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First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague

ApAmarnath pratapwarOct 28, 2020

About Charles University, Prague:

Established in 1384, Charles University is one of the oldest Universities in the world. It is ranked amongst the top 2% universities in the world. It has the reputation of being the most renowned university in the Czech Republic. It is known to be the best university in Central Europe/ Even though Charles University was established long ago, their infrastructure, as well as teaching methods, are modern and dynamic. It is one of the most prestigious institutions for higher education, and hence, a dream for most students. It houses over 50,000 students and more than 8,000 faculty members.First Faculty of Medicine Charles University

First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague:

First Faculty of Medicine, Prague is one of the oldest faculties of Charles University. It is located in the centre of Prague. It has a staff of over 1200 and more than 3400 students making it one of the largest medical faculties in the Czech Republic.
The First Faculty of Medicine, Prague aims to run the leading-edge biomedical research within the broader frame of the European Research Area.
Students at First Faculty of Medicine, Prague are taught in smaller groups with dedicated professors. This gives them one-on-one attention. Moreover, they also provide over 220 internship opportunities which allow students to test waters
before entering the real world. To add to this, First Faculty of Medicine, Prague also provides scholarship opportunities to International students.
Most importantly, a degree procured from First Faculty of Medicine, Prague is recognized all over the world including the WHO.

Charles University ranking:

Charles University is ranked amongst the best universities in the world. Below are the QS and THE rankings as per 2021.

  • Charles University is ranked #=260 in QS Global World Rankings 2021
  • As per THE ranking for World University Ranking 2021, it is ranked between 401-500th

Admission Process – First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague:

First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, offers 6 years General Medicine and 5 years Dentistry programmes in the English language
The admission process for the above includes

  1. Complete Grade High School (Grade 12 or 13)
  2. Appear for Admission Entrance exam while you are in the final year of High School or after completion of the high school or AS Level
  3. Pass the Entrance exam + Oral Interview
  4. Meet minimum eligibility criteria for your High School exam results (requirements differ for each type of school curriculum)
  5. Payment of tuition fees
  6. Apply for Long Term Study Visa (if applicable)
  7. Enrol and get admission into the University.

Entrance Exams for First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University:

The entrance exam for First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague primarily focuses on three important subjects:


Note:- The entrance exams are conducted in an interview in the English language to assess the motivation and commitment of the student to study Medicine at the University
– The entrance exam is a multiple-choice (MCQ) pattern, wherein for every question students are provided with four possible answer options

Eligibility Criteria for First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague:

  1. To be eligible for First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, a student must graduate must from recognised and accredited High School
  2. There is a minimum age requirement that students are expected to have
  3. Students must clear the entrance exam conducted by authorized representatives of the University
  4. Students should have studied relevant subjects in the last two years of High School

How to apply First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague:

As the authorised representatives of the University, Gyanberry offers comprehensive admission and preparatory services to international students to have the maximum chance of succeeding in the admission procedures.
Students can visit and go through more details University details.
After going through all the information, Students can click on “Apply now”
Once you fill the application form, one of the Gyanberry Counsellors will contact you and provide further information relevant to your situation and profile.

Fee Structure for First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague:

Approximate tuition fee is 16700 USD / 1184000 INR per annum
Note: Above fees are the approximate conversion of the local currency as per current exchange rates. University charges students fees in the local currency “CZK”

Acceptance Rate into medical faculties of Charles University:

Medical faculties of Charles University are competitive to get in. Each faculty announces every year the minimum passing marks required in their entrance exams. The passing marks could range anywhere between 60% to 80%, depending on faculty to faculty. The sole decision to accept or deny the student is up to the Dean of the faculty, after evaluating the student profile and entrance exam performance.
Gyanberry provides exclusive and comprehensive online material to students to help them better prepare for the entrance exam of medical faculties of Charles University

Accommodation for Charles University:

  • Charles University students can stay on campus in dormitories. It ranges from USD 4 to USD 8 / INR 250 to INR 550 per night. There are also higher standard rooms available at about USD 12 to USD 14 / INR 900 to INR 1,000 per night
  • If students wish to stay in private accommodations, the prices for that will vary basis the location, size and occupancy. It is fairly easy to find private accommodation in the cities where Charles University is. You will pay about USD 475 to USD 750 / INR 35,000 to INR 55,000 for a two-bedroom apartment in Prague. However, the prices will be 20 to 30% much lesser if you choose to stay in Hradec Králové

In conclusion, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague is one of the most prestigious universities one can study. Moreover, it is situated in the heart of the Czech Republic – Prague. The city comprises of major museums, cultural theatres, cinemas, galleries and many tourist exhibits. Additionally, the city is extensively connected by transport facilities. Moreover, the city witnesses over 4 million international visits a year, and therefore, students who study here get to witness a multi-cultural environment.

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