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Top Medical Universities in Italy

Mar 29, 2023

Top Medical Universities in Italy

Home to some of Europe’s greatest medical universities, Italy is a popular destination for international students pursuing medical studies. This Mediterranean country currently has 19 institutions that offer English-language programs in medicine and surgery, most of which are top medical universities in Italy. 

Medicine studies are offered at both public and private universities in Italy. Both types of universities offer high-quality education and differ solely in terms of expense and international exposure. While public institutions allow you to study at an affordable price, private universities assist you to gain global experience.

All medical universities in Italy are world-renowned for their modern and comprehensive curriculum, which employs cutting-edge technologies to make studying more engaging. Italian medical degrees are recognized in EU and non-EU countries, thereby broadening the career scope after medical studies in Italy. The degree is awarded upon completion of a  6-year course called Laurea in Medicine and Surgery. It holds recognition from the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as popular national bodies such as the National Medical Council of India (NMC), and the General Medical Council of the UK (GMC). They are also listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), and the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME).

In general, Italian medical universities provide quality education at an affordable cost compared to other European countries. This is one of the main reasons to study medicine in Italy. Let us learn in detail about the top medical universities in Italy. 

Overview: Top Medical Universities in Italy

Program offered Laurea in Medicine and Surgery/MD
Degree type  Single-cycle masters program in Medicine and Surgery
Duration 6 years
Recognition  WHO, NMC, GMC, WDOMS, WFME
Eligibility criteria  A secondary school diploma or an equivalent educational qualification (12 years of education) with adequate knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics. 

A minimum aggregate of 50% marks qualifies for eligibility. 

Documents required  Passport, acceptance letter, statement of purpose, passport-sized photographs, and official academic transcripts
Average tuition fee (public universities) 3,000 to 4,000 EUR
Average tuition fee (private universities) 16,000 to 21,000 EUR
Langauge of instruction English
Entrance exams IMAT (public universities) 

University-specific entrance tests (private universities)

English proficiency Up to CEFR B2/C1 level or IELTS 6.0 or equivalent

Global Rankings for Top Medical Universities in Italy 

Italian universities consistently chart high on global rankings. This list features some of the top medical universities in Italy and comprises both public and private ones. 

The rankings included are provided by the US News and QS World Rankings in the category of ‘medicine’. 

US News Ranking 2023  (Top Clinical Medicine Universities in Italy) QS World Ranking 2023 (Medicine) University
55 80 University of Milan
81 84 University of Bologna
100 125 University of Padua
105 112 Sapienza University Rome
131 Top 300 Vita-Salute San Raffaele University
161 Top 200 Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
137 Top 250 University of Milano-Bicocca
151 Top 250 University of Turin
219 Top 300 University of Naples Federico II
221 University of Humanitas
251 Top 300 University of Pavia
329 Top 300 University of Rome Tor Vergata
351 Top 450 University of Bari Aldo Moro
520 Top 650 The University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli
UniCamillus University

Best Universities to Study Medicine in Italy in English 

In Italy, medicine program is offered as a single-cycle master’s degree in Medicine and Surgery. The program lasts for a duration of 6 years. Although public universities charge fees based on the ISEE indicator of personal financial standing, multiple funding options by means of awards and scholarships for Italian medical programs are also available from the government and universities.

Let us take a look at the top medical universities in Italy that offer programs in English for international students. 

University of Milan 

The University of Milan is a research-intensive public university founded in 1924. The institution has around 65,000 students enrolled and 2,140 tenured professors teaching. Most international rankings place it among the best Italian universities. It is the only Italian university among the 21 prestigious institutions that belong to the League of European Research Universities (LERU).

Tuition rates for domestic medical students at the University of Milan vary depending on their country of origin. The amount is determined by the student’s citizenship, household income, and citizenship status. However, international students at the University of Milan cannot avail of this scheme and their second installment payment varies depending on their country of origin. The first installment is the same for all students, regardless of their nationality or financial status.

Program Duration Annual tuition fees for international students 
General Medicine 6 years First installment of 140-156 EUR


Second installment of 200-384 EUR for Table A countries (India)

Second installment of 2,000-3,840 EUR for Table C countries (UAE)

University of Bologna

The University of Bologna is a public university established in 1088, making it the oldest university in the Western world. It has campuses in five locations (Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna, and Rimini). A student population of over 85,000 makes it one of Italy’s largest universities. According to the Times Higher Education rankings for 2023, it is the top Italian university.

