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Best countries to study in during the covid-19 pandemic

ApAmarnath pratapwarFeb 23, 2021

United Kingdom – Universities in the UK have started welcoming prospective students with all safety measures in place in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. The borders of the UK are open and prepared to offer campus-based education to even international students. 

Canada – In Canada, some Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) have started reopening campuses to international students. They have launched an app where those flying into Canada will submit their details. This will help the government keep a check on them and keep them safe. 

Ireland – With a commitment to protecting the health of all people studying, living, or working in Ireland, the Government of the country has formulated a reopening plan for universities to start welcoming both current and prospective students during these unprecedented times.

Australia – With the country’s strong response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the country is looking forward to welcoming prospective international students and making their on-campus student experience extremely safe.


New Zealand – While online may be the main teaching mode amidst the pandemic, universities are looking forward to conducting physical classes along with remote learning. The government of New Zealand has announced a border exemption that will let about  250 international postgraduate or PhD students enter New Zealand. 

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