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University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary

Nov 4, 2022

University of Debrecen:  Medical Programs, Admission Requirements, Fees, and Scholarships

The University of Debrecen is one of the oldest universities of Hungary which was established in 1538. The university follows the Bologna Process’ European Qualifications Framework for its programs. As a result, diplomas earned at the University of Debrecen are widely recognized throughout the European Union. Furthermore, the Hungarian Accreditation Board, which is part of the European Accreditation Board, has accredited all of the programs.

The University of Debrecen offers 87 Bachelor’s, 100 Master’s programs14 faculties and 24 doctoral schools, more than 70-degree programs are taught in English in which the university is known for its Medicine programs which are accredited by worldly organizations like 

  • World Health Organization
  • New York State Education Department
  • Medical Board of California
  • General Medicine Council of Great Britain
  • Medical Councils of Israel, Ireland, Iran, and Norway

The university is international student-friendly. It has a student body of 28,500 out of which 6,300 are international students, that is 22% of international students and a promising student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1.

The university’s reputation is very well backed by many ranking agencies like QS World Ranking, Times Higher Education, etc. 

The decision of studying abroad can be altered due to lack of funds which can be changed by the scholarships offered by the university and various organizations

The university offers the students to stay on campus with dormitory facilities. 

Why study at the University of Debrecen? 

  • The university is among the oldest and most prestigious to study Medicine in Hungary and has global recognition for its offered programs.
  • A high percentage of international students present on campus and a low student to faculty ratio makes the Debrecen a favorable choice among international students.
  • The university provides the students with facilities of student hostels that are close to campus and inexpensive compared to other options. 
  • The university has various scholarship options for deserving students which makes the students experience burdenless when it comes to tuition

Ranking of  Debrecen University. 

  • Best Global Universities –  748 by U.S.News
  • QS World Universities ranking – 591 – 600 
  • 301-350 in QS World University Rankings by Subject Medicine
  • 151-200 in THE Europe Teaching Ranking

Programs at Debrecen University

Debrecen University provides 87 Bachelor’s and 100 Master’s degree programs. More than 70-degree programs are offered in English by 14 faculties and 24 doctorate schools, and the university is distinguished for its Medicine programs. The University of Debrecen is among the best universities for medical studies in Hungary.

Graduate program in Medicine

Duration 6 years
Language of instruction  English 
Tution  16,900 USD or 62,077 AED per annum 

The six-year Medicine program’s aims are based on well-established medical education standards and are tailored to reflect the distinctive capabilities and ambitions of the University of Debrecen Faculty of Medicine. The university train medical doctors who will be able to participate in activities related to the functioning of the healthcare system by performing specific jobs as part of their professional commitment, based on the knowledge, professional skills, medical skills, and attitude they gain during their training

The graduate program in Dentistry

Duration  5 years 
Language of instruction English 
Tuition  17,500 USD or 64,281 AED per annum 

The five-year curriculum has been meticulously constructed and designed to ensure that dental surgeons have a high level of knowledge, skills, and responsibilities. Students must have appropriate motor abilities to work with hand and electric devices to treat patients properly and safely. Palpation, percussion, auscultation, and other diagnostic procedures must be performed by students. Students’ gross and fine motor abilities, as well as their sense of touch and vision, must be reliable. Students must be able to operate various types of dental equipment, including high- and low-speed handpieces.

The graduate program in Pharmacy

Duration  5 years 
Language of instruction   English 
Tuition  8,000 USD or 29,385 AED per annum 

Graduates of the program will have the core skills and knowledge needed to improve patient health through innovative and collaborative pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical therapy management, and research. The chemical, physical, medicinal, pharmaceutical, pharmacological, and therapeutic features of medical substances, prescription pharmaceuticals, and over-the-counter medications, as well as their use in pharmacy, practice, medication therapies, and health care, are all covered by this degree

Campus & Accommodation

Debrecen is home to four main university campuses. The main campus, which houses the majority of the colleges such as Science and Technology, Humanities, Music, and Medicine, is the oldest. The Faculties of Law, Informatics, and Public Health are located on Kassai Street, which is the newest campus.

