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Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LMSU)

May 25, 2023

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LMSU): Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships 

The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) is a world-known co-educational medical university specializing in biomedical studies, research, and clinical practice. LSMU was started in 1920 and has been running successfully for the past 100 years. It is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. LSMU comprises two principal institutes: Medical Academy and Veterinary Academy.  

The students are educated mostly in English and hence admissions for these universities happen worldwide. For undergraduate programs, LSMU holds more than 7,000 Enrollments per year in their first cycle, second cycle, and coordinated projects. Addressing more than 50 unique nations, one in every seven graduates comes from abroad. The International student percentage covers around 20% of the total enrolment. 

LSMU University Ranking 

According to the Lithuania News LSMU ranks: 

  • # 601-800 – Times Higher Education ranking for  best-advanced education foundations, 
  • #401 to 450 – Quacquarelli Symonds Limited WUR Ranking   
  • #113 -EECA(Emerging Europe and Central Asia ranking) University Rankings for subjects.
  • #31 -EECA(Emerging Europe and Central Asia ranking) University Rankings for educational institutions.

Why study at the university 

The university holds excellent rankings and has been serving to be the best in Lithuania. This had a highly recognized international education system. The cost at the university is very reasonable.

Based on the data recently surveyed, the culture at the university is very demanding and good.

There are nearly 1141 staff members overall and they hold post-graduate to PhD degrees. As the education remains outstanding, many future entrepreneurs are nurtured at LMSU

The University holds an equal number of female to male ratio providing the opportunity for  both to develop in their careers. They study and are educated in two languages: Lithuanian and English. 

Lithuania is a clean and green country to reside in and get undergraduate degrees. Apart from the above, one can increase their English fluency here. They will get individuals from different societies here.

Why study at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences as an international student?

Programs & courses offered at LSMU 

Short Courses

Pre- Med Course (online) Duration – 4 weeks

 Bachelor Studies (4 years) 

Medical and Veterinary Genetics 3.5-year course in Bsc Health Sciences
Nursing  BSc Health Sciences, General Practice Nurse
Occupational therapy BSc Health Sciences, Occupational Therapist
Health Psychology Bsc Social Science
Physiotherapy BSc Health Sciences, Physiotherapist)

Master Studies (2 yrs)

Applied Public Health  MSc In Health Sciences
Advanced Nursing Practise MSc in Health Sciences, Advanced Practice Nurse
Food Science MSc In Agricultural Sciences
Lifestyle Medicine  Blended – 1.5-year course in MSc in Health Sciences
Animal Science  MSc in Agricultural Sciences
Management of Public Health MSc in Health Sciences
Clinical Health Psychology MSc in Health Sciences
Animal and Human Interaction 1.5-year course in Msc Agricultural Sciences.

Integrated studies (6years)

Medicine MSc Health Sciences, Doctor
Veterinary Medicine  MSc in Veterinary Sciences, Veterinary Doctor
Odontology MSc Health Sciences, Doctor Odontologist/5 years
Pharmacy  MSc Health Sciences, Pharmacies/5 years

Campus and accommodation at LSMU 

  • The campus accommodation includes rental costs depending on the number of rooms, area, day-to-day environments, time of the lease, and so on.
  • Rooms are outfitted with beds, closets, work area, and work area seats. Additionally, the rooms are furnished with an ice chest, microwave, and teapot. The students need not bring the sheet material and bed cloth as he/she will get it in the dorm. 
  • The students should bring their towels, kitchenware (silverware, cups, plates, and so on) items, etc. The accommodation costs cover website connectivity but one needs to bring one’s own laptop or personal computer.
  • The rental cost for rooms varies from one locale to another and relies upon the number of rooms, day-to-day environments, time of the lease, and so on. 
University dormitory $185 to $250 per month
Normal lease amount outside university (single room) $55 to $100 per month
Normal lease amount outside university (double room) $300 to $350 per month
Additional fee Nil

Admission requirements for international students 

Beginning from 15 January 2014, LSMU started procedures for online applications on the website. All candidates can directly apply on websites and provide all records for confirmation.

International students can join the LSMU by providing high school or college certificates. Biology, Physics, and Chemistry are the preferred subjects for consideration for admission to the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

Application mode 

  • Online

Application Fees

  • The initial application does not need any payment, the application will be reviewed and when received positive criticism, an application charge of around 550 AED or 175 USD should be paid.

