Best Global Universities for Culinary Arts in 2022-2023

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Best Culinary Arts universities and programs in the world

The cuisine arts of food preparation, cooking, and presentation, usually in the form of meals, are known as culinary arts. “Culinary artists” and “culinarians” are terms used to describe people who work in this industry, particularly in restaurants.

Culinary arts students today study a wide range of topics related to food. Butchery, chemistry and thermodynamics, visual presentation, food safety, and many other topics are covered. 

A culinary arts bachelor’s degree is a three- or four-year academic qualification that prepares students for work in a certain industry or field of study. By enrolling in this course, you will not only develop the essential skills that every chef needs, but you will also be able to plan your own route toward a lifelong career doing what you love, learn to prepare a wide range of foods and cuisines, and manage people. Here are some additional facts about this program:

  • A culinary arts degree is generally 3 to 4 years long.
  • Expert chefs study food science, nutrition, and diet and are in charge of creating meals that are both visually and aesthetically pleasant.
  • The average cost of a culinary arts degree can vary anywhere from $5,000 to $70,000 depending on the University and the area of study you have chosen.
  • Some of the best Universities for Culinary Arts are Jiangnan University, Sao Paolo University, Cornell University, etc.
  • Culinary science has grown in popularity, with the number of Personal & Culinary Services graduates in the field growing from 55,724 in 2018 to 62,485 in 2019 according to

Duties of Culinary Artists

  • Cooking food that is not only tasty but also beautiful.
  • Frequently in charge of menu planning.
  • In addition to following recipes for classic foods, they frequently make creative recipes and dishes.
  • Obtaining, measuring, and weighing ingredients as well as cooking the dishes that are all part of food preparation.
  • Supervising restaurant operations on a daily basis.
  • The usage of a variety of culinary gadgets and equipment that is common when preparing different cuisines.

Popular degrees for pursuing a career in Culinary Arts

A Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts typically lasts four years and includes a thorough examination of the fundamental and advanced skills required for a career in the culinary arts. This program gives students a strong business foundation in addition to honing their culinary skills. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Professional Culinary Arts
  • Bachelor in Gastronomy
  • Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts
  • Bachelor in Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Students who want to work as chefs or other experts in the food industry should pursue a master’s degree. Some programs are geared toward specific cuisines, while others are more generic. In either instance, the coursework is typically focused on cooking while also including key theoretical components. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • MSc Wine & Gastronomy
  • MSc Ferrieres
  • Master in Food Design
  • Master in Kitchen, Chef and Professional Chef

Specializations in Culinary Arts

The word “culinary arts” refers to a variety of jobs that involve preparing, cooking, and serving food and beverages. Here are the various specializations offered in this field:

  • Bartender/Mixologist
  • Line Cook
  • Sous Chef
  • Chef/Head Cook
  • Baker/Pastry Chef
  • Caterer
  • Personal Chef
  • Manager

And many more…

Duration of programs in Culinary Arts

CountryBachelor’s DegreeMaster’s Degree
the USA and Canada4 years2 years
UK4 years1-2.5 years
Australia3-4 years1-2 years
Others3-4 years2 years

Career opportunities in Culinary Arts

Bachelor Degree Prospects

A bachelor’s degree holder in culinary arts begins as a chef trainee and progresses through roles such as chef, sous-chef, and/or Executive Chef. Another opportunity and essential aspect of the entire agriculture business is the food and beverage industry. The following are the various work opportunities available in this field:

  • Food Scientist
  • Chef trainee
  • Cooks and Assistants Cooks 
  • Catering Manager
  • Food Stylist
  • Sous-chef
  • Executive Chef.

Master Degree Prospects

Graduates with master degrees will be promoted significantly more swiftly than those without, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A Master of Culinary Arts prepares graduates for successful and gratifying careers. There are hard jobs with many of opportunities  and many graduates of these schools have advanced far in the food sector. Here are several other jobs available as a master’s graduate in this field:

  • Gourmet chefs
  • Restaurant managers 
  • Bakers
  • Head Chefs
  • Restaurant  owners.

Average salaries for Culinary Arts graduates

As a culinary artist, you’ll delve into the science of food preparation and styling. On both a conceptual and a detailed level, you’ll be participating in culinary research. Here are some salary examples for culinary graduates:

CountryAverage salary in USD*/year
Australia$62,069/ year
UK$21305-$60,000/ year
USA$37,440-$80,000/ year
Germany$25200-$60,000/ year
Canada$50,000/ year


*Note: All prices mentioned in the USD are for reference only. Exchange rates may vary from time to time and from country to country.

