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Cheapest Universities in Ireland for International Students

SKShishant KumarJan 25, 2023

Cheapest Universities in Ireland for International Students

Ireland is a well-liked study abroad option for students from throughout the world. First off, there are several top-ranked universities in Ireland for students from abroad, and some of them are quite affordable and cheap in terms of the tuition fee charged. 

Second, the nation has an excellent educational system and a wide variety of universities, all of which provide a distinctive and exciting student experience. Furthermore, Ireland’s institutions offer some of the finest English-taught programs in all of continental Europe, making it a welcoming and easy choice for international students.

Ireland is a desirable choice for students on a low budget because the cost of studying there is also quite affordable when compared to other well-liked study-abroad locations. For instance, the average cost of tuition in the UK is between 12,000 and 18,000 euros, but the average cost is around 9850 and 15,000 euros in Ireland. This is mostly because of its superior publicly supported educational system, which places a great priority on making high-quality education accessible to both native and foreign students.

 Despite the fact that education is generally more affordable and cheap in Ireland, all international students (including EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA residents) must pay a student contribution fee of up to 3,000 EUR per year for services like exam entries and assistance for clubs and societies. The cost varies from university to university and is subject to annual modification. The institutional fee at certain colleges is incredibly costly, which might hurt your finances. For instance, earning an MBA from the Smurfit School of Business would cost approximately 29,000 EUR, whereas IBAT College would only charge approximately 4,000 EUR for the equivalent degree. Therefore, before choosing to pursue a course of study in Ireland, it is crucial to seriously examine your choices.

However, Ireland has an abundance of affordable universities that can meet your educational demands.

These are some of the cheapest universities in Ireland for foreign students.

Most Affordable Universities in Ireland for International Students

University Name Average Tuition Fee per Year National Ranking 
Technological University Dublin 12,500 EUR 8
University of Limerick 12,362 EUR 6
Dublin Business School 13,800 EUR 21
Maynooth University  14,000 EUR 7
Ulster University  15,840 EUR 279 (World)
National College of Art and Design  16,500 EUR 101-150 (world)
University of Galway  17000 EuR 4
Trinity College Dublin 18000 EUR 1

University Of Limerick 

One of the least expensive universities in Ireland is the University of Limerick, a public research university located in Limerick, Ireland. The National Institute for Higher Education, Limerick, which was established in 1972, was transformed into a university in 1989 in compliance with the University of Limerick Act of 1989. The highly regarded QS Stars rating system has given the University of Limerick a 5-star grade. The only Irish university to meet this criterion in 2021 is UL, which received the highest accolade attainable. 

UL is ranked among the top 2% of universities worldwide based on these assessments. The university, a leader in technical innovation, charges significantly less for well-known courses including MBA programs, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, etc. Additionally, UL provides more than 70 undergraduate programs and more than 100 taught postgraduate programs up to the Ph.D. and postdoctoral levels, making up a robust postgraduate offering.

Popular Programs  Annual Tuition Fee [2023-24]
BachelorsBusiness Studies, Law and Accountings, Health Sciences, Cyber Security and IT Forensics, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering. Language Courses and Social Sciences, Bachelor of Architecture. 11157- 51650 EUR
Masters: Aeronautical Engineering, Applied Physics, Business Administration Executive( MBA), Engineering Practice, Health Informatics, Nursing, Public Health.  2858 – 18574 EUR

Maynooth University 

With a 73% admission rate, Maynooth University is one of the least expensive universities in Ireland as well as one of the easiest to get into. International recognition has been accorded to Maynooth’s research in the humanities, social and spatial sciences, mathematics, communication, and computation, as well as human health. Maynooth University is a socially conscious institution that actively supports local, regional, and federal social, cultural, and economic development.

Maynooth University is the ideal choice for you if you are an international student who does well in a smaller university setting and is looking for an engaging and intellectually stimulating university experience in one of the safest, most beautiful nations in the world.

Popular Programs Average Tuition Fee
Bachelors: Community Studies, Marketing and Global Cultures, Social Science, Psychology, Media Studies, Biotechnology, Law, Accounting and Finance, Economics. 12,500 EUR
Masters: Anthropology, Business Management, Social Work, Computer Science, Design Innovation, Economics, Education, French, Geography  14,00 EUR

Trinity College Dublin

A great place to study in Ireland is Trinity College Dublin. Trinity is ranked first in Ireland and 98th worldwide. Moreover, 19 subjects at Trinity are among the top 100 internationally. Trinity is dedicated to preparing its students for the constantly evolving difficulties of the 21st-century industry, and it ranks 91st in the world for Graduate Employability. As Europe’s top institution for turning out entrepreneurs with venture capital backing, Trinity also promotes creativity and entrepreneurial culture by delivering incubation courses for student-led enterprises.

The most sought-after majors at TCD are in the areas of social sciences, biological and biomedical sciences, business, management, marketing, and related support services.

