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University of Szeged (SZTE), Hungary

Oct 21, 2022

University of Szeged: Medical Programs, Admission Requirements, Fees, and Scholarships

The University of Szeged (SZTE) was founded in 1581 in Szeged, Hungary’s sunniest city. According to QS, SZTE was the best Hungarian university in 2021. Hungary holds EU accreditation because it is a member of the European Union. SZTE is a research-based university that offers 52 Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs to international students.  The university has a total student enrollment of 21,000 with 19% international students.

With more than 100 nations represented in the student population, one out of every ten students comes from abroad, and various academic programs are offered in languages other than Hungarian, such as English and German. 

Primary study areas for international students at the university include Health Sciences, Agriculture, Business & Economics, Humanities, Social Sciences, Food Engineering, Natural Sciences, Law & Political Sciences, Math & Informatics, and Music.

Since Hungary is a member of the European Higher Education Area, it has EU accreditation (EHEA). The University of Szeged is among the best medical universities in Hungary for international students.

Why study at Szeged university?

  • The university has a substantial number of international students from almost 115 different countries.
  • The location of the university is such that it attracts many young students and offers one of the best student lives in Hungary.
  • The International students who are recipients of a government scholarship, such as the Stipendium Hungaricum, are largely assisted with student housing.
  • The university has global recognition as it is a member of the European Union.
  • Szeged is ranked amongst the most prestigious universities globally and it is the finest Hungarian university from many previous years, which is backed by QS world rankings. 

Ranking of Szeged university

QS World University Ranking – 551 – 560 (2021 – 22)

EECA University Rankings – 26   (2021 – 22)

Times Higher Education – 801  (2021 – 22)

US News & World Report – 726  (2021 – 22)

Programs at Szeged university

The University of Szeged offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in a total of 12 faculties, and Pharmacy, Human science & health are the favorites.  

Graduate programs in the doctor of dental medicine 

Duration  5 years 
Language of instruction  English 
Tuition  17,000 USD or 62,444 AED per annum 

This curriculum aims to bring together basic and clinical sciences, as it is thought that scientific and professional development cannot be separated and should take place simultaneously throughout the program.

The basic sciences of medicine and dentistry are taught to students for the first three years. From the second year onwards, a greater emphasis is placed on the study of dental problems and treatments.

The last two years are dedicated to a thorough clinical examination of each of the many dental disciplines. Students participate in elective programs, clinical conferences, and hospital-based training in their final year.

The graduate program in General medicine

Duration  6 years 
Language of instruction  English 
Tuition  15,200 USD or 55,832 AED per annum 

The basis of basic medical knowledge is laid in the first two years of the General Medicine curriculum. After the third year, students’ education is supplemented with frequent clinical practice, in which they actively participate in clinical departments and teaching hospitals.

Furthermore, the Faculty’s renowned scientific laboratories provide a diverse range of options for students interested in conducting high-quality scientific research. Students rotate among various medical specializations and treat patients under the supervision of physicians during the last two semesters. 

They are ready to begin their careers as physicians after completing this apprenticeship.

The graduate program in Pharmacy

Duration  5 years 
Language of instruction  English 
Tution  10,420 USD or 38274 AED per annum 

The Faculty of Pharmacy’s academic program begins with an introduction to basic sciences, which acts as a framework for further pharmaceutical studies. Students participate in informal and formal pharmaceutical education in university departments, teaching pharmacies, institutes, hospitals and clinical pharmacies, laboratories, and the the pharmaceutical industry in the second half of the curriculum.

The faculty seeks to teach its undergraduates by encouraging intellectual growth and the gradual acquiring of knowledge in all areas of modern pharmacy. The title of Doctor Pharmacy is conferred upon successful completion of the curriculum (pharmacist, PharmD.).

Campus & accommodation 

The University of Szeged may not have a campus., but it makes up for it with its special charm. Around every corner in the city center and across the river are antique, eccentric, or modern university buildings. The University of Szeged József Attila Study and Information Centre is a numerous architectural prize winner and one of the world’s ten. The educational, study, and conference center is amongst the most exquisite libraries in the world, this is where the “university’s heart beats.” Aside from the construction of this stunning glass structure, several development projects have resulted in the renovation of several university buildings. Such as central units, Faculties, Shops, and free time activity, Dormitory, and Cafeterias

International students who hold a governmental scholarship, such as the Stipendium Hungaricum, are primarily supported with student housing. Students share rooms with one or two other students and have internet access in each room. Sporting, cultural, and other social events are held in these dormitories.

Tuition fees, and cost of attendance

Tuition fees for the Graduate program

Program name  General medicine 
Course Duration  6 years 
Tuition fees  15,200 USD or 55,832 AED per annum

The total cost of tuition for a graduate program of General medicine (6 yrs) is around 91,200 USD or 3,34,995 AED 

Cost of living

Rent & Utilities  333 USD or 1,223 AED per month 
Food  242 USD or 888 AED per month 
Transport  45 USD  or 165 AED per month 
Total  620 USD or 2,277 AED per month 

The total cost of living (annually) is around 7,440 USD or 27,328 AED 

The total cost of attendance for a graduate program of general medicine is around 135,840 USD or 498,967 AED 

Admission process for international students

Program name  General medicine 
Where to apply  Universities online portal / Gyanberry application services 

Fill out an online application form, pay application and/or entrance exam fees, and upload documentation demonstrating the applicant’s academic background, language skills, and general health. In addition to the SZTE, some Faculties may have their criteria, such as a motivational letter, an entrance examination, or an individual online interview.

The applicant must submit one reference letter and a letter of motivation.

An entrance test is conducted which also includes the test of English proficiency so the applicant doesn’t require any standardized test. 

Scholarships for International students

The University of Szeged awards deserving students to study at the university without feeling the financial pressure through rewarding scholarships some of them are 

  • SZTE start scholarships 
  • Stipendium Hungaricum – Stipendium Hungaricum Application Tip
  •  Erasmus+

These scholarships are awarded to the international students which helps them loosen the burden of tuition and for more opportunities and application purposes get in touch with Gyanberry.

The university has a hefty amount of international students on campus which enhances the experience of studying abroad culturally. The SZTE held some sports events and different clubs which paced the overall growth of the students.

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The most popular subjects for international students at the university include Health Sciences, Agriculture, Business & Economics, Humanities, Social Sciences, Food Engineering, Natural Sciences, Law & Political Science and Medicine

A student willing to study general medicine at the University of Szeged should have completed high school (10+2) with a minimum of 50% in Biology, Chemistry, and English. Additionally, the student must clear the university-level entrance exam, which comprises MCQs and is 2.5 hours long.

Student residence is mainly provided to those international students who hold a governmental scholarship, such as the Stipendium Hungaricum. Students share their rooms with 1 or 2 students, and each room comes with the necessary amenities. Rooms may be provided to other students as well based on availability.

The total estimated cost of attendance (tuition and cost of living) for studying a graduate program of general medicine is USD 136,000 for 6 years.

The University provides scholarships to candidates based on merit through its own source and government schemes. Some of them are SZTE start scholarships, Stipendium Hungaricum – Stipendium Hungaricum Application Tip, Erasmus+.

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