University of Tasmania, Australia

Looking to study in Australia? Choose to study abroad at one of the top universities in Australia, UTAS – University of Tasmania Australia. UTAS is located in Tasmania, Australia. Founded in 1890, UTAS is the fourth oldest university in Australia. Besides being one of the best universities in Australia, UTAS is also a member of the international Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning. As a matter of fact, the University of Tasmania ranking on international platform is reflected upon by its quality education, research and development in modern science, arts and humanities. In addition, University of Tasmania operates multidisciplinary research themes such as Environment, resources & sustainability, creativity & arts, Marine and Antarctic, for instance. Furthermore, UTAS essentially has a long history of implementing innovative applications in research and development. By and large, University of Tasmania has markedly created many notable alumni who has held offices of Governor of Tasmania, Justices of the High, Supreme and Federal Courts. Most importantly, UTAS hosts over six to seven thousand international students. Not only in educational spectrum but also in real life, students get opportunities to understand, collaborate and grow amongst diverse culture & tradition. As a result, University of Tasmania ranks among the best universities in Australia.



Why Choose University of Tasmania?

Looking to study in Australia? In the first place, UTAS focuses primarily on quality and excellence. Besides being the only university in the state, University of Tasmania courses provide unparalleled real life learning experiences. Coupled with its location at one of the most pristine inhabited environments on Earth, University of Tasmania has gradually emerged as one of the top leading research universities in Australia. That is to say, the very island on which the university is established, is a living laboratory providing excellent course strengths in natural and social sciences. Most importantly, the strategic location of University of Tasmania has a major advantage. For instance, Tasmania is the gateway to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica and is an important stakeholder in the $24 million Antarctic Gateway Partnership, launched by the Australian Government. UTAS therefore offer study programs in marine, climate, Antarctic and ocean sciences apart from a broad range of maritime studies.

In the light of research, University of Tasmania functions on partner driven research and development. That is to say, UTAS works in partnership with over 400 industries around the world, local bodies and government establishments to address global challenges thereby shaping future scholars, policies and debates. As a matter of fact, the strength and diversity of UTAS is greatly measured by their consistent performance in research and development to solve global issues. On the other hand, it is one of the most successful universities in Australia to draw attention of established industries towards research funding. Consequently, University of Tasmania is one of the best universities in Australia who works tirelessly in teaming up with world class researchers to deliver outcomes that directly impacts global issues on positive scale. At the same time, UTAS works in collaboration with diverse industries and organisations in solving many local issues not independently realizable.

Above all, UTAS operates an intensive career support placement society on campus named as LEAP. In the first place, LEAP works in association with partner industries in providing work-ready graduates. As a result, University of Tasmania students benefit immensely in terms of placement opportunities. By the same token, the university runs placement program for international students and Humanitarian Visa holders named as I-PREP. That is to say, I-PREP is an intensive program of UTAS which functions in preparing final year students for a wide range of experience such as unpaid internships, workplace and graduate employment. Most importantly, the University of Tasmania grants permission for on campus job opportunities to support living during the entire course of stay. Students can search on platforms such as CareerConnect to look for paid opportunities and unpaid (volunteer) opportunities.

UTAS is one of the best universities in the world in terms of safety and security of its students and staff members. University of Tasmania runs a mobile based safety application platform named as SafeZone App wherein students and staff can raise tickets for assistance. The security division of the university subsequently receives issues raised by the concerned person and reaches for assistance in no time by accessing live location through the app. On the other hand, UTAS focuses on other important aspects of lifestyle, mental wellness of the students, for instance. In order to achieve such a goal, the university offer video resources of seniors and merge all students on one platform for better understanding of each other. Apart from this, UTAS has highly experienced counselors who help in professional and confidential counseling for students experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, motivational problems, relationship difficulties and many more.

Besides, tuition fees and cost of living at any international destination might be a matter of concern or equally important for foreign applicants. The University of Tasmania therefore offer diverse international scholarships to support living in Australia for inbound foreign students. For instance, UTAS offer Tasmanian International Scholarship, ELC and Foundation Studies Scholarships, UTAS Tuition Fee Discounts, Partner Scholarships and many more. Students can subsequently avail study abroad scholarships by applying at the time of application.

Last but not the least, the University of Tasmania offer accommodation services to all its students. Students can opt for on campus stay wherein they get to be a part of cross-cultural diversity and supported community. In addition, on campus stay offer social nights, sports and many cultural activities. The residential stay also offers extra tutorials as required in a range of subjects. Most importantly, the safety and security of students is of paramount importance for the university. As a result, the University of Tasmania operates 24-hour security service all year round responding emergency calls, conducting patrols day and night and providing escorts if need be.

What programs are offered by University of Tasmania?

The University of Tasmania offer

Bachelor Degree Programs in

  • Aeging and Dementia Studies.
  • Agricultural Science with Honours.
  • Applied Science
  • Architecture and Built Environments.
  • Arts, Business, Social Science and Economics.
  • Information and Communication Technology.
  • Law & Justice Studies.]
  • Business Administration, Tourism Management & Hospitality Management.
  • Design, Media and Music.
  • Education (Science & Mathematics).
  • Engineering (specialisation with honours).
  • Exercise and Sports Science.
  • Global Logistics and Maritime Management.
  • Medicine, Surgery and Nursing.

Master Degree Programs in

  • Agricultural Science.
  • Applied Science.
  • Architecture.
  • Law, Music, Philosophy, Social Science and Arts.
  • Medical Science, Health & Research, Laboratory Medicine, Nursing & Biomedical Sciences.
  • Business Administration & Marketing Management.
  • Clinical Midwifery,
  • Commerce, Finance, Professional Accounting, Economic Geology & Design.
  • Teaching, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Communication and Innovation.
  • Information Technology and Systems.
  • Journalism, Media and Communication.
  • Marine and Antarctic Science.
  • Tourism, Environmental & Cultural Heritage.
What is the tution fees for studying in Tasmania?

Approximate tuition fees for

  • Bachelor Degree Programs may range in between 29950 USD / 110000 Dirhams / 2125776 INR to 35950 USD / 132000 Dirhams / 2552140 INR per annum.
  • Master Degree Programs may range in between 10000 USD / 36750 Dirhams / 710000 INR to 39450 USD / 150000 Dirhams / 2800000 INR per annum.
How to apply for admission to University of Tasmania?

The requirements differ based on students’ academic background. Apply Now to know further information on application details, admission requirements, transcripts/marksheet evaluation, visa process and other important guidelines.