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Disadvantages of studying medicine in Russia

ApAmarnath pratapwarNov 11, 2022

Russia offers vast medicine & BDS course for international students. There are certain advantages & disadvantages if you choose russia for medicine studies. Do you want to know about

  • Disadvantages of Studying Medicine/MBBS in Russia
  • Cons of studying in Russia
  • Disadvantages of studying in Russia

then this article is for you. Here are few disadvantages of studying in Russia.

Disadvantages of studying Medicine/MBBS in Russia:

  1. Language/Medium of teaching:
    Only very few university/college offers MBBS/Medicine course in English so is difficult for student to learn concepts in a new language. Only university/college specifies bilingual or English language will take classes in English.
  2. Food & Accommodation:
    Food & accommodation is always a problem if you are going abroad. It’s costly if you prefer stay in PG or rented rooms compare to hostel provided by college plus hygiene is also a concern of outside food.
  3. Climate Conditions of Russia:
    Winters in Russia fall below 0 degrees for about 3 to 4 months. However, all buildings have central heating systems. It may be a bit difficult for Indian students to cope with this climate and they may face some health issues due to this.
  4. Cheating Agents:
    A good number of consultants acting as official representatives to Russian medical universities. Multiple scams and frauds have happened in the past many years. Moreover, they also take higher fees than the actual fees of the university and pocket that money.
  5. Lack of Information: 
    It is important for students to do research of their own and not rely on consultants. They may promise certain facilities like hostel and facilities to attract students, however, it doesn’t always turn out to be what is promised.
  6. Corruption: 
    There are cases of corruption on certain MBBS universities. However, this is very rare and not in well renowned universities.
  7. Duration:
    The duration to study MBBS in Russia is 5.8 years but in some countries its 5 years.
  8. VISA Approval: 
    Complex procedure and a long time for Russia MBBS study VISA from Embassy makes it difficult for Indian students.
  9. Lack of Proper Experience: 
    Students who do internships in Russia are not allowed to be in direct contact with the patients. Due to this, they may not get complete exposure.
  10. Small Medical faculty:
    There are some universities in Russia which are not really medical Universities and have only a small faculty. Such universities lack proper infrastructure and facilities for proper medical studies.
  11. Students Safety: When studying MBBS in Russia, it is highly recommended to for students to stay within the campus. Considering that the gun culture is normalised in Russia, it is not safe for students to stay college promises.
  12. MCI Eligibility Certificate: 
    Indian students must apply for an MCI eligibility certificate from the government of India before applying to study MBBS in Russia or any other foreign country. Procuring the certificate will be easier if students choose to apply via consultants.
  13. MCI Screening Test: 
    If the student decides to come back to India, he/she must go through a screening test conducted by the Medical Council of India. The tests are conducted twice a year, and students who pass the test are allowed to practice in India.
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