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Best Community Colleges in the USA

ApAmarnath pratapwarJan 7, 2020

About Studying in the USA:

The USA is one of the most popular education hubs among students from all over the world. While students tend to choose private universities for their education, the USA comprises many community colleges which offer great study programmes at unmatched prices. 

What are Community Colleges?

Community colleges are junior colleges that provide high-quality education at reasonable prices. Community colleges are only for two years after which a student can transfer to a high school to complete their 4-year graduation.
It is a good option for international students who are looking to study receive an excellent education at fair prices.

Community colleges in USA

Advantages of Studying at a Community College:

  1. Affordable Tuition Fees: The tuition fees at community colleges are fairly low compared to public schools. Even though the tuition fees are low, the quality of education is high.
  2. Greater Flexibility: Studying at a community college allows you to pace down your higher education in case you are confused about which university you want to attend or if you are unsure about attending one at all.
  3. Highly Qualified Professors: Even though the fee structure is fairly low, the teaching faculty at community colleges are always top-notch.
  4. Smaller Classes: Community colleges teach students in small batches. Each professor gets only a few students due to which students get the undivided attention that they need.
  5. Maintains a School-life Balance: Community colleges are good for those who do not want to take the traditional route or those who have other commitments but still want to go for higher education. You can choose to study one to two classes at a time at community colleges.
  6. STEM Education Support: STEM stands for Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics. Community colleges help students start their careers in these fields since they have tie-ups with employers from these fields.
  7. Transfer Your Credits: If you feel like you want to shift to a University after two years of community college, you can transfer your credits to a bachelors degree.

Application deadlines:

6 to 9 months before the course start date

Fee Structure for Community Colleges in the USA:

8,000 to 15,000 USD/Year

Admission Requirements for Community Colleges in the USA:

The requirement is different for different Courses. However, It is advised that students can demonstrate proficiency of relevant subjects while applying for a degree. For eg: Students aiming at Engineering programmes must have a Bachelor degree in Engineering or Science.

Cost of Living:

15,000 USD/Year


  1. International student Scholarships – Provided to International students from various countries.
  2. Faculty wise Scholarships – Provided by certain departments/faculties for students enrolling to particular courses.
  3. Government Funded Scholarship – Provided by the Canadian government to deserving students.
  4. Faith-Based Scholarship – Provided to students from certain faith as per the Institute’s foundation.
  5. Sports Scholarships – Some Universities offer scholarships to students who have outstanding achievement in Sports at district, state or national level.
  6. Need-Based Scholarships – Provided to students who demonstrate financial incapability to study at a University in Canada
  7. In-State Tuition – Offered to International students giving them the opportunity to study at the Tuition fee of In State Students once they obtain a good SAT Score


A lot of community colleges have partnerships with TOP USA Universities where the student can study 2 years after finishing the initial 2 years of the degree program in the community colleges. USA has the highest number of universities ranked globally within the TOP 1000 with a total of approximately 180 Universities

Best Community Colleges in the USA:

College Name Location
Walla Walla Community College Walla Walla, WA
Santa Barbara City College Santa Barbara, CA
Foothill & Deanza Community College Los Altos Hills, California
Seattle Colleges  Seattle, Washington
Western IOWA Tech Community College Sioux city, Iowa
Tacoma Community College Tacoma, Washington

Entrance Exams for Community Colleges in the USA:

SAT is generally a requirement in most cases for students who want to study in the USA. But there can be certain colleges who do not ask for the SAT as a Mandatory requirement.

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