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Reasons to Study MBBS in Hungary

ApAmarnath pratapwarFeb 1, 2022

MBBS in Hungary

About Hungary

If you are looking to study MBBS abroad, Hungary should be on top of the list. Hungary is a part of the European Union and is very cost-efficient for those who want to study MBBS. Hungary is rich in culture and highly affordable. Hungary has high regard for education and due to which they use technologies that are new and innovative.
Since Hungary comprises of world-renowned universities who provide students with the highest quality of education, it has a popular choice amongst aspiring Medical students.

Reasons to Study MBBS in Hungary


MBBS in Hungary

Hungary comprises of some top-tier MBBS universities with well-equipped facilities. MBBS universities in Hungary give students the opportunity to study in a world-class infrastructure which complies with European standards of medical studies. A student who decides to study MBBS abroad in Hungary will get a degree that is valid throughout the European Union. The relatively low entry requirements and the affordable tuition fees make Hungary a first choice for many students.

Reasons to study MBBS in Hungary

  • Low tuition fees: Studying MBBS in Hungary is economical due to which is it one of the top choices for MBBS aspirants. The tuition fees range from INR 10, 00,000 to INR 12, 00,000.
  • Modern Equipment and Infrastructure: MBBS universities in Hungary have the top-notch infrastructure and advanced technology. This helps them get an unmatched learning experience
  • Simple Admission Procedure: There are basic requirements for students who want to pursue MBBS in Hungary. This includes an entrance exam with multiple choice questions in different subjects like Chemistry, English, Biology and Medical English coupled with an interview conducted by the university.
  • Affordable: Hungary is an economical country with your daily expenses ranging from INR 40,000 to INR 50,000 per month. This cost is for popular cities and is lesser for the smaller ones.
  • EU Recognized Degree: An MBBS degree received from a university in Hungary is recognized by the EU which means the student can practice all over Europe. Moreover, the degree is also recognized by the WHO.
  • Study in English: Studying MBBS in Hungary is a good option for Indian students since most universities use English as their teaching language.


Eligibility to pursue MBBS in Hungary:

The essential eligibility criteria for applying for an undergraduate program in medicine is:

  • The applicant should be a minimum of 17 years of age and should have passed 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks percentage.
  • Entrance exam constituting of multiple-choice questions from Chemistry, medical English, English, and Biology.

Top MBBS universities in Hungary:

  • Semmelweis University
  • University of Debrecen
  • University of Pécs
  • University of Szeged

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