Top 50 universities in the world for Culinary artists based on subject rankings

Shanghai RankingQS RankingUniversityCountryBachelor’s ProgramsMaster’s Programs
1NAJiangnan UniversityChinaNANA
2NAChina Agricultural UniversityChinaNANA
3NAWageningen University & ResearchNetherlandsClick hereClick here
4NASouth China University of TechnologyChinaNANA
547Zhejiang UniversityChinaNANA
6NANanjing Agricultural UniversityChinaNANA
737University of Massachusetts AmherstUSAClick hereClick here
8NAUniversity of CampinasBrazilNANA
9NANanchang UniversityChinaNANA
10NAUniversity of Sao PauloBrazilNANA
11NAGhent UniversityBelgiumNANA
12NANorthwest A&F UniversityChinaNANA
13NAHuazhong Agricultural UniversityChinaNANA
1431The University of QueenslandAustraliaClick hereClick here
15NAUniversity of PortoPortugalNANA
16NAKU LeuvenBelgiumNANA
17NAUniversity of CopenhagenDenmarkNANA
18NAUniversity of GuelphCanadaClick hereClick here
1912Cornell UniversityUSAClick hereClick here
20NABeijing Technology and Business UniversityChinaNANA
20NARutgers, The State University of New Jersey – New BrunswickUSAClick hereClick here
20NAUniversity of ValenciaSpainNANA
23NAKing Abdulaziz UniversitySaudi ArabiaNANA
24NAUniversity College DublinIrelandClick hereClick here
25NANational University of SingaporeSingaporeNANA
26NAUniversity of Naples Federico IIItalyNANA
27NAJiangsu UniversityChinaNANA
28NAUniversity of California, DavisUSAClick hereClick here
29NAInstituto Politecnico de BragancaPortugalNANA
30NAAarhus UniversityDenmarkClick hereClick here
31NAUniversity of BolognaItalyNANA
32NAInstitut AgroFranceNANA
33NAFujian Agriculture and Forestry UniversityChinaNANA
34NAJinan UniversityChinaNANA
35NASouth China Agricultural UniversityChinaNANA
36NAUniversity of MilanItalyNANA
37NATechnical University of MunichGermanyClick hereClick here
38NATianjin University of Science and TechnologyChinaNANA
39NAUniversity of GranadaSpainNANA
40NAThe University of AucklandAustraliaNANA
41NAPolytechnic University of ValenciaSpainNANA
4225University of FloridaUSAClick hereClick here
43NAShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityChinaNANA
44NAOcean University of ChinaChinaNANA
4551-100University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUSAClick hereClick here
46NAUniversity of ParmaItalyNANA
4746Washington State UniversityUSANAClick here
4829Michigan State UniversityUSAClick hereClick here
49NAUniversity College CorkIrelandClick hereClick here
5035Purdue University – West LafayetteUSANANA

Top universities in the USA for Culinary Arts

Students benefit from studying in the United States since they can explore a range of disciplines without having to declare a major within their first year. This allows pupils to choose a major or subject that they are actually interested about.

Culinary arts degrees are advantageous since they teach students about all aspects of the profession while also improving technical and employability skills. Students learn skills in fundamental courses that are taught in a classroom or online and then apply them at fine dining restaurants and other similar establishments. Here are some of the most popular universities in the USA for culinary arts:

Shanghai RankingQS RankingUniversity
737University of Massachusetts Amherst
1912Cornell University
20NARutgers, The State University of New Jersey – New Brunswick
28NAUniversity of California, Davis
4225University of Florida
4746Washington State University
4829Michigan State University
5035Purdue University – West Lafayette

Top universities in China for Culinary Arts

After completing an undergraduate or postgraduate academic program in China, a bachelor’s or master’s degree is given. If you are studying in China, a bachelor’s degree requires four years of full-time study and a master’s degree takes two years.

China is a sovereign state in East Asia, formally known as the People’s Republic of China. With a population of nearly 1.41 billion people, it is the world’s most populated country. Culinary arts is becoming increasingly popular in this country, and the following are some of the most popular universities:

Shanghai RankingQS RankingUniversity
1NAJiangnan University
2NAChina Agricultural University
4NASouth China University of Technology
547Zhejiang University
6NANanjing Agricultural University
9NANanchang University
12NANorthwest A&F University
13NAHuazhong Agricultural University
20NABeijing Technology and Business University
27NAJiangsu University
33NAFujian Agriculture and Forestry University
34NAJinan University
35NASouth China Agricultural University
38NATianjin University of Science and Technology
43NAShanghai Jiao Tong University
44NAOcean University of China

Top universities in Brazil for Culinary Arts

Students who want to study culinary arts in Brazil will have the opportunity to learn about both worldwide and local culinary skills. The  students become highly qualified to pursue a profession in a variety of industries, including cuisine, tourism, and hospitality, at the end of the course.

Here are a few of the most well-known universities in the area:

Shanghai RankingQS RankingUniversity
8NAUniversity of Campinas
10NAUniversity of Sao Paulo

Academic requirements for studying Culinary Arts

The easiest way to break into the world of exquisite food is to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree in culinary arts. You will be able to improve your cooking abilities and knowledge, learn about restaurant management and business, and be exposed to a variety of cuisines. Here are the various academic requirements for these degrees:

  • TOEFL/IELTS results with the necessary scores as mentioned by the University.
  • High School Diploma.
  • Resume/CV.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Some schools may need you to take a variety of entrance exams.
  • Recommendation letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Culinary and cooking school can last anywhere from a few months to four years, depending on where you choose to study and what degree you have chosen to study.

Effective communication is one of the most crucial skills you can master at culinary school. Kitchens, regardless of size, are frequently chaotic, noisy, and fast-paced environments. The importance of effective communication cannot be overstated.

A master’s degree in culinary arts is the highest level of education available. The master’s program is for students who are certain they want to work in the culinary world’s upper echelons.

Diploma, associate, and bachelor’s degree programs are available for Chinese traditional cooks, while some chefs learn as apprentices or take lessons without formal certification.