When studying at the University of Debrecen you can choose to rent dormitories which are located 100 meters from the Faculty of Informatics, a 15-minute walk from downtown, and a 5-minute walk from the Great Forest on the University’s Kassai Campus. There are two structures in the complex. It functions as a three-star hotel with 930 beds over roughly 17,000 square meters.

Types of rooms and amenities:

There are no single rooms available; only double rooms with bathrooms are available.

Residents benefit from air conditioning, internet access, a television, and a refrigerator.

Residents of the hotel have access to shared kitchens where they can cook and eat.

All rooms have a telephone, linen-covered beds, drawers, and a lockable closet. Other amenities include sports courts, a health center, a laundry room, a photocopy shop, a restaurant, a bar, and a buffet.

Tuition fees and cost of attendance

Program Name  Doctor of Medicine 
Duration 6 years 
Tuition fees  16,900 USD or 62,077 AED per annum 

The total cost of tuition (6 years) for a graduate program in Doctor of Medicine is around 101,400 USD or 372,462 AED.

Cost of living 

Dormitory  140 USD or 514 AED 
Books & Supplies  60 USD or 220 AED 
Food  200 USD or 734 AED 
Travel & Entertainment  80 USD or 293 AED 
Total  480 USD or 1,763 AED per month 

The total cost of living (annually) is around 5,760 USD or 21,157 AED.

The total cost of attendance for the entire program is around 135,960 USD or 499,408 AED.

Admission process for International students

Program Name  Doctor of Medicine 
Where to apply  Universities online portal
Application Deadline  31st May for September intake 

1st November for January intake 

Required documents 

  • An application form that is complete and valid;
  • Certificate of education (high school diploma, graduation certificate, or other equivalents;
  • university or college diploma/certificate  all in English (translated where required);
  • Certificates of citizenship and/or proof of permanent residence are required (e.g. passport)
  • A brief resume or curriculum vitae (personal details, educational background, work experience, language skills, additional skills)
  • Medical Certificate 
  • Bank receipt for the non-refundable application cost 150 USD.

Scholarship for International students

The university offers a variety of scholarships to worthy students, allowing them to enjoy a stress-free tuition experience. The Stipendium Hungaricum program is a government scholarship program aimed at providing scholarships and study opportunities to inhabitants of specific nations.

A legitimate bilateral educational cooperation plan signed by the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources and the appropriate ministry of the individual nation responsible for education is required for countries participating in the program.

The scholarships are applicable for study in scientific subjects outlined in bilateral educational cooperation programs at Hungarian state universities or state institutions. Full BA/BSc, MA/MSc, and Ph.D. studies are available in Hungarian state-accredited higher education institutions. 

The university features a large number of international students on campus, which adds to the cultural experience of studying abroad. The University of Debrecen hosts a variety of sporting activities and clubs that aid in the student’s general development. 

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The University of Debrecen offers 87 Bachelor’s, 100 Master’s programs through 14 faculties. Around 70 programs are taught in English, of which general medicine is the popular one.

A student who wishes to study medicine at the University of Debrecen should have completed high school and passed in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The University also conducts an entrance exam and interview to assess the candidate’s language proficiency.

The University has a dormitory at each campus, where both domestic and international students can stay. The rooms with a double sharing option. All rooms have a telephone, linen-covered beds, drawers, and a lockable closet. Other amenities include sports courts, a health center, a laundry room, a photocopy shop, a restaurant, a bar, and a buffet.

The total estimated cost for studying medicine at the University of Debrecen is USD 136,000 for 6 years.

The university offers a variety of scholarships to meritorious students. Some scholarships are based on bilateral agreements between two countries. The Stipendium Hungaricum program is one such government scholarship program to provide scholarships and study opportunities to inhabitants of specific nations. 

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