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Best countries to Study Medicine(MBBS)

ApAmarnath pratapwarMay 29, 2021

Best countries to study medicine(MBBS)

Here is your one-stop-shop for all the information you need about best countries to study Medicine(MBBS).
These are the key-points you should consider before selecting best countries for Medicine(MBBS) Study:

  1. World-renowned universities:
    Choosing to study Medicine in top countries abroad opens up many avenues for students. You can choose from a range of universities based on the country, their ranking, their infrastructure, and many other aspects. Students can choose to study Medicine in top countries at universities that rank in the top 10 in the world.
  2. Affordable:
    Many top countries with Medical universities abroad offer courses at affordable prices. Additionally, those prices also include hostel accommodation which makes it a good option for students to study Medicine abroad. Moreover, even though the fee structure is more affordable, the quality of education is high.
  3. No Entrance Tests:
    Majority of the universities do not require a separate entrance test for students who want to study Medicine in top countries.
  4. No Donations or Capitation Fees:
    Students get the opportunity of studying Medicine in top countries abroad without paying any additional money to the universities. They simply need to pay the university fees to get admission in their desired Medical University.
  5. Modern Infrastructure and Facilities:
    Top countries for Medicine abroad use advanced technology and have modern infrastructure. To add to this, they also get the opportunity to get hands-on training and real-life experiences which makes them ready and more confident for the real world post their graduation.
  6. Vast Exposure:
    Studying abroad in any field gives you an unmatched experience. Witnessing multiple cultures and lifestyles gives you an unparalleled experience. Moreover, studying Medicine in top countries opens avenues to get hands-on experience during your clinical rotations.
  7. Worldwide Recognition:
    A lot of Medical universities abroad are recognised by WHO as well as MCI which is a big plus for Indian students who want to study Medicine abroad and come back and work in their home country as well.
  8. English is a Widely Used Language:
    A major hindrance in deciding whether it’s a good idea to study Medicine abroad for students is the language. However, English is commonly used in almost all countries, hence it is convenient and a good option for Indian students.
  9. Job Opportunities:
    Students who study in top countries for Medicine get opportunities to work in many countries around the world.

Best Countries to study Medicine(MBBS)

best countries to study medicine(mbbs)

Best countries to study medicine(mbbs) with fees:


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