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Anglia Ruskin University, England

Oct 21, 2022

Anglia Ruskin University: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees and Scholarships

Anglia Ruskin University is a public university located in East Anglia, Britain. It was founded in 1858 by William John Bermont as a part of the Cambridge School of Art. It was renamed in 2005 as Anglia Ruskin University after John Ruskin. It is a part of the ”post-1992 universities”. 

The university has four main faculties which include: the faculty of Business and Law, the faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, the faculty of Health, Education and Social Services, and the faculty of Science and Engineering.

The Research Excellence Framework has recognized the university’s work as “world-leading”.The university has also won the ‘Entrepreneurial University of the Year’ by The Times Higher Education. It has also been ranked first in Green League by People and Planet in the year 2021. It has been featured in the top 20 rising universities. Not just that, it has 7 research institutes for various topics ranging from music to sustainability. 

Why study at Anglia Ruskin University? 

The university has several campuses to choose from. Not just that the location and facilities here are excellent. There are numerous study spaces and cafeterias. Here are a few reasons why you might want to study at this university:

  • The university provides several scholarships to international students.
  • It has comprehensive courses and many practical sessions 
  • It has students from over 135 countries making it international student-friendly.
  • The courses offered by the university are recognized by the university which makes the students ready for their careers
  • The university has 12 areas for research
  • It has a student to faculty ratio of 24:1 making sure that you get personalized attention
  • Over 22000 students currently studying at the University
  • It has produced  6647 publications

Rankings of Anglia Ruskin University

The top rankings of the university are as follows:

  • It has been ranked 117th nationally by the Complete in the year 2022
  • Ranked 80th nationally by the Global in 2022
  • Ranked 120th by the Sunday Times nationally
  • The University has been awarded a silver in Teaching Excellence Framework by the British Government Assessment
  • 48th by the Complete University Guide for Civil Engineering
  • 45th for Electronic and Electric Engineering by The Guardian
  • Ranked 71st for mechanical engineering by the Complete University Guide
  • Ranked 82nd for Business Management by the Guardian in 2021
  • 104th by Computer Science by the Complete University Guide for the year 2021

Programs and Courses offered by the Anglia Ruskin University

This university offers both part-time and full-time undergraduate programs and postgraduate degrees. 

Some of the popular undergraduate programs offered at ARU are tabulated below

Sr. No. Course Name  Course Duration
1. Artificial Intelligence 4 years with placement
2. Data and Analytics Science 4 years with placement,3 years
3. Civil and Structural Engineering 4 years
4. Electronic Engineering 4 years
5. Electronics and Robotics 3 years, 4 years with placement
6. Applied Computer Science 3 years, 4 years with placement
7. Computer Networks 3 years, 4 years with placement
8. Cyber Security 3 years, 4 years with placement
9. Computer Science 3 years, 4 years with placement
10. Business Management 3 years, 4 years with placement


Popular postgraduate courses at the university are as follows:

Sr.No. Course Name Duration
1. Agriculture Food and Technology 3 years, 4 years with foundation
2. Ecology and Conservation 3 years, 4 years with foundation
3. Masters in Architecture 3 years, 4 years with foundation, placement
4. Civil and Constructional Engineering 3 years, 4 years with the foundation
5. Computer Games Design 3 years full time
6. Computer Games Development 1-year full-time
7. Finance in MBA  1-year full-time
8. Artificial Intelligence with Cyber Security 1-year full-time
9. Clinical Child Psychology 1-year full-time
10. Cognitive and Neurological Psychology 1-year full-time

Campus and Accommodation


The university has 5 main campuses which are as follows:

  1. Cambridge Campus: This campus is very near to the main city center making it accessible. This campus has teachers that are highly qualified and small classrooms so that students get personalized coaching. Students get exposure to real-time internships in the city of Cambridge. 
  2. Chelmsford Campus: This campus is home to the University’s Business School, superlabs, and School of Medicines. It has the most modern technology and facilities available. You get a chance to innovate your ideas on this campus and get experience with placements. 
  3. ARU Peterborough Campus: This campus is dedicated to health, education, and social care. It has many medieval marvels and ancient landscapes. It also is famous for its football campuses. 
  4. ARU London Campus: This campus is located in the city center. It offers many undergraduate and postgraduate courses. This campus focuses on employability during your courses. This university campus also provides travel bursaries to students. It has a two to three working day timetable.
  5. University Centre West Anglia: This campus covers 2000 square meters and is has 14 digitally equipped classrooms and 120 multi-media lecture halls. It is located in the heart of the city making it very accessible. Students can access the technology center, resource center, and high-speed Wi-Fi.


