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Cost of Studying Medicine & Dentistry in Poland

Nov 10, 2022

Poland is highly acknowledged for affordable medical education abroad. The Polish education system is ranked 10th across the globe with a balanced cost of studying medicine and dentistry in Poland. The country has some of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe. The government has invested its money in the up-gradation of university resources which ensures cutting-edge technology. 

Along with the acknowledgment and achievements of Poland’s educational institutions, the cost of studying in Poland is also an important point to take note of. The cost of studying medicine and dentistry in Poland comprises tuition fees and the cost of living.

Having said that,  Poland is not a very expensive place for students as compared to other countries in Europe, the living expenses average around 5000 USD per year if you find accommodation at a reasonable price. Adding to the fact, Poland medical university fees annually range from 11,000 to 16,000 USD for most General Medicine (MBBS/ MD) and Dentistry programs

Cost of Studying Dentistry in Poland

University name Annual tuition fee for Dentistry in USD Annual tuition fee for Dentistry in AED
Poznan University of Medical Sciences 13,845 USD  50,855 AED
The Medical University of Lodz   13,475 USD  49,495 AED
Medical University of Warsaw  16,334 USD 59,996 AED
Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin 12,760 USD 46,868 AED
Jagiellonian University, Kraków 13,270 USD 48,742 AED
Medical University of Lublin 11,127 USD 40,870 AED
Medical University of Silesia 11,551 USD 42,428 AED
Wroclaw Medical University 13,048 USD 47,926 AED


Cost of Studying Medicine in Poland 

Poland MBBS fees for many popular universities are tabulated below- 

University name Annual tuition fee for medicine in USD Annual tuition fee for medicine in AED
Poznan University of Medical Sciences 12,909 USD 47,416 AED
The Medical University of Lodz   12,030 USD 44,187 AED
Medical University of Warsaw  14,172 USD 52,055 AED
Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin 12,745 USD 46,813 AED
Jagiellonian University, Kraków 15,293 USD 56,172 AED
Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń 9,708 USD 35,658 AED
Medical University of Lublin 11,500 USD 42,240 AED
University of Warmia & Mazury 10,455 USD 38,402 AED
Jan Kochanowski University of Kielce 13,000 USD 47,750 AED
Medical University of Silesia 11,095 USD 40,753 AED
Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University 15,300 USD 56,200 AED
Wroclaw Medical University 12,545 USD 46,080 AED
The University of Rzeszow, Faculty of Medicine 13,000 USD 47,750 AED

Cost of living in popular Polish cities –

The cost of living for students in a few popular cities are listed below

In Kraków & Warsaw

Jagiellonian University, Kraków is the oldest and most acknowledged university in Europe. To date, the university’s academic activities have released many outstanding graduates whose achievements, actions, and discoveries have made a remarkable presence in the history of Poland and as well as in the World. Currently, over 40 000 students and almost 4000 academic teachers are a part of Jagiellonian University, Kraków.

The total estimated annual expenses average in Kraków and Warsaw is tabulated below-

Particulars  Annual expenses
Tuition Fee for MD program 14,500-16,775 USD
Tuition Fee for dentistry  13,882 USD
Accommodation  9000 USD 
Meal  2,082 USD
Transportation 115 USD
Total expenses  Up to  26,000-27,378 USD or 95,000-1,00,000 AED

In Szczecin & Gdansk

Pomeranian Medical University, highly acknowledged for its medical programs, is a public university established in 1948 in Szczecin that offers an intramural system for studies. Since 1996, PMU has offered studies in the area of medicine and since 2006, in dentistry. Currently, over 600 students are studying at  Pomeranian Medical University in ED (English Division).  Also, around 350 students have graduated already. 

Total annual expenses average in Szczecin & Gdansk is tabulated below

Particulars  Annual expenses
Tuition Fee ( for MD and Dentistry both) 13,875-15,000 USD
Accommodation  3,600-3900 USD
Meal  2,082-2,300 USD
Transportation 115 USD
Total expenses 19,672-21,315 USD or 72,250-76,000 AED

In Toruń & Kielce

Nicolaus Copernicus University was established in Toruń in 1945. It’s among the most prominent universities to study in Poland. It comprises 16 faculties which include 3 faculties at Collegium Medicum UMK (another campus in Bydgoszcz) for medical science. It currently comprises around 21000 plus students. Along with this, the university has a staff of approximately 4052. In total, the number of alumni of NCU is around 2,00,000. The university is among the top institutes to study medicine in Poland. QS World University Ranking has ranked NCU among the top 4% of universities across the globe.

The total annual expenses average in Toruń & Kielce is tabulated below-

Particulars  Annual expenses
Tuition Fee  11,500-13,000 USD
Accommodation  1,815-2,200  USD
Meal  2,082-2,200 USD
Transportation 115-130 USD
Total expenses 15,000-16,500 USD or 57,000-62,000 AED.

To conclude, universities in Poland are worth studying at and investing your money in. The quality of research and teaching in universities is high and Polish qualifications are recognized worldwide. 

If someone has graduated with a dental or medical degree in Poland, they are allowed to practice internationally. Also, along with quality education with modern equipment, Poland medical university fees are reasonable and come with a balanced cost of living. In their free time, students can visit places and enjoy their study period.

To apply to universities in Poland and for your application to stand out, get in touch with Gyanberry. 

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For international students who want to enroll in Polish medical universities, the annual tuition fee ranges between 11,500 USD to 16,775 USD. Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun charges the lowest fees while Jagiellonian University in Krakow charges the highest fees.

Pomeranian Medical University is located in Szczecin and charges an annual tuition fee of 13,875 USD for general medicine and dentistry programs. With accommodation, dining, and transportation charges rounding up to 3,600, 2082, and 115 USD respectively, the annual cost of living in Szczecin is 19,672 USD.

Most prestigious Polish medical universities also allow international students to apply to programs in dentistry. The annual tuition fee falls in the range of 13,875 USD to 18,337 USD. Although the Medical University of Warsaw charges the highest fees, it is a popular choice for aspiring dental surgeons. 

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