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Study Pre-Med in the UK

Nov 10, 2022

Study Pre-Med in the UK: Top Courses, Universities, Cost, and Eligibility for International Students


The United Kingdom is one of the pioneering countries when it comes to modern medicine. Naturally, the country offers one of the meat medical education in the world. International students interested in studying MBBS/medicine in the United Kingdom can do a pre-med course in the UK before being accepted into an undergraduate medical program.

Medical science and practice involve complex relationships between biological, physical, psychological, and environmental aspects of human behavior. In the preparation for medical school, this foundation course in pre-med will give the students a strong base to lay upon their knowledge during the undergraduate program

Students will generally focus on biology, chemistry, mathematics, and English during their one-year foundation programs in medicine. Universities like Brunel Medical School, OnCAMPUS UK North Campus, St. George’s University of London, etc provide stellar programs in medicine.

Programs offered Foundation Program, Medicine with Foundation Year
Duration 9-18 months
Basic Eligibility Criteria High School Diploma
Average Annual Cost USD 22,000 to 30,000

Popular pre-med programs in the UK

Pre-med courses are foundation courses that allow international students to pursue undergraduate medicine programs at universities in the UK. Standalone pre-med programs are usually offered for the duration of 9 – 18 months.

Some universities like the University of Manchester, Norwich Medical School, University of Nottingham, University of Sheffield, etc offer Medicine programs inclusive of the foundation year. 

Medicine with a Foundation Year is a 6-year course that normally begins with one year of science-based teaching (foundation or pre-clinical course), after which the students can join the standard 5-year medical program.  

Some popular ore-med courses in the UK are 

  • Foundation in Clinical Sciences/Medicine;
  • Health Foundation Year for Medicine;
  • Extended Medical Degree Programme;
  • Foundation to Health and Veterinary Studies (Year 0) Program;
  • Medicine with a Foundation Year;

MBBS pathway programs for international students

A pathway program is a one-year program that prepares students for their future medical courses. It guarantees entrance to one of the medical universities in the UK.

For example, the OnCampus program for UCLan is a brilliant opportunity to secure admissions at the University of Central Lancashire. The university ranks among the first 1000 in the world, per QS Rankings and Times Higher Education Ranking. After the pathway program, the students can continue their undergraduate course at the University of Central Lancashire.

Best universities in the UK for pre-med programs

QS Ranking THE Ranking University
205 158 University of Aberdeen
62 92 University of Bristol
151 189 Cardiff University
322 201-250 University of Dundee
NA 801-1000 Edge Hill University
NA NA Hull York Medical School
751-800 501-600 Keele University
35 35 King’s College London
132 122 Lancaster University
92 127 University of Leeds
236 185 University of Leicester
189 178 University of Liverpool
27 50 University of Manchester
103 141 University of Nottingham
307 182 Norwich Medical School (University of East Anglia)
601-650 401-500 University of Plymouth
77 124 University of Southampton
91 201-250 University of St Andrews
801-1000 801-1000 University of Central Lancashire

Admission requirements for international students

Most universities in the UK accept at least a high school diploma for pre-med programs. Some  universities require candidates to have studied English, mathematics, and other subjects in science like Physics, chemistry, and biology. 

Most universities expect students to take English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL. 

  • High School Degree, Transcript.
  • Required high school courses- English and Mathematics. Some universities require some combination of biology, physics, and chemistry too.
  • Age must be minimum of 16 years.
  • Must have achieved an overall 75-80%
  • IELTS score of no less than 6.5 across all four categories – reading, writing, speaking, and listening – with an overall 7.0
  • Personal Statement 

Cost of pre-med courses for international students

Pre-med courses are usually about one-year foundation course program for students wishing to pursue undergraduate degrees in the medical field in the UK. The cost of pre-med courses in the UK usually ranges from USD 22,000 to 30,000 annually. 

The cost of living in the UK makes up for a big part of the cost of education in the UK. The average cost of living comes to about USD 950 to 1400 per month. The average annual cost of living is about USD 11,400 to 16,800 in the UK.

Factors Average Cost Per Month in USD
Accommodation £500 – £700 $535-750
Food & Groceries £100 – £200 $107-214
Transportation £30- £40 $32-43
Household Bills £40 – £50 $43-53
Entertainment £40- £50 $43-53
Miscellaneous £200 -£300 $214-321

 Future prospects after PreMed for international students


Once the students are done with the premed courses, they can apply for bachelor programs in the UK. The basic admission criteria for undergraduate medical studies in the UK is taking the UCAT. Undergraduate courses are usually 4-5 years in duration and 6 years for medicine programs with a Foundation year. Interviews and prior experience in the medical field are a big part of the selection process in medical schools. 

While studying or after the undergraduate medical program, the students can start working in hospitals or care homes. The more experience they gain, the better chances they have of securing a good postgraduate program in the university of their choice.

After completion of undergraduate degrees in medicine, the students can go on to work as junior doctors or trainees too. They can then progress to postgraduate studies for higher career prospects.


Postgraduate degrees in the UK are usually 1-2 years in duration. The students can choose to do masters in the course of their choice or continue with the same course they chose for their undergraduate. Admissions to MBBS programs are based on academic merit and scores on entrance exams. Medical universities in the UK require either test results: the UCAT or BMAT. 

Most universities generally require certain experience in the candidates in the selection criteria for postgraduate degrees in medicine. Some common postgraduate programs in medicine are

  • Master of Medicine (MMed)
  • MSc in Biomedical Sciences
  • MSc Physiotherapy
  • MSc in Veterinary Biosciences
  • MSc in Clinical Pharmacology
  • MSc in Radiotherapy and Oncology

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The cost of studying premed in the UK is about USD 22,000 to 30,000 annually. The cost of living comes to about USD 11,400 to 16,800.

The premed course is usually 9-18 months long. Most universities strive to keep it a one-year program.

Yes, most universities require candidates to take either IELTS or TOEFL. General accepted scoring in IELTS of no less than 6.5 across all four categories – reading, writing, speaking, and listening – with an overall 7.0.

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