Application Requirements

  • All applicants can apply at the university website and upload copies of documents.
  • Registration/School Leaving Certificate validated by the legislative establishments. In case you are to graduate after the application cutoff time, if it’s not too much trouble, give an authority letter including your latest scholarly outcomes. The letter will be endorsed by the school specialists.
  •  Records of secondary school/senior optional school courses check the marks obtained in General Biology and General Chemistry. For the Health Psychology program, the marks in Mathematics and General Biology should be considered.
  •  If a declaration demonstrating the information on the English language like TOEFL, IELTS, B2 Level ‘Free client’ by CEFR or satisfactory cannot be provided, then one should take an English language test ready by the University. The trial of the English language will be given around the same time as the test in Biology/Chemistry.
  • Other courses may be required additional documents, please go through university website for final verification

Application Deadlines

  • 8-10  October -Application can be filled and sent
  • 22 October – Application scrutinizing process begins.
  • 2 January – Period of entrance exam starts 
  • 5 July – Application Deadline 
  • 15 July – Cutoff time to sit for the entrance test 

Tuition, fees, and annual cost of attendance

Tuition fees for programs at LSMU are varying. Annual tuition for various programs have been tabulated below:

Tuition for integrated programs

Program Name Duration Annual Tuition
Medicine 6 yrs 14,503 USD (for yr 1-4);

15,083 USD (for yr 5-6)

Veterinary Medicine 6 yrs 9,282 USD (for yr 1-4);

11,603 USD (for yr 1-4)

Odontology (Dentistry) 5 yrs 14,503 USD (for yr 1-4);

15,083 USD (for yr 5-6)

Pharmacy 5 yrs 6,497 USD
  • Annual tuition for Bachelor’s Degrees at LSMU ranges between 4,641 USD – 5,221 USD
  • Annual tuition for all master’s degree programs except Lifestyle Medicine at LSMU is 6,381 USD
  • Annual tuition for master’s degree program in Lifestyle Medicine is 9,282 USD

Additionally, the university also offers a 10-week Pre-Med Course. Tuition fee for the course is 2553 USD.

Annual cost of rent for students at LSMU ranges from 2,367 USD to 2,800 USD. The average total cost of living (inclusive of rent) for international students is 5290 USD per year.

Scholarships for international students 

Scholarships for international students can be applied from the below.

  • Aakash scholarship

Aakash scholarship test will be conducted online and people who take the test well will be provided scholarships based on their performance.

Platinum scholar 65% scholarship on the tuition fee 90% marks in scholarship test
Platinum scholar  45% scholarship on the tuition fee 80% marks in scholarship test
Platinum scholar 35% scholarship on the tuition fee 70% marks in scholarship test
  1. Nominal scholarship competition from LSMU
  • This scholarship is provided at LSMU during the third semester of college.
  • The grade point average should not be less than 8 to claim for this scholarship.

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International students can study in 19 programs provided by LSMU, at bachelor’s level and master’s level. Some of the most popular courses are MSc in Health Science, MSc in veterinary services, BSc in Health Science, BSc in oral healthcare.

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Should have studied Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in high school.
  • Should score the minimum marks required in the entrance exam (varies from course to course).
  • English proficiency for Master’s programs: A  minimum of 5.5 in IELTS or 65 in TOEFL iBT.
  • Indian students who attempted NEET and scored more than 400 are exempted from the university entrance exam.

The University offers a limited number of places at the student hostel, only for the first-year students. Although all first-year students do not receive accommodation due to many applications.

Students of the upper years must find accommodation in the city by themselves. Admission officers in the International Relations and Study Center may assist students in searching for accommodation, i.e., renting a private-owned apartment in the city.

The following scholarships are available for international students:

  1. International Excellence Scholarship: For actively involved students and have achieved great results in the fields of increasing the internationality of LSMU, creating a multicultural environment, and growing awareness of LSMU abroad.
  2. Nominal Scholarship: The nominal scholarship is a one-time or multiplex benefit established by the Lithuanian or foreign private or legal bodies and awarded to students for active student performance and other academic achievements in the defined field. Amount varies according to scholarship.
    Nominal scholarships are awarded starting with the third semester of studies, as well as to the postgraduate students and residents.
  3. Lithuanian State scholarship: Students at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences are eligible to apply for Lithuanian state scholarships for full-time Master’s degree or Integrated studies (a part of which is equal to Master’s degree studies) at the Lithuanian higher education institutions.
    Funding under the Calls is typically provided to the citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Georgia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Moldova, Ukraine, and foreigners of Lithuanian origin from non-EU and EFTA countries. The scholarship may also cover a significant part of the tuition fee, depending on the country of origin. All the awarded students get a monthly scholarship.
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