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North Central College, Naperville, Illinois, USA

Oct 21, 2022

North Central College: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

North Central College is a traditionally privatized and highly diverse educational institution situated in Naperville, Illinois. It collectively provides many technical & non-technical courses representing a great collection of opportunities. This college was established in 1861 upon completing a successful schooling decorum of 161+ years. With an academic staff of 139 individuals, 2700 undergraduate and 300 graduate students, the college seeks to provide quality education with the motto of Lux Veritas (Light and Truth).

North Central is ranked 19th in the ‘best regional colleges of the midwest’ category through the 2017 edition report of U.S.  News & World Report. Interested students looking to study in USA should note that the institutional area covers an approximation of more than 70 educational programs categorized under 19 academic departments. This includes 3 undergraduate schools/colleges and a master’s program. It is associated with the United Methodist church to represent its religious alliance. 

Why study at North Central College?

  • North Central College has attained the 19th position in the ‘best regional midwest college’ category and is also well-known as the best college for veterans. (2017 edition report of U.S. News & World Report) 
  • The college employs 139 highly-qualified staff members and has a diverse student population comprising 3000 graduates & undergraduates.
  • The college campus area sprawls across 65 acres and is used to host several athletic events and extracurricular activities. 
  • Student clubs encourage students to take active participation in co-curricular domains such as drama, theatre, leadership, tech, filming, dance, etc. 
  • Scholarships are applicable for early admissions, international students, talent association competitions, and more.
  • External activities involve intercultural seminars on ethics, religion, values, and leadership. 
  • North Central graduates get to enroll in the coveted NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.
  • North Central college represents an alliance with more than 75 student organizations in various sections such as academics, social & spiritual life, community service, honor societies, intercultural, leadership, media, music, arts, athletics & recreation, etc. 

North Central College Rankings

Particular  Rank
QS World University Rankings 2022                      Top 600
Best Regional Universities of the Midwest Rankings 2017                           #19 

Programs & Courses offered by the university

North Central college provides many popular undergraduate and postgraduate programs alongside some Honors courses. 

Students of the college are encouraged to travel, conduct research, intern, and participate in high-impact practices that make the most of their college experience. Select from a wide range of majors and minors to best curate a program that is suited to you.  

Undergraduate/Bachelor’s Programs

As of now, North Central College offers 65 undergraduate academic programs on campus. Some popular courses opted for by international students include

  • Business Management
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Finance
  • Journalism

Graduate/Master’s Programs

Similarly, North Central College also offers postgraduate academic programs that enable graduates to further their education and polish their practical skillset. Popular programs include

  • Master of Business Administration 
  • Master of Human Resources Management
  • Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Campus and accommodation

North Central College has a campus consisting of 65 acres of land area in Naperville, Chicago avenue. College facilities include the main library building called ‘Carnegie Library’ which is considered one of the most famous service halls for students and college members. Pfeiffer Hall is the oldest fine arts building designed by covering an area of 4500 square feet in 1926. It is also used for debates, competitions, dance, music, comedy, and the performing arts. 

Wents concert hall and the fine arts center are worth $30 million and occupy a land area of 57,000-square-feet. The campus also has an approximation of 50 restaurants, many national stores & a few four/five-story buildings. 

This college has a specially designed theatre called Madden Theatre which has 150 seats known as the ‘black-box’. It is basically an experimental theatre created to perform, rehearse and improvise different kinds of performances because it provides a highlighted view of the work. 

There are other facilities such as a fine lobby, Schoenherr art gallery and others. 1,400 resident students live on campus across 9 residence halls. Students can opt to live in a suite or an apartment, based on personal preference and choice. Suite-style rooms include a kitchenette and private bathroom and each residence hall consists of both single- and double-occupancy rooms. 

Admission requirements for international students

Admissions are provided under specified criteria for different programs. Different sessions have different application deadlines. 

Students should apply via Gyanberry to ensure all the paperwork is filled out properly and submitted on time. 

Seasons Deadlines
Summer 2022 May 9
Fall 2022 August 24                      
Spring 2023 January 9 

Both undergraduate and postgraduate admission requirements ask interested applicants to furnish some documents and fulfill some eligibility criteria. These include

  • An online application stating your purpose
  • An updated resume 
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is required in the last 60 credit hours of the coursework. Students below a GPA of 3.0 will get conditional admission through frequent advisory meetings.
  • Official transcripts of past academic records.
  • Submission of letters of recommendation from professors, employers, or anybody who retains the capability to judge your potential. 

Tuition, fees, and the annual cost of attendance

Students at North Central have to pay an annual tuition fee of 42,866 USD. In addition to this, some extra expenses that they have to incur consist of 

Cost estimate 2022-2023     Cost per semester (USD) Cost per academic year (USD)
Tuition and fees 21,433 42,866
On-campus housing  4,124 8,428
Meals  2,060 4,119
Books and supplies  600 1,200
Personal expenses  600 1,200
Medical Insurance  650 1,300
TOTAL 25,557 59,133

Thus, the annual cost of attendance at North Central College in Naperville is 59,133 USD or 217,201 AED*. 

*Note: 1 USD = 3.67 AED

Scholarships for international students

International students at North Central College can avail of various types of scholarships. Students can easily apply for scholarships on the college website as long as they fulfill the eligibility criteria. 

International Freshman Scholarship               Minimum G.P.A.          Award Amount (USD)
International Presidential      3.6-4.0       30,000
International Dean      3.1-3.5         28,000
International Honour      >3.0       27,000


International Transfer Scholarship                  G.P.A.           Award Amount (USD)
International Excellence      3.6-4.0       28,000
International Success      3.1-3.5         27,000
International Merit        >3.0       26,000

However, most international students applying to North Central are freshmen. They can avail themselves of the widest range of scholarships. These include 

      Scholarships          Award Amount In USD
#YouAreWelcomeHere         27,000-30,000
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)             3,000/year
Talent            Skill specific 
Alumni              1,000/year
ELI to degree              3,000/year
Endowed          Not mentioned 
International religious        Program Specific 

Career prospects, placements, and salaries for North Central College graduates

North central college has created a separate center for the career development of its students. The college strives to provide one-on-one appointments with a career peer advisor. 

Various career events and fairs are also conducted to help fresh graduates find employment. 

Placements are provided and eminent companies recruit a number of students. Students with a good academic track record can also apply for faculty positions at the university. 

Overall, it is interesting to note that the average salary of North Central College’s alumni ranges between 60,000 to 65,000 USD per year. 

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Yes, 95% of international students are provided with financial assistance in the form of scholarships at North Central College. Both incoming freshmen and transfer students can avail of these scholarships.

Yes, the college does provide accommodation for international students across its 9 residence halls. The North Central campus is equipped with all modern amenities and allows students to live in suites or apartments. 

International students attending North Central College have to incur living and dining changes in addition to paying yearly tuition fees. The total annual cost of attendance for an international student enrolled in North Central comes out to be 59,133 USD or 217,201 AED. 

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