Popular Programs Annual Tuition Fee [2023-24]
Bachelors: Ancient and Medieval History and Culture, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Science, Engineering With Management, Human Health and Disease, Microbiology, Social Policy  17,000 – 30,000 EUR
Masters: Nursing, Clinical Chemistry, Computer Science, Data Science, Economics, Hospital Pharmacy, International and Comparative Law (LLM), Social Work (MSW)  18096 EUR

Griffith College

Students desire to study in Ireland at Griffith College since it is a famous institution. Graduates from this institution go on to have successful professions across the nation because of its stellar reputation and availability of scholarships and internships for overseas students. 

Griffith College is ranked number 23 nationally in the Webometrics Rankings of World Universities and is a more affordable option than universities in the United Kingdom.

Popular Programs Annual Tuition Fee [2023-24]
Bachelors: Accounting and Finance, Business (HRM), Fashion Design, LLB, Manufacturing Engineering, Computing Science.  12,000 – 14,000 EUR
Masters: Business Administration, Computing, International Business (MBA), International Commercial Law (LLM), Journalism, Supply Chain Management 14,000 – 16000 EUR

Dublin Business School

Ireland’s leading independent third-level college is Dublin Business School. Students from Ireland, Europe, and nations outside the EU can choose from a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in business, the arts, law, and professional accounting (ACCA). Over 9,000 students attend Dublin Business School, which was founded in 1975. Of its more than 100 courses, more than 70 are offered to non-EU students. Each course is acknowledged and approved by a reputable organization or institution, such as: – Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI); – A number of professional associations, such as ACCA. In all of Ireland, Dublin Business School is one of the most affordable business schools.

Popular Programs Annual Tuition Fee [2023-24]
Bachelors: Accounting and Finance, Business, Business (HRM), Business Law, Business Psychology, Certificate in Global Business.  10,000 EUR
Masters:   Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, MBA, MBA in Marketing, Psychotherapy, CyberSecurity, Health Psychology.  13,500 EUR

University of Galway

Another affordable university in Ireland is the University of Galway. Ireland’s Galway is home to the public research university the University of Galway. The university, a center for higher learning and research, received the full five QS stars for excellence in 2012 and was listed in the top 1% of institutions in the 2018 QS World University Rankings. Moreover, the University of Galway is well known for being a research-intensive institution. This university places a strong emphasis on cross-disciplinary research initiatives and partnerships with business partners in fields with national and regional strategic importance.

Popular Programs Annual Tuition Fee [2023-24]
Bachelors: Agricultural Science, History, Global Languages, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Nursing Science, Marine Science 13,000 – 23,000 EUR
Masters: Applied Mathematics, Accounting, Archaeology, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Business Studies, Civil Engineering, Corporate Finance, Health Economics, Human Resource Management(HRM)  15,000 – 18,000 EUR

University College Cork (UCC)

Another less expensive university for international students to attend in Ireland is University College Cork (UCC). The most recent edition of the esteemed QS World University Rankings by Subject ranked UCC as one of the top universities in the world for the study of 23 subjects. UCC is in the top 50 colleges for nursing and among the top 100 for law, pharmacy, and pharmacology.

Popular Programs Annual Tuition Fee [2023-24]
Bachelors:  Accounting, Agricultural Science, Arts, Food Science, General Nursing, Biochemistry, Politics, Engineering, Social Work  16,080 – 18,080 EUR
Masters: Geology, Archeology, Architecture, Public Health, Nursing, Health and Society, Pharmacy, Philosophy, HRM, LLM, Marine Biology, Criminology.  15,000 – 18,000 EUR

Cheapest universities in Ireland for Engineering 

Anyone who wants to study abroad, graduate with a global credential, and use their abilities in Ireland should strongly consider studying engineering in Ireland. Studying at an Irish university is an excellent place to start if you’re interested in a career in engineering. Numerous engineering specialties are well-represented at Irish colleges, and many of them provide excellent chances for professional advancement. You will have the opportunity to study with top-notch teachers and build expertise by working on real-world projects.

Here are some of the universities with the most affordable engineering programs.

University Name Programs Offered Annual Tuition Fee (2023-24)
University Of Limerick  Bachelors:  Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.  16,557 EUR
Masters: Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering  18,078 EUR
Trinity College Dublin Bachelors: Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Computer Engineering 27,610 EUR
Masters: Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Sustainable Engineering, Transport Engineering 26,374 EUR
University Of Galway  Bachelors:  Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Energy and Systems Engineering,  Mechanical Engineering.  24,040 EUR
Masters: Civil Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Electronic and Computer Engineering. 25,090 EUR 
South East Technological University Bachelors: Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Sustainable Engineering, Sustainable Energy Engineering, Electrical Engineering 21,571 EUR
Masters: Construction Project Management Engineering, Innovative Technology Engineering, Civil Sustainable Energy Engineering, Biomedical Engineering  15500 EUR
Technological University Dublin Bachelors: Automation Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aviation Technology, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering 11,650 EUR
Masters: Electronics and Communications Engineering, Energy Management, Sustainable Electric Energy Systems 14,500 EUR

