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Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

Oct 21, 2022

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME): Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Fees, and Scholarships

Budapest University of Technology and Economics is one of the top universities in Budapest. It was established in 1782 and offers courses in four different languages namely Hungarian, English, German, French, and Russian. It has 8 main faculties on the campus some of which are the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Faculty of Civil Engineering. 

The ECTS credit system was introduced in the university in 1995. The Budapest University of Technology and Economics is a public university that has around 20000 students currently enrolled for various courses. In the year 2000, the official name of the university was changed to Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Why study at BME?

Here are the top reasons to study at BME:

  • Top-quality education and highly educated faculty
  • International student-friendly with over 1000 international students
  • Beautiful Campus with ample study spaces
  • Among the top 1000 universities globally in ranking
  • Most innovative university nationally according to the publications and research produced per year
  • Active promotion of sporting activities for national and international tournaments
  • Grants and funds for international students
  • 17:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 12% of international students admitted per year 

Rankings and Recognitions

BME has secured noteworthy rankings nationally and internationally. It has been ranked 81 by the QS world ranking system and 1201+ by The TIMES Higher Education. The table below gives details of the ranking of this university:

Ranking Organization Rank Awarded
ARWU, Shanghai ( for mathematics) 301-400
CWRU  887
Eduniversal by Field (for corporate finance) 19
Eduniversal by Field (for MBA full time) 10
QS Ranking for Engineering and Technology 273
US News and Report’s Best Global University Ranking (for Computer Science) 489

Programs and Courses

The university provides both master’s and bachelor’s programs in English. 

The list of Bachelors’s programs offered by BME:

  1. B.Sc in Computer Science Engineering
  2. B.Sc in Electrical Engineering
  3. B.Sc in Chemical Engineering
  4. B.Sc in Mathematics
  5. B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering 
  6. B.Sc in Physics
  7. B.Sc in Civil Engineering

The list of Masters’ programs offered by BME:

  1. M.Sc in Applied Mathematics
  2. M.Sc in Computer Science Engineering
  3. M.Sc in Electrical Engineering
  4. M.Sc in Finance
  5. M.Sc in Chemical Engineering
  6. M.Sc in Environmental Engineering
  7. M.Sc in Infrastructure Engineering
  8. M.Sc in Structural Engineering

Campus and Accommodation


The university has one of the oldest functioning campuses globally. There are several facilities available on campus which include:

  • Enormous classrooms with fully equipped modern technology
  • Sports facilities for yoga, martial arts, aerobics, etc
  • A gym that is available to all students
  • A library that has all course-related material
  • A canteen that offers all cuisines at reasonable prices throughout the year
  • Ample study spaces are available on the campus


The university offers free dorms to only a selected number of students. The selection is based upon the CGPA for students who are previously enrolled and for the new students it depends upon their admission points. The students are provided free residential services for a single semester if their application gets selected. There are regular inspections which are compulsory to attend. The students are informed about this inspection a few days prior. 

Facilities at the dorm:

  • Cupboard
  • Study Lamp
  • Bedding
  • Bed Clothes
  • Separate Bathrooms 
  • 6 beds per room
  • Fast WiFi connection
  • Fully equipped kitchens (on sharing basis)
  • Roof garden on the top floor

Tuition, Fees, and Cost of Living 

The tuition fees for international students are given below. The fees are paid per semester. An application fee of 114 USD is to be paid while applying for admission.

Course and Faculty Tuition Fee (per year)
B.Sc in Computer Science 7324 USD
B.Sc in Chemical Engineering 7324 USD
B.Sc in Mathematics 7324 USD
B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering 7324 USD
M.Sc in Computer Science Engineering 7324 USD
M.Sc in Finance 7324 USD
M.Sc in Applied Mathematics 7324 USD
M.Sc in Logistic Engineering 7324 USD
M.Sc in Chemical Engineering 7324 USD

Cost Of Living for an International Student

The cost of living for an international student in Hungary is as follows:

Expense Cost (Monthly)
Rent 342 USD
Food  285 USD
Transport (on student pass) 13 USD
Misc  285 USD

The average annual cost of living is approximately 11100 USD.

The average annual cost of attendance for full-time international students at Budapest University of Technology and Economics is 18,424 USD or 67,670 AED.

Admission Requirements for International Students

The Application Dates are:

  1. 1st April to 15th June
  2. 18th October to 1st December

Where to apply?

The application can be submitted through the BME University website.

Alternatively, students can apply via Gyanberry for a free profile evaluation and a smooth application process.

Documents required for Undergraduates:

  1. CV
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. High School Certificate
  4. English Language Proficiency Test (IELTS or TOEFL)
  5. Receipt of Application Fee
  6. Student VISA
  7. Leaving Certificate
  8. Valid ID Proof
  9. Migration Certificate
  10. Passport Size Photographs

Documents required for Postgraduates:

  1. CV
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Bachelors Degree in the chosen field
  4. High School Certificate
  5. English Language Proficiency Test (TOEFL or IELTS)
  6. Receipt of Application Fee
  7. Letter of Purpose
  8. Letter of Recommendation
  9. Student VISA
  10. ID Proof
  11. Transfer Certificate
  12. Passport Size Photographs
  13. Migration Certificate

Note: Every student has to take an online exam or placement test before applying for each course. If he or she fails to pass with test with the required marks they are advised to take a preparatory course by the university.

The documents required for the preparatory course are as follows:

  1. CV
  2. Receipt of Application Fee
  3. Photocopy of Passport
  4. Student VISA
  5. High School Certificate
  6. ID Proof

Scholarships for International Students

The Scholarships provided by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics for international students are as follows:

  • Stipendium Hugracium Program:

This scholarship is provided by the Government of Hungary to international students. It is managed by the Tempus Public Foundation with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trades. The benefits of the scholarship are as follows:

    • Full payment of tuition fee
    • A monthly stipend is awarded to the student of 10091 USD
    • Provision of the accommodation cost
    • Health Insurance Provisions up to 18687 USD per person

The student needs to submit the application via the Tempest Public Foundation and take the official university placement test for qualification.

  • Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship: 

This scholarship is provided by the Hungarian Government where your tuition fee is provided. The deadline for application is 31st January. You can apply for this scholarship through the official website. The first selection list is declared in February.

Budapest University is among the top universities to study in Hungary for your further education. It is international student-friendly with over 12% of international students being admitted each year. Not just that, Budapest is one of the best and culturally rich cities to stay in. The university also has a low student-to-faculty ratio which ensures that you get personalized attention for the course that you choose. Hence, BME is worth considering for your degree course.

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The annual cost of attendance for an international student is estimated to be around 18424 USD

Yes, the university provides on-campus accommodation for all students. The rates are reasonable prices. Several facilities like Cupboard, Study Lamp, Bedding, Bed Clothes, Separate Bathrooms, 6 beds per room, Fast WiFi connection

Yes, the university provides scholarships to international students. The scholarships Stipendium Hugracium Program and Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship are available to all prospective international students who qualify.

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