of instruction for all university lectures is English. Coupled with its dynamic education, University of Nicosia ensures academic excellence through quality teaching standards, critical thinking, innovation and lifelong learning skills. Besides being one of the best global universities, in order to foster the student-centric philosophy, University of Nicosia puts in all efforts to maintain a multicultural learning environment for all students. Consequently, students get to learn, grow and develop skills in a cross-cultural environment through shared values, friendship and cooperation. The university complements the global education by training young talents through five faculties namely the School of Business, the School of Education, the School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, the School of Sciences and Engineering and the School of Medicine.

In order to cultivate and harness the true power of knowledge, University of Nicosia has completely dedicated itself to research and development in order to foresee and mitigate global challenges and problems. In order to foster and maintain such a goal, University of Nicosia invests a lot in scientific, academic and applied research thereby integrating it with regular course curricula. The university runs holistic study abroad programs for all international students amalgamating talent, science, education, research, skill development and subsequently producing job ready individuals. On the other hand, the elevation of Cyprus to the European Union has vastly increased the research culture at the University of Nicosia. In addition, the elevation has also increased the amount invested in the form of research funding from Cyprus Government and other research projects. Furthermore, University of Nicosia is in collaboration with top universities in the world apart from business organizations, enterprises and industries. That being said, the university acts as a leading partner and coordinating institution towards many campaigns, applied research and internship abroad programs. To exemplify this achievement, University of Nicosia earned the prestigious ‘Global 500’ award from the United Nations. Within a span of 3 decades, the university has managed to grab the attention of diverse research foundations from local Research Promotion Foundation to the European Union’s Framework Program. In addition, the University of Nicosia participates in Eramus+ programs wherein all students are offered with internship abroad programs across European Universities. Subsequently, students get a taste of diverse culture, internship abroad programs, generate wages along with building interpersonal and communication skills. University of Nicosia is currently involved in many ongoing projects from environmental sustainability, medicine to social sciences. The university through these partnerships contribute to the socioeconomic development of the global community and is therefore listed on the best universities in the world ranking chart.

The university campus is situated on the outskirts of the capital city of Nicosia. The university provides all students with transportation facilities such as bus service to the city centre. In order to cater the practical requirements of academics, the university has world class laboratories such as Engineering Labs, Design and Multimedia Labs, TV and Radio Production Labs, Biology Labs, Chemistry Labs, Physics Labs and Nursing Skills Labs. In addition, students are also entitled to benefit from the services offered in the form of state-of-the-art computer facilities equipped with high speed internet. In order to support independent study along with academic teachings, University of Nicosia library arcades over 1,00,000 books, online databases, periodicals, publications and journals. The medical school at the University of Nicosia is one of the best medical schools in the world offering degree program in General Medicine. As a matter of fact, the university conducts a holistic study medicine abroad program wherein over 750 international students from all over the world take admission in medical courses. The University’s Doctoral, Master and Bachelor Degrees are fully recognized and structured within the framework of the Bologna Accord. The University of Nicosia is a member of the European Universities Association, the European Foundation for Quality Management, Erasmus+ and is one of the few European Universities that has received both the Diploma Supplement Label  and the ECTS Label.

In order to maintain social and academic life balance, University of Nicosia offers students with many cultural events, concerts, sporting facilities, arts and drama. Also, the university houses a Multi-Faith Prayer Room promoting equality and spiritual diversity among the community. The international student support team at University of Nicosia extends full support to all foreign nationals ensuring smooth transitioning and adjusting to the Cypriot society. In addition, all international students are allowed to work 20 hours per week during the semester classes and 38 hours per week during vacation periods. Moreover, students are eligible to work for 6 months after entering the country.

Finally, the University of Nicosia offers accommodation facilities to all students. Besides being one of the stunning accommodation facilities among all European Universities, it also houses 6 restaurants, cafes, an exclusive rooftop bar, lounge, gyms, TV rooms, gaming area and more. In addition, students can also seek for accommodation facilities at shared apartments in close vicinity to the university campus.

Offered Programs

University of Nicosia offers

Bachelor Degree programs in

  • BA – Dance, Music, Applied Multimedia, Architecture, Digital Communications & Mass Media, English Language & Literature, Fine Arts, Graphic Communication, Interior Design, Public Relations Advertising and Marketing, International Relations and European Studies,
  • BBA – Business Administration – Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance and Economics, Human Resource Management, Information Systems and Social Media, Marketing Communications, Public Administration, Real Estate, Hospitality Management, Marketing, Sports Management, Tourism Leisure and Events Management.
  • BSc – Accounting, Energy Oil & Gas Management, Information Systems, Psychology, Social Work, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Environmental & Energy Management, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Oil & Gas Engineering,
  • BSc – Nursing, Human Biology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Physiotherapy.
  • LLB.
  • General Medicine, Pharmacy.

Master Degree Programs in

  • MEd – Educational Sciences – Arts, Educational Leadership & Administration, Educational Technology, Music Education, Special Education, Teaching of Language & Literature, Teaching of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Theory Practice and Evaluation of Teaching.
  • MMus – Music.
  • MArch – Architecture – Sustainable Architecture, Interior Architecture.
  • MA – Digital Arts & Design – Interactive Multimedia & Design, Graphic Design, Journalism & Social Media Publishing, Public Relations and Advertising in Networked Society, Sports Media and Communications, Teaching Greek to speakers of other languages, Teaching English to speakers of other languages, Theology, International Relations and European Studies, Law and Politics in the European Union.
  • MBA – Business Administration – Agribusiness and Food Enterprise Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, Marketing, Oil Gas & Energy Management, Real Estate Management.
  • MSc – Engineering Management, Cyber Security, Mobile Systems, Electrical Engineering, Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Educational/School Psychology, Social Work, Criminal Law and Addictions-Joint Degree with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • MSc – Clinical Dietetics, Biomedical Sciences, General Medicine, Oncological Care, Community Nursing, Exercise Science and Physical Education, Mental Health Nursing, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Sports Nutrition/Dietetics and Nutrition Intervention.
  • MPA Public Administration.
  • LLM Law.
Tuition Fees

Approximate tuition fee for various Bachelor and Master Degree programs may range in between 9300 USD / 34100 Dirham / 665500 INR to 22300 USD / 81900 Dirham / 1600000 INR per annum.

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