The tuition model depends on the student’s nationality. Most students hail from non-OECD countries as categorized by the university, and thus are entitled to pay reduced tuition fees. 

Program Duration Annual Tuition Fee
General Medicine (Bologna campus) 6 years 1,000 EUR for single-cycle degree programs (non-OECD countries like India and UAE) 

Sapienza University of Rome

The Sapienza University of Rome is the oldest university in Rome founded in 1303. The university has around 115,000 students, including 5,500 international students making it the largest university in Europe. The university takes pride in six Nobel Prize winners among its faculty and alumni. 

Foreign students at Sapienza have to adhere to a standard fee model. For Medicine and Dentistry, the annual program fee is 2,924 EUR. 

Program Duration Annual Tuition Fee
MD in Medicine and Surgery 6 years 2,924 EUR

Note: Admission to medical courses at public medical universities in Italy is attainable only through a highly competitive national exam known as the IMAT.

UniCamillus- International Medical University in Rome

The Saint Camillus International University of Health Sciences (UniCamillus) is an internationally recognized private university that offers various medical and health science programs to students from all around the world. The university is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Its degrees are recognized in the entire EU and other countries such as the US, UK, Canada, India, etc.

The IMAT is not required for gaining admission to UniCamillus. Students, however, need to clear a university-conducted entrance exam. If you are interested in UniCamillus and want to enhance your chances of admission to the university, get in touch with Gyanberry. We provide various services, such as entrance exam preparation, visa assistance, application guidance, etc. We are also the authorized admission representatives of many medical universities in Italy, including UniCamillus, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, and Humanitas University. 

Program Duration Annual Tuition Fee
Degree in Medicine and Surgery (M.D) 6 years 21,000 EUR

Vita-Salute San Raffaele University 

The Vita-Salute San Raffaele University (UniSR) is a private university established in 1996. It is one of the best universities to study medicine in Italy. More than  2,000 students currently study at the university, out of which around 90 are international students. The university is ranked at 36th position across the globe for student-faculty ratio by QS world university rankings. 

Program Duration Total Tuition Fee
International Medical Doctor Program 6 years 20,000 (base tuition fee) + 140 (annual enrolment tax)

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is the largest private university in Europe and the largest Catholic University in the world. It has campuses in Milan, Brescia, Cremona, Piacenza, and Rome. It offers 43 programs taught in English which include undergraduate, postgraduate, and short courses exclusively for international students. 

Program Duration Annual Tuition fee
Medicine and Surgery (Rome campus) 6 years 16,200 EUR

Humanitas University

The Humanitas University is a private university located in Rozzano, Milan. There are more than 20,000 students at the university, and 19% of them are international students. Humanitas University is part of one of Europe’s largest hospital groups, and its network of hospitals guarantees world-class clinical rotations to aspiring medical students. 

Program Duration Annual Tuition Fee
Medicine and Surgery 6 years 20,000 EUR

Note: Admission to medical programs at UniCamillus, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, and Humanitas University can be obtained without taking the IMAT Exam. 


Students in Italy can pursue a medical degree at a public or private university. Because public institutions are government-funded, they are less expensive than private universities. Nonetheless, private institutions provide students with international exposure as well as career counseling services, which public universities rarely do. However, all the Italian institutions for higher medical learning are well renowned for their excellent academic programs, research facilities, and faculty members. Graduates can start practicing medicine in Italy after clearing the state exam and registering with the Ordine Dei Medici. Since the Italian medical degree is valid throughout the world, students can also move to other countries for career prospects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many Italian medical universities provide medical programs in English. Plus, tuition and living expenses are lower in Italy than in several other European countries. It has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and offers excellent opportunities for medical students following graduation.

The number of seats available for non-EU students at a medical university in Italy can range from as low as 9 to a high intake of 50. The admission largely depends on the university of your choice. 

Your choice of medical university in Italy is determined by your qualifying scores. Furthermore, studying at medical universities with a large number of international students assures that you will be exposed to a diverse range of cultures throughout your six years of study.

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