Ural State Medical University

Looking to study medicine in Russia? Study medicine abroad at one of the best medical schools in Russia, Ural State Medical University. Established in the year 1930, Ural State Medical University is recognized by the World Health Organization and UNESCO. As a result, the university ensures highest quality in higher education standards in theoretical lessons, practical sessions, research and development. In addition, Ural State Medical University was included in the list of the best higher education institutions in Commonwealth Independent States. With over 5000 international students from 23 countries worldwide, Ural State Medical University houses 810 highly acclaimed professors spanning 78 departments across 10 faculties. Moreover, the university ranks among the top 10 best medical schools in Russia that has given over 40000 skilled doctors since its inception.

Why choose Ural State Medical University?

Looking to study in Russia? Study medicine abroad at one of the best medical schools in the world, Ural State Medical University. In the first place, the university currently has over 7000 international students from over 50 countries worldwide. That is to say, students get a multilingual and cross-cultural platform to grow, learn and develop in a diversified environment.

Furthermore, General Medicine program of Ural State Medical University is internationally accredited and listed in the Database of External Quality Assurance Results. This gives all university graduates to pursue higher education or even work for any organization worldwide. Moreover, over 75% of teaching staff at Ural State Medical University have doctoral degrees. All students are mentored by a dedicated tutor, during their entire period of course curriculum, who is responsible for assisting in theoretical, practical, clinical and creative potential. Besides being experienced professors, these lecturers who plays a crucial role in shaping and molding students in developing skills, also plays an important function of socially securing all international students. As a result, all foreign national students adapt easily to the new environment of studying in Russia.

Secondly, all students upon graduation can apply for additional certification called ‘The Diploma Supplement’. This subsequently allows the student to obtain a degree equivalent to Diploma in any country worldwide and thereby continue for further education or even seek employment opportunities. This helps in recognizing Ural State Medical University among the best medical schools in the world.

Since 2007, Ural State Medical University has been functioning academic mobility policy within the International Federation of medical students’ association (IFMSA) programs. USMU students also get a global platform to study abroad in the form of study exchange programs at the best medical schools in the world across various partner countries such as China, Hungary, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Bosnia, France, Spain, Italy and Czech Republic.

Ural State Medical University has a world class research infrastructure equipped with advanced clinical and medical machines. For instance, the university houses central research laboratory, Centre for Science and Education, a library with half a million books – periodicals – electronic copies, and various departments for extracurricular activities. Ural State Medical University provides all students with supplementary professional education in addressing actual medical issues, scientific research, project management and innovation. The university has many ongoing research projects with various Russian Federation organizations and enterprises across the world. Students, therefore, get an opportunity to withdraw stipends in the form of research assistantship by working on research projects. In addition, Russian Federation offers international students with subsidized tuition fees in the form of study abroad scholarships.

What programs are offered by Ural State Medical University?

Ural State Medical University offers Bachelor Degree programs taught in English in

  • General Medicine – 6 years.
What is the tution fees for studying in Ural State Medical University?

Approximate tuition fees is 5300 USD / 18550 Dirham / 375000 INR per annum.

How to apply for admission to Ural State Medical University?

The requirements differ based on the students’ academic background. Apply Now to know further information on application details, admission requirements, transcripts/marksheet evaluation, visa process and other important guidelines.