Cheapest  Universities for MBA in Ireland

The MBA program in Ireland is one of the most popular, esteemed, and sought-after programs worldwide. One of the most esteemed postgraduate programs, it assists students in fusing their newly acquired skills with some practical knowledge to prepare them to enhance their careers in the subject of their choice.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in Ireland gives students the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of studying abroad while also saving a lot of money. Ireland is one of your greatest possibilities, in our opinion. It offers a number of specialized specializations, such as healthcare, public administration, and project management, in addition to standard options like HRM, finance, marketing, and sales. Additionally, they award their pupils with a degree that is respected all around the world. 

Here are some of the universities that are most affordable for international students.

University Name Programs Offered Annual Tuition Fee (2023-24)
Technological University Dublin Bachelors: Accounting, Account and Finance, Business, Marketing  12,500 EUR
Masters: Advertising, Accounting, Business, Digital Marketing, Strategic Management  13,500 EUR
University of Galway  Bachelors: Business Studies, International Hotel Management, Business Information Systems 13,640 EUR
Masters: Business Analytics, Business Hospitality, Business Information System, Business Studies 18,540 EUR
Trinity College Dublin  Bachelors:  Business Studies 19,280 EUR
Masters:  Human Resource Management (HRM), International Management, Marketing, MBA,  21,500 EUR
Dublin Business School Bachelors: Business, Human Resource Management (HRM), Accounting and Finance 10,500 EUR
Masters: Business Administration,Marketing, Business Management, Human Resources Information Systems 13,500 EUR
Dublin City University  Bachelors: Accounting and Finance, Bachelor of Business Studies, Global Business, Aviation Management 12,600 EUR
Masters: International Accounting and Business, Management (Strategy), Management ( Business), Human Resource Management (HRM), Global Management  16,000 EUR

Cheapest universities in Ireland for Arts and Humanities 

In Ireland, there are several affordable universities that provide a range of courses in the humanities and arts. Numerous universities in Ireland provide cutting-edge, multidisciplinary degrees in subjects like psychology, history, liberal arts, etc. Universities like Technological University Dublin, the University of Galway, and the University of Limerick consistently rank among the best arts and humanities universities in the world.

Here are some of the cheapest Universities in Ireland to pursue Arts and Humanities

University Name Programs Offered Annual Tuition Fee (2023-24)
University of Galway  Bachelors: Children’s Studies, English as and Creative Writing, Global Languages, Journalism 17,360 EUR
Masters: Public Policy, Advanced Language Studies, Archeology, Media and Communications 13,816 EUR
Trinity College Dublin  Bachelors: Ancient and Medieval History and Culture, Classical Language, Literature, Film, Law, Philosophy  21,068 EUR
Masters: Classics, Digital Humanities and Culture, Early Modern History  17,770 EUR
Technological University Dublin  Bachelors: Community Development, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Social Care, Social Care and Social Studies. 12,500 EUR
Masters: Fine art, Journalism, Public Relation, Visual and Critical Studies 13,500 EUR
University College Cork Bachelors: Archeology, Anthropology, Geography, History, Philosophy, English, World Languages 15,000 EUR
Masters: Archeology, Classical Studies, Asian Studies, Criminology, English, History, Art History 17,000 EUR
Mary Immaculate College Bachelors: Bachelor of Arts, Education (International), Education (Primary), Philosophy, Psychology 11,213 EUR
Masters: Media Studies, History, Modern English Literature, Applied Linguistics 9,300 EUR

Cheapest Universities in Ireland for Economics

The most popular course among incoming overseas students in Ireland is economics. Universities with top-ranked economics programs worldwide include Maynooth University, the University of Galway, and University College Dublin.

Ireland is a paradise for aspirant Economics students because several of these universities provide top-notch degrees at incredibly low costs.

Here are a few of Ireland’s most affordable universities where you can study economics.

University Name Programs Offered Annual Tuition Fee (2023-24)
University Of Galway Bachelors: Economics, Financial Mathematics and Economics 24,040 EUR
Masters: Economic Science, Global Environmental Economics  17,590 EUR
University College Dublin Bachelors: Economics 
Masters: Applied Economics, Behavioral Economics, Quantitative Economics, Economics 10,250 EUR
Maynooth University  Bachelors: Economics, International Economics 7,467 EUR
Masters: Economics, Economics, and Financial Risk Analysis 14,000 EUR
Queen’s University Belfast Bachelors:  Business Economics, Economics BSC, Economics with Finance, Economics and Accounting 18,800

While the cheapest universities in Ireland might be a little more expensive than low-cost universities in other destinations like Netherlands, some of the most affordable universities in Ireland are also highly-ranked and well-reputed globally.

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