Study in the Netherlands

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About the Netherlands:

The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe. The Netherlands is a low area with a vast area full of rivers and lakes which makes it a beautiful place to live in.
The Netherlands has a moderate climate where the winters are neither too cold and summers not too warm. Also, it rains throughout the year.
The Dutch are very straightforward but welcoming in nature. It is among the TOP-10 happiest countries in the world!

Study in the Netherlands

Reasons to study in the Netherlands

  1. Low Fee Structure: It is fairly economical to study in the Netherlands as opposed to other countries like USA and UK. They provide a high quality of education but since the government subsidizes education, the fees are not high.
  2. English Taught Programmes: Dutch is the official language spoken in the Netherlands. However, they still provide plenty of English-taught courses which attracts international students.
  3. Innovative Teaching Methods: Dutch teaching methods are practical and inclusive in nature. They hold classes in smaller groups and carry out lots of practical training with top-notch infrastructure
  4. Affordable cost of living: The Netherlands is a reasonably economical place to live in. There are options for students to stay in student houses or even rent apartments.
  5. High Ranked Universities: All 14 government-funded research Universities in the Netherlands are among the TOP 400 universities worldwide as per the popular ranking indicators. A degree received from their university holds value all around the world.
  6. Centrally located: The Netherlands is centrally located, hence it makes it easier for students to travel and explore on off days

Cost of living:

Average living cost: 650 – 1250 euros/month
Average accommodation cost:
Renting a single apartment (studio): 500 – 1,000 EUR/month
Sharing a rented apartment: 400 – 700 EUR/month
Student houses: 350 – 600 EUR/month

Application Deadlines:

6-9 months before the course starts

Top College in the Netherlands:

  1. University of Amsterdam
  2. University of Groningen
  3. Utrecht University
  4. Erasmus University
  5. Radboud University
  6. Leiden University
  7. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  8. University of Twente
  9. Delft University of Technology
  10. Eindhoven University of Technology

Post-study Opportunities in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the best destinations for those who want to work abroad post-graduation.
Students who complete their graduation from accredited universities are eligible to apply for Residence permits for Orientation year which lasts for a year. Moreover, they can apply for this any time after their graduation within three years. 

Eligibility Requirements for application for a residence permit for Search/ Orientation year

As an International Student, you are eligible to apply for a permit for Orientation Year in the Netherlands if:

  1. If you have completed a bachelor’s/ master’s programs from a Dutch higher education institution
  2. If you have completed a postgraduate course of minimum 12-month duration in the Netherlands
  3. If you are a PhD graduate from a Dutch University
  4. If you have completed scientific research and fall under the highly skilled migrant category 
  5. If you have completed an Erasmus Mundus Master’s course
  6. If you have completed training in the framework of specific cultural policy development cooperation policy
  7. If you have completed a Master’s degree or postgraduate training from a foreign top 200 university* 

*To ensure that the candidate has relevant English language proficiency and is well versed in the subject 

Scholarship Opportunities for Bachelors and Masters to study in Netherlands:

Name Description Amount
Global Student Contest Scholarship Given to students who perform very well in their studies or have had to go through hardships to get to a graduate degree course USD 1,500
BEROWS INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM TEST (BISPT) To provide financial aid to students who have merit in their studies USD 16,000
LUSTRA+ Scholarships for International Students inthe  Netherlands Given to students who want to intern or do research at an institution or company outside Europe Up to USD 790
KDS Competition Scholarship 2021 Awarded annually to students to perform well in their studies Up to USD 1,500
KaS Scholarship Given to students who perform very well in their studies or have had to go through hardships to get to a graduate degree course Up to USD 1,500
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