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Scholarships for Medical Studies (MBBS/MD) in Germany

Nov 10, 2022

Scholarships are one of the deciding factors for international students planning to study medicine in Germany. Currently, there are more than 13 scholarships for medical studies (MBBS/MD) in Germany for international students.

Germany is a leader in the medical field not just in Europe, but globally. More than 15 universities in Germany are ranked in the top 200 universities for Clinical Medicine in the world (US News Subject Rankings). However, almost all universities in Germany provide the medical doctor (MD/MBBS) program in the German language. The only exception is UMCH Hamburg, which offers the medicine program entirely in English.

German Medical universities are famous for their deliverance of high-quality education at quite an inexpensive tuition. Even though the tuition of the Medical programs is quite low there are still many medical scholarships that exist for international students. Some of these are mentioned below.  

  • SBW Berlin Scholarship
  • University of Hamburg: Merit Scholarship
  • German University Foundation: The Medicus program 
  • Deutschlandstipendium
  • Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Scholarship To Study In Germany
  • Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM

These scholarships provide allowances for students in different ways such as tuition fees, cost of living, book allowances, etc. 

And the application for these scholarships usually begins in the month of October and ends in April. 

Why study MBBS in Germany?

  • The cost of studying MBBS in Germany is very minimal and inexpensive when compared to western Europe and Western countries.
  • The quality of education is second to none. The Medical Universities of Germany are amongst the top universities in the world.
  • The job opportunities in Germany after the completion of MBBS is tremendous as in German hospitals, the inpatient and outpatient flow is high.
  • Even though the tuition is quite affordable there are many scholarships to study medicine in Germany.
  • The students have a long stay of 18 months which is quite sufficient for them to hunt down a job.

Scholarships for Medical Studies (MBBS/MD) in Germany for International Students

SBW Berlin Scholarship

SBW Berlin grants scholarships to international students who are socially dedicated, come from financially poor families, and desire to study in Berlin (or Potsdam) to assist better their home country’s living conditions. (If tuition fees are higher than the national average, this may necessitate a tuition fee contribution.)

Duration  2 Semesters 
Scholarship Value  Tuition fees, living expenses per month, travel expenses, a shared student apartment.
Deadline  15th April to 15th October each year 

University of Hamburg: Merit Scholarship

International students and Ph.D. candidates can study at Universität Hamburg thanks to a merit-based program. Candidates must demonstrate that they contribute to society or are committed to intercultural exchange in addition to academic achievement. There are no constraints on the topic matter or degree type. Merit scholarships should allow students to focus exclusively on their academics while also allowing them to further improve their skills.

Duration  2 Semesters 
Scholarship Value  955 USD or 3,507 AED per month.
Deadline  15th April to 15th October each year 

German University Foundation: Medicus Programme

In 2018, the German University Foundation launched its Medicus fellowship program in Germany for medical students. Candidates with non-academic backgrounds, as well as “first-generation students” and migrants, are encouraged to apply. The scholarship provides applicants with one-on-one mentoring from university professors in their particular academic areas who are based locally.

Duration  The scholarship is given for the duration of the study program.
Scholarship Value  Travel expenses, Book allowance, Digital technology purchase allowance.
Deadline  April 15th 

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Scholarship To Study In Germany 

Applicants hailing from the Global South (Asia, Africa, and Latin America), as well as post-Soviet republics and eastern and south-eastern European (EU) countries. Students in any subject area are eligible to apply if they have outstanding school or academic merit, aspire to study in Germany, and are dedicated to and live by the values of social democracy.

Duration  The maximum funding period is following BAföG regulations.
Scholarship Value  1278 USD or 4694 AED per month.
Deadline  October 31 to April 30

Baden-Württemberg Foundation 

This scholarship is available to highly qualified/ distinguished study candidates and doctoral students enrolled in a university in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The scholarship is also available for partner universities of the higher-education institutes in the region. Students from all disciplines (including medicine) can apply to the scholarship program.

Duration 3 to 11 months
Scholarship value 673 to 1570 USD per month
Deadline Varying

Germany has a wide range of medical universities to choose from and almost all of them are top tier. Additionally, German medical programs are certified by renowned organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO). Scholarships to study medicine and related programs in Germany are limited, however, many public universities charge minimal tuition fees for selected candidates.

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If planning to pursue your MBBS studies in Germany, it is important to know that MBBS from public universities is completely free. There are no tuition fees for doing MBBS from public universities in Germany.

Only one University in Germany currently provides an International MD program taught entirely in English i.e UMCH. Gyanberry is the authorized representative of UMCH and facilitates the admission process along with the University for admission to the English-taught General Medicine program. Click here to get in touch with Gyanberry and apply for an English-taught MBBS program in Germany. Germany is strict about its language. All students who wish to study medicine are required to have a good knowledge of the German language. A minimum proficiency level of B2 is required. You can study the German language while in your country, or in Germany.

Aufnahmeprüfung is simply an entrance test that students have to clear in order to attend Studienkolleg. This exam requires at least a B2 level of German proficiency. This exam is to be given by students who do not meet the entry requirement to study in Year 1 of a German University.

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