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5 things parents need to know about university application processes

ApAmarnath pratapwarFeb 16, 2021

Research about scholarships

The most proven way of reducing the overall cost of education while studying abroad is to apply for Scholarships. Almost every University offers scholarships to international students. There are a variety of scholarships with different eligibility criteria as well as timelines. Hence, parents must research the university website to understand all types of scholarships offered by the University relevant to their applications and ensure to apply well before time.

Application deadlines are different than scholarship deadlines 

Several parents have a misconception that deadlines are the same for all courses and also scholarship deadlines are the same as application deadlines. It is important to know that Scholarship deadlines are much earlier than application deadlines since every university which offers Scholarship has a pre-decided budget to be allocated on scholarships. Hence the earlier you apply the better it is to obtain the maximum scholarship.

Do not rely on ranking indicators

Several parents over-rely on ranking indicators to make the decision regarding a specific university. It is crucial that parents are aware that the most frequently used ranking indicators are private companies who assign ranks to the university as per their understanding of university performance and the data which is made available by the University. Hence parents can often observe the ranking to be completely different in different ranking indicators. To ensure there is no adverse selection, Parents should rather focus on quality of education, percentage of graduating class and the overall reputation of the University.

Take professional help

Since school counsellors or professional consultants are doing University applications day in and day out. They have better mechanisms to keep track of important elements of the application process like document submission, deadline management, etc. To ensure parents don’t miss out on any important aspect of the application process, it is highly recommended to get expert assistance. Gyanberry has successfully placed more than 10,000 students in the past 8 years at Top universities worldwide. Visit for details.

Talk to senior students to get first-hand information

The information which is available online in public forums, university websites or other education aggregator websites is more or less similar. To get actual details about student life inside the university or city life, it is advisable that parents speak to senior students studying at the university. One of the popular platforms available where parents can directly book a session with senior students at top universities is SuperMentor. Visit for details. 

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