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Palacky University Medicine, Czech Republic

ApAmarnath pratapwarJul 20, 2021

About Palacky University:

Established in 1573, Palacky University Medicine is the second oldest university in the Czech Republic. It has a total of eight faculties which includes health science, physical culture, science, education, medicine and dentistry, law and philosophy. They also have specialised research centres and institutes. It is one of the leading universities in research.

Palacky University is home to more than 23,000 students. The university offers 207 accredited degree programmes and 97 accredited degree programmes in foreign languages. Students at Palacky University believes in practical training. Due to this, the students get hands-on experience with actual professionals from the field.

Moreover, they also provide students with extra-curricular activities through sports, theatres, gyms, students clubs, and much more!

Palacky University Medicine has a lot of exchange programmes which is not only for students but for staff as well.

Palacky University Medicine Ranking:

Palacky University is world-renowned and is ranked amongst the best universities. Below are the QS and THE rankings as per 2021.

  1. Palacky University is ranked #=591-600 in QS Global World Rankings 2021
  2. As per THE ranking for World University Ranking 2021, it is ranked between 601-800th

Admission Process for Palacky University Medicine:

  1. Complete Grade high school (Grade 12 or 13)
  2. Appear for admission Entrance exam while you are in the final year of high school or after completion of the high school or AS Level
  3. Pass the entrance exam + oral Interview (oral interview may or may not be required)
  4. Meet minimum eligibility criteria for your High School exam results (requirements differ for each type of school curriculum)
  5. Payment of tuition fees
  6. Apply for long term study visa (if applicable)
  7. Enrol and get admission into the University

Entrance Exams for Palacky University Medicine:

The entrance exam for  Palacky University primarily focuses on three important subjects:


Note: They may also conduct an interview in the English language to assess the motivation and commitment of the student to study Medicine at the University. The entrance exam is a multiple-choice (MCQ) pattern, wherein for every question students are provided with four possible answer options

Eligibility Criteria for Palacky University Medicine:

  1. To be eligible for Palacky University Medicine, a student must graduate must from recognised and accredited high school
  2. There is a minimum age requirement that students are expected to have
  3. Students must clear the entrance exam conducted by authorized representatives of the University
  4. Students should have studied relevant subjects in the last two years of high school

 How to Apply to Palacky University Medicine:

  • As the authorised representatives of the University, Gyanberry offers comprehensive admission and preparatory services to international students to have the maximum chance of succeeding in the admission procedures
  • Students can visit and go through more details University details
  • After going through all the information, students can click on “Apply now”
  • Once you fill the application form, one of the Gyanberry counsellors will contact you and provide further information relevant to your situation and profile

Acceptance Rate of Palacky University:

Palacky University Medicine tests students on their knowledge and application skills for the Science Subjects. The passing marks for the exam are updated every year considering the difficulty of the paper and the University declares it beforehand. The marks required to pass the exam can, however, range anywhere between 60 – 80% of the total marks. Students must note that the sole decision to accept or deny the student is up to the Dean of the faculty, after evaluating the student profile and entrance exam performance.

Fee Structure for Palacky University Medicine:

  • The approximate tuition fee for General Medicine is 11,700 USD / 8,31,250 INR per annum.
  • The approximate tuition fee for Dentistry is 13,800 USD / 98,10,00 INR per annum

Accommodation at Palacky University Medicine:

  • Palacky University Medicine provides students with on-campus accommodation at reasonable prices ranging from USD 3.5 to USD 5 / INR 250 to INR 350 per night. There are also rooms available with private bathrooms which range from USD 4 to USD 6 / INR 300 to INR 420 per night.
  • Students can choose to stay at private accommodations as well. There are many budget-friendly options available for the same.

Palacky University Medicine provides students with modern equipment and infrastructure coupled with an affordable fee structure. Students get access to all services including libraries, counselling services, and much more! Students also have the opportunity of applying for various scholarship programmes.

Furthermore, students get to experience the vibrancy of the Czech Republic. They will get to experience various cultures and gain exposure. As a result, Palacky University makes for a great choice for students who want to study abroad.


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