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Best Medical Universities in Lithuania

Nov 10, 2022

Lithuania, an East European country, is slowly gaining immense popularity for its medicine courses. Students from across the world take admission to the top medical universities of Lithuania to access their high-quality education at an affordable cost. The best medical schools of Lithuania have a high rating in various world rankings. Top universities such as the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and Vilnius University provide numerous health-related courses with English as their medium of instruction. 

Lithuania is preferred by many international students for medicine as the MBBS degree acquired here is WHO approved and recognized by all European countries. Several students opt for Lithuania due to the low cost of living and affordable tuition fees. Additionally, international students are also eligible for scholarships under Lithuanian government schemes and university programs. Due to their high quality of education and international reputation, students can easily work in countries across the world.

QS World Ranking of Top Medical Universities of Lithuania 

Lithuanian medical universities have witnessed a gradual increase in their world rankings over the last decade. Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and Vilnius University both rank in the top 500 medical universities of the world as per the QS world rankings. Other universities and colleges are also ranked in the top 1000 universities in the world as per various world rankings.

University  QS World Ranking
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences  401-450 (MBBS Ranking)
Vilnius University  401-450 (MBBS Ranking)
Kaunas University of Technology  801-1000 
Vytautas Magnus University  801-1000

Best Medical Universities in Lithuania 

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences 

The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is a medical institute located in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania. The university was established after the merger of the Kaunas University of Medicine and the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy. 

The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences has a high world ranking in the field of MBBS. Many students from all over the world prefer to study at this university due to its high reputation, both within the country and internationally. 

City  Kaunas
Duration  6 years (Including Internship)
Medium of Instruction  English/Russian 
Annual Tuition Fees  14,503-15,083 USD 
Annual Living Expenses  7,140-19,074 USD 

The university offers several courses including medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and other health-related courses. The biggest advantage of the university is that it offers practical education and has ties with multiple hospitals including the Kaunas Clinics of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and the Kaunas Red Cross Hospital. 

Eligibility Criteria – Students must have completed their Secondary education (Grade 12) and must have studied biology and chemistry till class 12. They should also be qualified to attain higher education in their native countries. Students must also demonstrate English language skills. It is also necessary to have a B2 or similar level in English.

Entrance Exam – The entrance procedure consists of two steps – an interview and a test in biology and chemistry. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQ) in Biology and Chemistry; each part will be comprised of 30 questions. 

Total Annual Cost – The cost of medical studies in Lithuania is not extremely high. One year of education will cost a student around 34,000 USD or 1,10,000 AED. This includes both tuition fees for MBBS and the annual cost of living in Lithuania. 

Vilnius University 

Vilnius University, based in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania, is a public research university.  It is the oldest university in the Baltic republics, as well as one of the oldest and most well-known in Northern Europe. It is now Lithuania’s most prestigious academic institution, ranking among the top 400 universities in the world (QS).

The Faculty of Medicine at Vilnius University is one of the university’s largest and most reputed faculties. It currently has about 3200 students enrolled in its MBBS course, with 130 of them being international students. Statistics report that the number of international students is set to increase each year. 

City  Vilnius 
Duration  6 years (Including Internship)
Medium of Instruction  English/Russian  
Annual Tuition Fees  12,333 USD 
Annual Living Expenses  15,751-19752 USD

Eligibility Criteria – The eligibility criteria for Vilnius University is quite similar to that of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Students must have completed their secondary education and should qualify for higher education in their home country. Students must also have studied Biology as a subject till Grade 12. 

Entrance Exam – Students must have taken the biology SAT or an MCAT exam no more than two years before admission. The tests can be taken in the home nation or in any other country that offers them. Students must have taken a subject test in biology E or M and received a minimum score of 600 on the SAT exam and 500 on the MCAT exam. These tests not only confirm the natural science knowledge but also act as a verification of the English language skills of the applicant.

Total Annual Cost – One year of education will cost a student around 31,000 USD or 1,10,000 AED. This includes both tuition fees for MBBS and the annual cost of living in Lithuania. 

Other universities, including the Kaunas University of Technology and Vytautas Magnus University, offer health-related courses to their students. These universities have several courses with English as their medium of instruction such as MSc in Health Physics. Students looking to make a career in the field of medicine, but do not want to pursue an MBBS, can look into these courses. 

Overall Lithuania has become an excellent choice for many across the world. The Lithuanian University of Health Science and the Vilnius University are both extremely popular options for international students. Students looking for an international MBBS can choose these universities for their numerous benefits. To gain more information about Lithuanian Medical Universities students can avail free admission counseling with Gyanberry.

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The average duration of MBBS in Lithuania is 6 years, including a 1-year internship. 

The annual cost of MBBS in Lithuania (including both tuition and living costs) is 30000-35000 USD.

No, IELTS/TOEFL is not required for admission to MBBS. Students are accessed based on their entrance exam results.

Yes, an MBBS degree from Lithuania is recognized by WHO and all European countries. Students can also complete their higher education or work in countries from all over the world after completing their MBBS in Lithuania. 

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