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Cost of Medical Studies in Latvia

Cost of Medical Studies in Latvia
Amarnath pratapwarNov 14, 2022

Tuition Fees for Medicine (MBBS / MD), Dentistry, and Veterinary programs in Latvia

Thousands of international students look to study medical programs in Europe each year. Among the many reasons, the one that stands out is the low cost of studying. The same extends to Latvia. The cost of medical studies in Latvia is considered highly affordable. The cost of living in the country is far less than in countries such as the US, the UK, and Canada.

To give you an idea, the average cost of general medicine in Latvia is EUR 10,238-12,000. The other popular medical program in Latvia is Dentistry. Annual tuition fees for Dentistry programs are EUR 14,000-15,000. 

There are only two medical universities in Latvia offering these programs. The University of Latvia and Riga Stradins University are among the top in Latvia. They are also ranked exceptionally well in global rankings.

This article will cover the cost of medical programs in Latvia. You can also get a rough estimate of the living costs in Latvia as an international student.

Cost of medical studies in Latvia

Tuition fees for medicine (MBBS / MD) in Latvia

Latvian general medicine programs are offered as long-cycle masters. Students who have completed high school are eligible to apply. You can apply to Latvian universities easily through Gyanberry. The duration of medicine programs in Latvia is six years.

The following table presents the annual tuition fees for international students.

University Annual Tuition Fee in EUR Annual Tuition Fee in USD*
University of Latvia 10,238 10,397
Riga Stradins University 12,000 12,186

The total cost of studying medicine for all six years will be EUR 61,428-72,000.

Cost of studying dentistry in Latvia

Dentistry in Latvia is a five-year program. It is considered a long-cycle master’s program. International students can apply for dentistry after their high school graduation. 

The University of Latvia and Riga Stradins University both offer Dentistry in English. Dentistry degrees are available as Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine.

 The annual tuition fee for the program is presented below.

University Annual Tuition Fee in EUR Annual Tuition Fee in USD*
University of Latvia 15,000 15,232
Riga Stradins University 14,000 14,216

For all five years, the total program will cost EUR 70,000-75,000.

Cost of studying veterinary in Latvia

There is only one university in Latvia that offers a Veterinary program. Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technology offers a Veterinary program in English. It is offered as a long-cycle program and is open to international applicants. The duration is six years.

The Veterinary program costs EUR 8,000 for one academic year. This roughly converts to USD 8,124.

Cost of living in Latvia

From the perspective of international students, Latvia is very affordable. The average cost of living for international students is EUR 4,800-8,400 per year. The actual cost of living may be higher. Every student’s expense habits determine their actual cost of living.

The below table presents an estimate of typical monthly living expenses in Latvia.

Particulars Monthly expenses in EUR Monthly Expenses in USD*
Accommodation 70-350 71-355
Utilities 100-170 101-173
Internet connection 12-15 12-15
Food 300-540 305-548
Public transport 5-15 5-15
Total Monthly Expense 487-1,090 494-1,106

* Tuition costs and living expenses are converted to USD at 1 EUR – 1.02 USD. Please note that currency exchange rates change from time to time.

Scholarships for international students

Some countries share an agreement with Latvia. This agreement allows the Latvian government to offer scholarships to citizens of those countries. The scholarship award is provided as

  • EUR 500 per month for undergraduate and graduate students
  • EUR 700 per month for doctoral students

Riga Stradins University students can receive tuition discounts. RSU offers discounts to its students in the English-taught General Medicine and Dentistry programs. The discounts are given to encourage academic merit in the university.

The eligibility for tuition fee discounts is determined in the following manner.

Category Discount No. of Recipients Eligibility Criteria Year of Study
Academic Excellence 25% of semester fee 36 (bachelor’s and master’s) and 4 (Ph.D.) Weighted average grade in the previous semester: 8.5 For students in 3rd to 6th years
Social Support 10% of semester fee Decided by the Faculty Council Supporting documents to prove the need for financial support For students in 2nd to 6th years

Scholarships can further reduce the cost of medical studies in Latvia. Besides the scholarships mentioned above, students can also apply for Gscholar.

Gscholar is Gyanberry’s scholarship initiative. Students applying to Latvian universities via Gyanberry can enjoy the benefit of tuition discounts for their first year.

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The annual tuition fee for medicine programs is EUR 10,238-12,000. For dentistry programs, the annual cost is EUR 14,000-15,000. The veterinary program, available at only one university, costs EUR 8,000 per year.

International students should expect to incur USD 494-1,106 (EUR 487-1,090) each month toward living expenses. The range may exceed depending on the students’ expense habits.

Yes. International students can make use of scholarships from Latvian medical universities. Riga Stradins University is known to offer a tuition discount of up to 25% to international students. The selection is based on academic merit or financial need.

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