Sr. No. Campus Name Accommodation available
1. Cambridge Campus  CB1, Peter Taylor House, The Railyard, Sedley Court, Swinhoe Hall, University houses, YMCA
2. Chelmsford Campus Student Village- The 511 rooms are split into 110 flats. There are two launderettes, and bicycle storage available. The Student Village is managed by ARU, and the Housing Management team helps students with any queries once they move in.
3. ARU Peterborough Campus The university assists students to find private accommodation like whole properties or rooms in shared houses, private halls of residence, lodgings
4. ARU London Campus The university assists students to find private accommodation.
5. University Centre West Anglia The university assists students to find private accommodation.

Admissions Requirements for International Students

The admissions requirements for International Students at the university are as follows:


  • 96 UCAS Tariff points or Higher Secondary Education Certificate
  • 3 GCSE certificates with subjects of Maths, Science and English
  • IELTS score of 6.0 or more
  • TOEFL score of 80
  • ID proof
  • Student Visa
  • Passport Photocopy
  • Interview (if mentioned)
  • Portfolio (if mentioned)


  • Normal 2:2 bachelor’s degree in the required field
  • High school certificate with minimum 60 percent
  • IELTS score of 6.5 or more
  • TOEFL score of 80
  • A recognized foundation program
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • International Advanced Levels (A-Levels)
  • HSC board qualification with at least 60 percent
  • ID Proof
  • Student Visa
  • Letter of Recommendation (2)
  • Letter of Purpose
  • Portfolio (if mentioned)
  • Interview (if mentioned)

To ensure a hassle-free application submission and enhance your chances of admission, apply via Gyanberry. We provide free admission assistance to all prospective students seeking admission to Anglia Ruskin University.

Tuition, Fees, and annual Cost of attendance

Some of the tuition fees for international students are specified below:

Sr.No. Course Name Fees (yearly)
1. BSc. Accounting and Finance 19497 USD/ 71612 AED
2. Applied Computer Science 12611 USD/ 46319 AED
3. Advanced Legal Practise 19497 USD/ 71612 AED
4. MSc Applied BioScience 20451 USD/ 75116 AED
5. BSc Architectural Technology 19497 USD/ 71612 AED + 1704 USD/6258 AEDplacement year
6. BSc Artificial Intelligence 19497 USD/ 71612 AED + 1704 USD/6258 AED placement year
7. MSc Artificial Intelligence with Cyber Security  20451 USD/ 75116 AED

Other details:

Acceptance Rate 52% internationally
Where to Apply Students are supposed to fill the form on the official website
Application Fee 27 USD/ 99 AED for a single course

There is no application fee for postgraduate courses

Application Deadlines Undergraduate Courses: February

Postgraduate    Courses: November

Cost of Living

The Cost of Living for a student at the university is estimated to be 1772 USD/ 4774 AED monthly. Here is a detailed table to make you understand better:

Sr. No. Expense Amount
1. Accommodation 1101 USD/ 4043 AED
2. Food 353 USD/ 1296 AED
3. Travel 273 USD/ 1002 AED
4. Personal 155 USD/ 569 AED
5. Health Insurance 27 USD/ 99 AED
6. Total Monthly Expense 1909 USD/ 7009 AED

The average annual cost of attendance for a full-time international student at Anglia Ruskin University is USD 35000-45000

Scholarships For International Students

Sr. No. Scholarship Name Amount Awarded
1. Merit Scholarship 1000 USD/ 3672 AED
2. Sport Scholarship Up to 17043 USD/ 62598 AED
3. International Excellence Scholarship 5453 USD/ 20028 AED
4. MBA Scholarship 5453 USD/ 20028 AEDfor one year of course
5. International Alumni Scholarship 4090 USD/ 15022 AED
6. International Early Payment Discount Up to 1363 USD/ 5006 AED
7. ARU Bursary Up to 409 USD/ 1502 AED  per year
8. GREAT Scholarship 13634 USD/ 50077 AED
9. British Council Scholarship for women in STEM The full scholarship includes tuition fees, airfare, monthly living stipend, and a Career Development Bursary
10. Children’s Book Illustration Inclusivity Bursary and Mentorship  15270 USD/ 56086 AED

This university has amazing campus facilities and affordable accommodation options. Not just that it gives you a list of courses to choose from. The campus locations are accessible and the campuses are international student-friendly. Hence, this university is a good option for your graduate courses abroad.

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Yes, the university provides several scholarships to all international students. The students can avail of the following scholarships:

  • Merit Scholarship
  • Sports Scholarship
  • International Excellence Scholarship
  • MBA Scholarship
  • International Alumni Scholarship

The university provides numerous courses that are taught completely in English. Some of the popular courses at the university are as follows:

  • Masters in Architecture
  • Civil and Constructional Engineering
  • Computer Games Design
  • Computer Games Development
  • Finance in MBA 
  • Artificial Intelligence with Cyber Security
  • Clinical Child Psychology

The basic admission requirements for an international student is as follows:

  • ID Proof
  • Student VISA
  • Passport
  • High School Certification with minimum 60%
  • English Language Certification (minimum score of ILETS 6.0 for bachelors and 6.5 for masters,  TOEFL 80 is required)
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