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Cost of Medical Studies in Canada

Nov 10, 2022

Tuition and fees for MBBS and Medicine-related programs in Canada

Close to 700,000 international students enroll in study programs in Canada each year. Canada has the infrastructural means to provide theoretically and practically advanced education. This has convinced thousands of international students to pursue courses in various academic disciplines, including medicine.

Medicine is among the most sought-after degrees globally. With 17 Canadian institutes ranking within the first 670 medical universities, Canada is one of the best destinations to study medicine. A medical degree in Canada is offered as an MD or Doctor of Medicine. Tuition costs are much more affordable than studying medicine in the UK or the US.

However, an MD is usually open to Canadian citizens. Only five universities offer a few seats to international students. This limited intake often results in international students seeking other medical programs. 

This article highlights the tuition costs for international students looking to study MD or other allied degrees in Canada.

MBBS/MD fees in Canada for international students 

Each year, a few seats are offered to international students who wish to graduate with an MD degree. Five universities accept international applications: 

  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • McMaster University
  • University of Calgary
  • Queen’s University at Kingston

Admissions are based on MCAT scores and a four-year bachelor’s degree, which makes up the pre-med education for an MD.

The average cost of an MD in Canada is approximately USD 69,000. University-wise tuition is listed below

University Annual Tuition Cost in CAD Annual Tuition Cost in USD*
University of Toronto 91,760 71,490
McGill University 55,500 43,240
McMaster University 96,000 74,790
University of Calgary 80,100 62,400
Queen’s University at Kingston 90,500 70,500

* Tuition fees are converted from CAD to USD at the exchange rate of 1 CAD = 0.78 USD. Exchange rates are subject to change from time to time.

Cost of Canadian MBBS/MD for Indian students

The average tuition cost for Indian students enrolled in the Canadian MD program is approximately INR 54,22,000**.

Cost of Canadian MBBS/MD for UAE students

The annual tuition fee for a Canadian MD program for students from UAE is estimated to be AED 256,380**.

** Tuition costs are converted from USD at the exchange rates of 77.68 INR/USD and 3.67 AED/USD. Exchange rates are subject to change.

Cost of studying medicine-related degrees

Apart from MD, international students have other options to make a career in medicine-related fields. 

  • Dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Veterinary Sciences
  • Physiology
  • Pharmacy
  • Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Psychology

Only a few universities accept international applications for Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Nursing programs. However, health sciences and therapies-related courses are usually available at more universities.

The table provides course-wise average tuition costs for international students:

Course Degree offered Average Annual Tuition Cost in USD*
Dentistry BDS, DDS, DMD $80,900
Pharmacy PharmD $35,700
Nursing BScN, BSN $34,120
Physiotherapy BSc, MPT $38,570
Animal Sciences BSc $39,200
Nutrition & Dietetics BSc $43,300
Kinesiology Bachelor of Kinesiology $33,900
Psychology BSc, BA $36,000
Health Sciences BSc, BHSc $36,500

* Tuition costs in USD are converted from CAD at the exchange rate of 1 CAD = 0.78 USD. Exchange rates are subject to change.

Cost of living in Canada for international students

According to EduCanada, Canada has been among the top 10 countries in the United Nations Quality of Life Index since 2004. It is quite affordable compared to the US and the UK. But the actual living costs often depend on 

  • The city of residence, 
  • On-campus or off-campus accommodation, 
  • Subscription to meal plans
  • Personal expenses

Typical living costs for an international student can be estimated as

Particulars Estimated Annual Expense in USD
Accommodation 6,200-11,800
Food ~3,000
Books and Supplies 430-780
Transport ~400
Personal Expenses 500-600
Total $10,530-16,580

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The average annual tuition cost for MD in Canada is estimated to be USD 69,000. Costs may increase depending on university fees, insurance, and students’ expense habits.

Indian students can expect their tuition costs to be approximately INR 49,06,900 for the first year of dental studies. Some universities charge higher tuition costs.

Health insurance fees depend on each province and university. For example, in British Columbia, the first three months of stay are covered by iMED at CAD 225. Post that, students can subscribe to BC MSP at CAD 75 per month. On the other hand, McGill University charges an annual fee of CAD 1047.

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